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  1. Blood Bound

    Blood Bound

    17,00 €

    In Blood Bound, a deduction game played in 15-30 Minutes, players assume the roles of members of two clans – the brutal, animalistic warriors of the Clan of the Beast and the graceful, deadly members of the Clan of the Rose – and (with an odd number of players) the human inquisition. Disguised by a secret identity, they try to kidnap the Elder of the opposing clan or give their lives for the benefit of their own Elder. Malicious attacks, aimed indiscretions, and assistance from others will slowly uncover the truth: Who fights for whom? And who is the Elder? En savoir plus
  2. The Last Banquet

    The Last Banquet

    32,00 €

    In The Last Banquet, each player is a guest at the feast and needs to help his faction reach its goal and ensure that this will truly be the king's last banquet. The game includes 25 role cards, each portraying a person on the front and listing that person's skills on the back. In addition to "The Last Banquet", several other scenarios are provided in the rules that can be played with each of the roles. (GameHeads' Oliver Wolf notes, "Playing time ranges from 30 minutes up to 90 minutes or more, with more people tending to need more time to play." Also, some scenarios involve more than two factions.) Obstacle cards provide challenges for players to overcome.

    When a faction succeeds in its goal, all players who belong to that faction win the game. En savoir plus
  3. Blood Bound (Damaged/Schade)

    Blood Bound (Damaged/Schade)

    Prix normal : 17,00 €

    Prix promotionnel : 15,00 €

    In Blood Bound, a deduction game played in 15-30 Minutes, players assume the roles of members of two clans – the brutal, animalistic warriors of the Clan of the Beast and the graceful, deadly members of the Clan of the Rose – and (with an odd number of players) the human inquisition. Disguised by a secret identity, they try to kidnap the Elder of the opposing clan or give their lives for the benefit of their own Elder. Malicious attacks, aimed indiscretions, and assistance from others will slowly uncover the truth: Who fights for whom? And who is the Elder? En savoir plus
  4. Mega Civilization

    Mega Civilization

    199,00 €

    Mega Civilization, a huge version of the legendary development game Civilization, is a game of skill for 5 to 18 players covering the historical development of ancient civilizations from just after the last Ice Age to the dawn of the new era at the end of the Iron Age — a time span of almost 8,000 years. Each player leads their own civilization as it tries to expand its culture over a map board that stretches from the Mediterranean Sea to India.

    Although battles and territorial strategy are important, Mega Civilization is not a wargame as you might expect when looking at the map board. Instead, the objective of play is to gain a level of overall advancement involving cultural, economic, scientific, political, civic, and religious factors. The player who most effectively balances these various goals will achieve the best scores and win.

    In more detail, the objective of Mega Civilization is to acquire the highest number of victory points (VPs) by building cities and developing Civilization Advances. This will be done over various phases and turns, some of which will be performed simultaneously by the players. After each turn, a check is made for each player to move forward on the Archaeological Succession Table (A.S.T.). Each step on this timeline represents a certain period of time in history reaching from the Stone Age. Advancement there will provide even more VPs. The winner will not necessarily be the first player to reach the end of the A.S.T. or the player with the highest number of cities or Civilization Advances, although these are the key factors in determining the winner.

    Each civilization begins with a single population token, and every turn each player increases their population by adding tokens to each area they occupy. These tokens can be moved over the map board by land or (using ships) by sea. As each area has a population limit, a good strategic overview will give players advantage in occupying more and more areas. If a player manages to move sufficient tokens into an area, they can build a city there. These cities generate trade cards which will eventually lead to wealth. During trade sessions, players receive not only the commodities they need to complete sets; they might also receive calamities which will remove population or cities. Specific Civilization Advances will protect the players from natural or civic calamities. The development of these Civilization Advances is symbolized by turning in sets of trading goods, as the wealthier civilizations will acquire more Civilization Advances.

    As civilizations develop, it will be harder for their rulers to find the right balance between future population growth, maintaining enough support for their cities, and increasing their treasury. If they cannot manage their token population, their cities might eventually revolt during the tax collection phase. The civilizations with the strongest economy traditionally score the highest.

    A game of Mega Civilization can take 10-12 hours to complete. Players can also choose to play the beginner scenario — "The First Game" — which takes only 1-2 hours. Another scenario — "The Short Game" — provides the same excitement as the full game, although the game starts in a later age; by doing this, games can be played in "only" 6-8 hours. En savoir plus
  5. The Godfather: An Offer You Can't Refuse

    The Godfather: An Offer You Can't Refuse

    25,50 €


    Hunt for those who would take sides against the family. The Godfather: An Offer You Can't Refuse is a mafia-style, deductive party game based on the iconic film trilogy by Francis Ford Coppola that starred Marlin Brando as Don Corleone.

    In this card game, players play as either members of the Corleone crime family or undercover cops trying to end the reign of the Corleones. Played out over several rounds, the tension of the game comes in trying to figure out who's on which side, and never knowing when you might receive an offer you can't refuse! En savoir plus
  6. Autokrator + Mini-expansion

    Autokrator + Mini-expansion

    40,00 €

    Autokrator (a.k.a. emperor) is a medieval Euro/wargame about the wars from the 7th to the 11th century between Christians and Muslims. In Autokrator, you control one of the major kingdoms/Caliphates of the Medieval Age – the Franks/Holy Roman Empire, the Moors, the Saracens, the East Roman Empire (Byzantines) – with each kingdom striving to protect and expand its domination.

    The players use four characters each round – the King, the General, the Admiral, and the Garrison – with each character having special abilities. What's more, each player has his own "battlecard" deck of armies and must divide them strategically between his characters at the begining of every new turn. The original combat system is based on the choices that the players have, and the battle is fought between five battlefields: Plain, Hill, Forest, City and Ambush. The game lasts five rounds, and players win or lose victory points based on the winning battles and the territories that they control.

    Make your choices wisely, and take a chance on becoming the next Autokrator! En savoir plus
  7. Tomorrow


    65,00 €

    Tomorrow simulates a near-future in which six world powers struggle to save their people and culture in the face of imminent world calamity. You control one of six powers – the United States, the European Union, Russia, China, India, or the Arab Caliphate – in a live-or-die struggle to save the planet and your people, while preserving your culture and heritage for the generations hopefully to follow. Your objective is to contribute to the unavoidable de-population, while maximizing the goodwill of your people and the world. Tomorrow includes many exciting gaming elements:

    High levels of social interaction: Much of the game is conducted via face-to-face diplomacy involving all six players.
    Player determination: This low-luck game forces you to match wits with your antagonists – not roll dice – in order to beat them.
    Variety: Every game is different thanks to a range of Event Cards that have many different effects on the action.
    Various types of warfare to choose from, each with their own strengths and weaknesses: You can choose to use Conventional Military or Terror, or even unleash Biological and Nuclear horrors.
    En savoir plus
  8. Space Cadets Dice Duel

    Space Cadets Dice Duel

    44,00 €


    Space Cadets: Dice Duel – the "Team vs. Team, Real-time, Dice-Rolling Game of Starship Combat!" – pits two spaceships against one another in quick-paced combat. The players are divided into two teams, each team playing the crew of a ship and winning or losing together based on how well they perform. The game ends when one side destroys their opponent by causing four points of damage through torpedoes or mines. Each ship has six Bridge Stations:

    Engineering generates power for the other stations.
    Helm maneuvers the ship on the map.
    Weapons loads the torpedo tubes to attack the enemy.
    Sensors locks onto the enemy so torpedoes can hit, and uses jammers to stop the enemy from locking on.
    Shields helps protect the ship from enemy torpedoes.
    Tractor Beams can grab the powerful crystals, move the enemy ship on the map, and launch Mines.

    Each player is in charge of one or more of these stations, or has the overall role of Captain to coordinate everything. There are no game turns in Space Cadets: Dice Duel; instead the game continues with players acting as quickly as possible until one side wins. En savoir plus
  9. Space Cadets Dice Duel Dice Fighter

    Space Cadets Dice Duel Dice Fighter

    30,00 €

    Space Cadets: Dice Duel – Die Fighter brings two new experiences to the Dice Duel universe to give veterans a whole new way to play:

    • Fighters are flown by a single person and are fast and maneuverable, but lack shields and can be easily destroyed. In "Carrier Strike", suitable for 6-10 players, each team gets one original ship (now called a Capital Ship) and one fighter. "Fighter Assault" has two fighters trying to take out a single heavily armed capital ship and is designed for 4-6 players. Finally, "Fighter Duel" brings the Dice Duel experience to two players, as two fighters go head-to-head for a quick and intense battle.

    • Experimental Equipment cards upgrade the capital ships with a variety of unique and powerful abilities. Through a draft mechanism, each side selects two upgrades and needs to tailor their strategy to take advantage of their strengths. The 27 cards include new weapons, enhancements to existing systems, new movement options, and more. En savoir plus
  10. Age of Steam

    Age of Steam

    37,50 €

    AGE OF STEAM *Het beste treinspel dat ooit gemaakt is!*
    Hier is het origineel – de klassieke versie – terug van weggeweest en sterker dan ooit!

    Stoomuitbrakende ijzeren rossen bulderen over berg en dal in deze nieuwste uitgave van de winnaar van de International Gamers Award 2003, AGE OF STEAM. Herbeleef het tijdperk van pionierende spoorwegmaatschappijen in de VS, het tijdperk dat verantwoordelijk was voor een volledige ommekeer in de Amerikaanse economie. De intense actie speelt zich af in het industriële zenuwcentrum van de snelgroeiende natie – Pittsburg, Detroit, Chicago en Wheeling.

    Sinds AGE OF STEAM werd uitgebracht in 2002 is het spel het hoogst gerangschikte treinspel in de BoardGameGeek lijst van bijna 5.000 spellen. AGE OF STEAM staat momenteel op nummer 11 in deze lijst van de beste spellen aller tijden.

    Er zijn maar liefst 36 uitbreidingen beschikbaar voor AGE OF STEAM, uitgebracht in de afgelopen 6 jaar. Getuigende van de populariteit van dit spel staan er zelfs nog meer aan te komen! Twee van deze uitbreidingen vind je in deze doos. En savoir plus
  11. League of Six

    League of Six

    31,50 €

    Het is het jaar 1430. De vijand nadert de grenzen maar ook binnen de grenzen wordt er gestreden. Ondanks de strijd tegen de Hussieten bloeit de economie van Lausitz als nooit tevoren. Het is bijna 100 jaar geleden dat een groep van rijke steden zich heeft verenigd in de Zesstedenbond om hun gezamenlijke belangen te beschermen en rust en stabiliteit te bewaren in de regio.

    De spelers zijn belastingophalers in de door de Hussieten geteisterde regio. Degene die zich de beste belastingophaler toont en ook de steun van de burgerij, geestelijkheid en aristocratie weet te verwerven, heeft de meeste kans om aan de zijde van koning Sigismund de toekomst van Europa te bepalen. De weg naar roem ligt voor je...een weg die je voert langs de steden van de "League of Six". En savoir plus
  12. Tinners' Trail

    Tinners' Trail

    32,00 €

    Tinner's Trail speelt zich af in het negentiende eeuwse Cornwall. Je moet koper en tin uit de mijn halen en dit proberen te verkopen op een moment dat de prijzen hoog zijn. Om de kosten te verminderen kan je investeren in ontwikkelingen zoals havens en treinen. Als je geld hebt kunnen verdienen kan je dit investeren in industrieën buiten Cornwall, waarmee je overwinningspunten kan verdienen. Hoe sneller je kan investeren, hoe hoger de opbrengsten. Tinner's Trail is een dynamisch spel over het ontwikkelen van een economie onder moeilijke omstandigheden. En savoir plus
  13. Brass


    31,00 €


    Brass is een spel voor drie of vier spelers en duurt ongeveer twee uur om te spelen. Het spel is opgedeeld in twee perioden, de Kanaal Periode en de Spoor Periode. Elke periode is opgedeeld in een aantal fasen. De actie fase staat centraal in de beide perioden. Je hebt een hand met kaarten waarmee je verschillende industrieën kunt bouwen en de transportverbindingen tussen deze industrieën kunt aanleggen. Je verdient overwinningspunten met industrieën die winst maken. De speler die uiteindelijk de meeste overwinningspunten weet te verdienen heeft gewonnen. De spelregels zijn zo gestructureerd dat je het spel zo snel mogelijk kunt opzetten. De basisregels zijn kort en bondig beschreven. Aan het einde van de spelregels zijn de details van de spelersacties en het omdraaien van de industrietegels in uitgebreide vorm uiteengezet. En savoir plus
  14. Silk Road

    Silk Road

    28,00 €

    De spelers maken hun fortuin door het verhandelen van goederen langs de zijderoute. Hierbij kopen zij de karavaanleider om, zodat deze reist langs de steden van hun keuze. En savoir plus
  15. Tulipmania 1637

    Tulipmania 1637

    18,50 €

    De tulp, een bloem eigen aan Centraal Azië, maakte nogal wat ophef toen het de kust van Europa bereikte in het midden van de 16de eeuw. Als een virus de tulp bestuift, kunnen de daaruit ontstaande kleurschakeringen
    onvoorstelbaar zijn, maar de tulp kan ook verzwakt geraken door het virus en dan wordt het moeilijk om een reproduktie te maken. Deze zeldzame tulpen zijn altijd zéér duur geweest en zijn dat nog steeds. Velen associëren
    Tulipmania met deze zeldzame hooggeprijsde tulpen, maar geleerden rapporteren dat de 1ste “Bubble Markt”, waar kopers veel meer betalen dan de eigenlijke waarde omwille van de manipulatie van aan- en verkoopprijzen, zijn ontstaan vond op de tulpenmarkten die gehouden werden gedurende december 1636 en januari 1637.

    De Nederlanders, gekend voor hun bekwame handelsvoering, waren het centrum van de tulpenhandel. Dit was ook de periode dat 1 op 7 mensen stierven door de pest, waardoor men het nut inzag om te investeren en kans
    te maken op een aanzienlijke winst. De prijzen rezen de pan uit tot op een punt dat het niet meer te controleren was. De bijdehandse investeerders wisten dat het moment gekomen was om te verkopen, dus diegene die hun tulpen verkochten vlak voor de markt crashte, profiteerden het meeste.

    Jij bent één van de bijdehandse investeerders. Je hebt een netwerk van kopers en collega’s, die allen rijk willen worden. Je doel bestaat eruit om kleine investeringen te maken, goederen achter te houden en op het juiste moment je netwerk van kopers en collega’s te gebruiken om uiteindelijk Tulipmania 1637 te winnen met het meeste geld. En savoir plus
  16. Goa


    38,50 €


    In 1498 bereikte een Portugese expeditie onder leiding van Vasco da Gama de stad Calcutta in India. Het was de eerste keer dat een Europees schip dit land bereikte.

    In Goa nemen de spelers de rol van Portugese kooplieden aan en bedrijven specerijenhandel op de handelsroute Molukken-Malacca-Goa-Lissabon. De spelers moeten zich zo snel mogelijk ontwikkelen op het gebied van scheepsbouw, landbouw, administratie, onderzoek en kolonisatie. Wie dat het best doet, maakt kans om dit unieke en enigszins complexe spel te winnen. En savoir plus
  17. De Gouden Eeuw

    De Gouden Eeuw

    32,50 €

    De Gouden Eeuw. De 17e eeuw was de Gouden Eeuw in de Nederlandse geschiedenis. Nederland groeide uit tot een wereldwijd gerespecteerde handelsmacht. Ook wat betreft kunst was het een Gouden Eeuw. De “Vlaamse school” van Peter Paul Rubens en van Dyck en de “Hollandse school“ van Frans Hals, Jan Steen, Vermeer en Rembrandt werden wereldberoemd. Op wetenschappelijk gebied onderscheidden filoloog Lipsius, natuuronderzoeker Leeuwenhoek, filosoof Spinoza en “Vader van de Burgerrechten” Hugo Grotius zich op bewonderenswaardige wijze.

    In Gouden Eeuw proberen de spelers overwinningspunten op verschillende gebieden (handel, kunst, cultuur) te verdienen. De speler die als eerste 33 overwinningspunten heeft, wint het spel. En savoir plus
  18. Shadows over Camelot

    Shadows over Camelot

    46,00 €

    Dans la plupart des jeux de plateau, les joueurs s'affrontent l'un contre l'autre pour l'emporter. Ici, l'aventure qui vous est proposée est réellement differente puisqu'il vous faudra coopérer avec vos compagnons

    A première vue, votre bande de Chevaliers, armés de pied en cape, devrait se jouer d'un tel défi: Tous ensemble... contre un malheureux jeu...

    Et pourtant... la présence, toujours possible, jamais certaine, d'un Félon en votre sein, risque de singulièrement compliquer ces quêtes à l'apparence trompeuse.

    Mais assez parlé... Revêtez votre armure, enfourchez votre fidèle destrier, et galopez de par les landes désolées pour nous rejoindre à Camelot! En savoir plus
  19. Acquire


    26,00 €

    Acquire, qui est également connu sous le nom de Grand Hôtel et de Trust, est un jeu de placement unique.

    Vous achetez des actions de chaînes d'hôtel, pour toucher le jackpot lors de leur absorption par une chaîne plus importante.

    Ce jeu complexe est également très interactif. En savoir plus
  20. Colonia


    39,50 €

    Colonia Le nouveau jeu de Dirk Henn, l'auteur d'Alhambra Cologne au Moyen Âge. La plus grande ville du « Saint Empire romain de la nation allemande » est connue pour ses importantes églises et la richesse de son commerce. Des familles patriciennes colonaises estimées occupent des postes importants au Conseil et président aux destinées de la ville. Elles ont une seule ambition : multiplier leurs richesses et renforcer leur pouvoir. Chaque famille souhaite exercer la plus grande influence, mais une seule peut y parvenir ! But du jeu : Les joueurs se glissent dans la peau de familles patriciennes influentes de Cologne au Moyen Âge. Leur but est de renforcer l’influence de leur famille en achetant des reliques précieuses. Pour cela, il faut acquérir des matières premières, produire des marchandises et les vendre. Seul celui qui obtient un bon prix pour ses marchandises peut s’offrir de coûteuses reliques! En savoir plus
  21. Shogun


    55,00 €

    Dans la peau d'un duc japonais durant le 16ème siècle, chaque joueur cherche à assurer la supériorité de son clan et cherche, comme Daimyo ayant le plus de succès, à devenir, en fin de jeu, le SHOGUN. Ce succès ne s'obtient pas seulement par le nombre de provinces qu'il contrôle mais également par le développement de son propre royaume. Celui-ci a d'autant plus de valeur qu'il contient de nombreux villages, temples et théâtres. Pour chaque région, un bonus en points de victoire d'une grande valeur est accordé au joueur qui possède la majorité d'un même type de bâtiment (village, temple ou théâtre). En savoir plus
  22. Amon-Ra


    19,50 €

    De beaux terrains prometteurs, fertiles, au bord du Nil! Soit mais tout reste à construire: il va falloir embaucher des paysans pour les cultiver, acheter des pierres pour bâtir des pyramides et tout cela en tenant compte des chameaux, du cour de la pierre, des contraintes architecturales et surtout des dieux, en particulier Amun Ré. En savoir plus
  23. Cosmic Encounter

    Cosmic Encounter

    58,50 €

    Enfin une nouvelle réimpression de ce grand classique! Le jeu a été complètement mis à jour et revisé par Kevin Wilson (Arkham Horror, Descent).

    Cette nouvelle édition comprend pas moins de 50 races différentes, toutes codées par couleur selon leur difficulté. Ceci garantit une grande re-jouabilité, comme toutes ces races disposent d'une large gamme de différentes capacités. En plus il y a les superpouvoirs aliens qu'elles peuvent acquiérir durant le jeu. Bien évidemment des vaisseaux spatiaux avec un nouveau design sont également compris. En savoir plus
  24. Ostia


    10,00 €

    Enchères et commerce dans la Rome antique. En savoir plus
  25. China


    23,50 €


    200 avant notre ère, la Chine est en crise et les chefs locaux des 9 régions de Chine rivalisent dans un seul but: devenir le nouvel Empereur. Chaque joueur installera des palais dans chaque région pour y asseoir son influence, développera des routes et placera des émissaires pour créer des liens entre régions voisines. Un jeu de placement intelligent à la mécanique simple. En savoir plus
  26. One More Barrel

    One More Barrel

    44,00 €

    “Défendre la liberté et la justice dans le monde entier !”.

    Tels sont les nobles idéaux que vous ferez gober à l’opinion publique et aux médias ! Ce qui compte, c’est de trouver la bonne excuse pour pouvoir envahir une nation souveraine riche en pétrole, votre seul objectif étant de devenir riche ! Très riche ! Heureusement qu’il ne s’agit que d’un jeu et que dans la vraie vie de telles choses ne se produisent pas ! Introduction Du fait de votre rôle de Chef d’Etat d’un pays occidental promoteur de la Paix, il est de votre devoir d’intervenir contre un état voyou «dangereux pour l’ordre mondial». Vous décidez avec vos alliés de lui déclarer la guerre et d’y envoyer des unités militaires et logistiques.

    L’invasion est justifiée par l’existence présumée d’armes de destruction massive liée au terrorisme international. Mais étant donné que les armes de destruction massive n’existent pas, il vous faudra faire vite avant que la vérité n’éclate au grand jour ! Conquérir les diverses régions du pays envahi, voler et vendre le plus de pétrole possible, organiser d’alléchants appels d’offre pour vos entreprises nationales et amasser le plus d’argent pour devenir le Roi du Pétrole (et gagner la partie) ! Chaque joueur a par ailleurs un autre rôle durant la partie, celui d’incarner le chef d’un groupe de rebelles local qui pourra causer des dommages aux «alliés». En savoir plus
  27. Krakow 1325 AD

    Krakow 1325 AD

    Prix normal : 35,00 €

    Prix promotionnel : 17,50 €

    Un jeu qui se joue en équipe de deux contre deux.
    Il vous faudra vous battre pour sociétés différentes et de faire tout celà dans l'intérêt de l'équipe.
    Oui mais.. chaque joueur a une équipe secrète qu'il doit privilégier...

    Si le jeu venait à avoir du succès, on pourrait bien ensuite pouvoir y jouer à trois... En savoir plus
  28. Inca Empire

    Inca Empire

    34,00 €

    Les Incas ont baptisé leur empire Tahuantinsuyu, ce qui signie en quechua « Terre des 4 Régions ».

    Dans ce jeu, vous allez devenir un « Apu », chef de l'une de ces 4 régions (ou « Suyus » en quechua). Votre rôle en tant qu'Apu sera de faire croître l'estime que vous porte le divin empereur (« Sapa Inca ») en faisant tout votre possible pour favoriser l'extension et le développement de l'empire. Chaque Apu dispose pour commencer de la main d'oeuvre fournie par la région qu'il dirige. En savoir plus
  29. Betrayal at House on the Hill

    Betrayal at House on the Hill

    40,00 €

    Des grincements de pas dans les escaliers... Une odeur répugnante d'animal mort... La sensation que quelque chose rampe furtivement dans votre dos... Voici ce que vous trouverez, et bien plus encore, dans cette nouvelle réédition de Betrayal at House on the Hill. Ce jeu amusant et plein de suspens va vous faire vivre une expérience unique à chaque partie. Vous et vos amis partez explorer une manoir abandonné au sommet d'une colline qui se construit pièce par pièce à mesure que les joueurs progressent... Jusqu'à ce qu'un des joueurs sombre dans la folie et trahisse secrètement les autres!

    Le jeu dispose de multiples scénarios, d'un déroulement différent à chaque partie, et renferme suffisamment d'épouvante pour glacer le coeur de tout les fans d'épouvante! En savoir plus
  30. Era of Inventions Masterprint

    Era of Inventions Masterprint

    35,00 €

    Soyez plus rapide que vos concurrents pour inventer et produire de nouvelles technologies. Mais n'oubliez pas d'enregistrer des brevets pour vos inventions! Sinon, vous perdez l'influence de l'industrie et le plagiat apparaitra. En savoir plus
  31. Megacorps


    30,00 €

    MegaCorps est un jeu de domination économique. Vous contrôlez un MegaCorp - l'un des six conglomérats qui dominent la vie économique et politique dans le milieu du 21e siècle. Vous contrôlez les industries, manipulez les gouvernements comme des marionnettes, et provoquez même des guerres pour ouvrir de nouveaux marchés. Le joueur qui au cours de la partie aura collecté le plus d’argent sera déclaré vainqueur. En savoir plus
  32. Liberté


    52,50 €


    Liberté agit de la Révolution Française à partir de 1789, y compris l'assemblée des Etats Généraux, jusqu'au coup d'état de Napoléon en 1799. La richesse des joueurs augmente et chute selon le sort des groupes qu'ils choisissent de soutenir. Les joueurs malins (ou sournois) peuvent même décider de soutenir de différents partis en même temps afin d'assurer leur victoire! Dans cette époque de problèmes, toute tactique est considérée valable, y compris le fait d'envoyer vos adversaires à la guillotine. Soyez juste sûr de ne pas être le suivant à être éliminé! Au niveau des personnages, Liberté vous en offre toute une série. Depuis Marat jusque Robespierre, de Danton à Desmoulins, Liberté permet à chaque joueur de déterminer le sort de chaque protagoniste de la Révolution Française.

    Liberté se joue en quatre tours. Chaque tour comprend un nombre variable de phases durant lesquelles les joueurs augmentent leur influence sur trois factions: les Royalistes, les Modérés et les Radicaux. Après chaque tour une élection déterminera lequel des trois groupes formera le gouvernement. Le joueur qui utilise au mieux ses personnages pour gagner des sièges durant les élections, a plus de chances de gagner.

    La ré-édition de Liberté par Valley Games présente un nouveau design somptueux, de nouveaux plateaux de joueur et des règles mises à jour lors des milliers de parties jouées par le grand clan de fans de Liberté. Voici un jeu pour les amateurs d'histoire, d'intéraction ou d'une bonne partie de jeu simplement. En savoir plus
  33. Chaos in the Old World

    Chaos in the Old World

    49,50 €


    Dans le monde de Warhammer, quatre Dieux du Chaos se battent pour la suprématie: Khorne, le Blood God; Nurgle, le Plaguelord; Tzeentch, le Changer of Ways; Slaanesh, le Lord of Temptations.

    Dans le jeu de plateau Chaos in the Old World 2 jusqu'à 4 joueurs endossent le rôle de malveillants Lords of Chaos. Les pouvoirs et la légion de disciples de chaque dieu procurent au joueur qui le contrôle des forces uniques et des capacités hérétiques avec lesquelles il peut corrompre et réduire en esclavage le Old World.

    Comme les pouvoirs du Chaos cherchent la domination à travers la corruption et la conquête, ils ne doivent pas seulement rivaliser l'un avec l'autre mais également avec les habitants désespérés du Old World qui luttent pour bannir les dieux vers le maelström du Realm of Chaos...pour l'instant. En savoir plus
  34. Key West

    Key West

    32,50 €


    Dans la Floride des années 30, vous tentez de produire et de vendre des cigares. En savoir plus
  35. The Great Fire of London 1666

    The Great Fire of London 1666

    37,00 €


    Londres Brûle. Vu qu'une bonne partie de ses bâtiments vous appartient, vous allez tout faire pour maitriser le feu, voire même l'entrainer vers les quartiers que possèdent vos concurrents. En savoir plus
  36. Urland


    25,00 €

    Le but de jeu est que vos créatures deviennent l’espèce dominante sur la terre (en global et sur les régions terrestres). La meilleure façon d’y parvenir réside en une bonne utilisation des gènes. Les gènes se développent à travers des mutations, et permettent à vos Ichtos de développer de nouvelles aptitudes qui les aideront à conquérir la terre. Les gènes entrent en jeu progressivement, et il n’est pas nécessaire de tous les connaître en détail dès le départ. En savoir plus
  37. Cleopatra's Caboose

    Cleopatra's Caboose

    49,50 €

    Cleopatra's Caboose est un amalgame de mécanismes et thèmes Eurogame variés, mélangés d'une manière plutôt élégante, intelligente et parfois ridicule.

    Les joueurs rivalisent pour devenir l'Empereur de l'Ancien Egypte grâce à des moyens très variés: la construction de chemins de fer autour des cités, le transport de fruits vers les villes, tout avec comme objectif ultime: gagner le plus de Prestige afin de pouvoir devenir l'Empereur suivant. Un bon nombre de clichés Eurogame sont bien présents, y compris les enchères, pioche de cartes, livraison, contrôle de région, actions spéciales, cubes en bois, actions limitées et même un marché fluctuant! En savoir plus
  38. Automobile


    36,00 €

    Période 1896-1929, avec la naissance et le développement de l'industrie automobile américaine. A vous d'en profiter pour vous enrichir en produisant et vendant des véhicules. En savoir plus
  39. Industry


    30,00 €

    De la carrière d’argile à l’usine robotisée, construisez votre empire industriel au fil des cinq ères technologiques. Expérimentez la découverte et l’utilisation de la vapeur, des premières machines et de l’électricité. Construisez des usines, obtenez les droits des routes terrestres et maritimes pour votre compagnie. Un bon contrôle et une planification intelligente feront de vous le plus grand magnat de l’industrie !

    Industry est la reprise du jeu Industria revu et corrigé par son auteur. En savoir plus
  40. Olympus


    45,00 €

    Durant votre tour, vous mettez un de vos prieurs devant un Dieu qui n'en a pas déjà et activez son pouvoir majeur.
    Les autres joueurs peuvent mettre eux aussi un prieur sur le dieu à ce moment là pour en prendre le pouvoir mineur, puis on passe au joueur suivant.

    Les pouvoirs permettent de bâtir (des cartes de sa main donnant pouvoir et/ou PV), de récolter des ressources ou d'en produire plus (pour en récolter plus plus tard), de faire la guerre (voler des ressources) ou encore d'améliorer sa connaissance et sa population, pour pouvoir dépasser certaines limites dans les autres domaines ou avoir plus de prieurs.

    Car vous avez un plateau individuel sur lequel vous notez l'évolution de votre population et quand vous êtes le premier à arrivez au bout d'une de ces échelles, vous prenez la carte associée qui donnera des PV bonus en fin de partie. Quand un certain nombre de ces cartes sont gagnées, ma partie prend fin et chacun compte ses points... En savoir plus
  41. Das 20. Jahrhundert / 20th century

    Das 20. Jahrhundert / 20th century

    23,50 €

    Le XXème siècle. Comme toutes les autres nations, votre pays est engagé dans une course au progrès et au développement. Science et commerce contribuent à façonner son avenir, mais à quel prix ? La prospérité ne peut se faire qu’en polluant toujours plus et les grandes avancées technologiques peuvent être désastreuses pour l’environnement. Comment ferez-vous face aux inévitables catastrophes écologiques qui vous attendent ?
    Dans 20ème Siècle, en tant que dirigeant votre mission est de faire de votre pays un lieu où écologie rime avec prospérité. Si vous y parvenez, votre nation sera alors considérée comme véritablement développée.
    Une partie se joue en six manches durant lesquelles vous gérerez l’urbanisation de votre pays. Vos terres produisent des revenus, de la recherche scientifique ou améliorent la qualité de vie. La recherche vous permet de découvrir de nouvelles technologies qui détermineront la façon dont votre nation se développe. La science peut vous aider à éviter les catastrophes écologiques.
    A chaque manche vous accumulez des points en fonction de la qualité de vie de votre pays. A la fin de la partie, les points de bonus que vous marquerez seront basés sur le niveau de vie, la recherche et la qualité de l’environnement. En savoir plus
  42. Strasbourg


    31,50 €


    Strasbourg in the 15th century - the political skills of the city are heavily influenced by the craftsmen guilds .

    In this time, players take on the lead of ascending families of the city. It is your goal to place your family members in the different guilds. Only the clever usage of influence points makes it possible to be accommodated as apprentice, assistant or even master craftsman - provided you can pay the admission fee. But don't underestimate the power of the church or the nobility.

    Strasbourg is a easy to learn strategy game with inventive mechanisms, that provide the player with lots of room for decisions. But only those that also keep an eye on the plans of the other players will earn the highest fame in the end.
    En savoir plus
  43. Dakota


    43,00 €

    Dakota is inspired by the conquest of the American West, and employs linear mechanics. Players take control of a group of settlers or a tribe of natives and then cooperate and compete with the other players for natural resources, which have different values for the different types of players. The mechanic allows for unequal numbers of settlers and native players. En savoir plus
  44. Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition

    Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition

    87,50 €

    Twilight Imperium Third Edition is an epic empire-building game of interstellar conflict, trade, and struggle for power. Players take the roles of ancient galactic civilizations, each seeking to seize the imperial throne via warfare, diplomacy, and technological progression. With geomorphic board tiles, exquisite plastic miniatures, hundreds of cards, and introducing a rich set of strategic dimensions that allows each player to refocus their game-plan, the original designer Christian T. Petersen has seamlessly incorporated the better qualities of other recently popular games to improve on the game-play of the original TI, making it at once perfectly well-rounded and pleasantly familiar to experienced gamers. En savoir plus
  45. Primordial Soup

    Primordial Soup

    52,50 €

    The Primordial Soup is supposedly where all life came from. Players take charge of a tribe of amoeba as they struggle to survive. In order to help their quest, tribes will take various genetic advantages, which allow them to 'break' the rules of life. For instance, instead of going hungry, your amoeba could learn to attack foreign amoeba for food. Or perhaps your amoeba could be taught to need less food to survive. Either way, this is a very interesting take on the game of life. En savoir plus
  46. Twilight Imperium: Shards of the Throne

    Twilight Imperium: Shards of the Throne

    49,50 €


    The legacy of a ruined empire silently echoes across the stars, its presence still felt as a timeless entity. It is hope. It is a promise. It corrodes the dreams of a peaceful universe into visions of alluring conquest, propelling the entire galaxy into an endless struggle for power.

    Shards of the Throne is an epic expansion for Twilight Imperium, adding new races, new units, and many new options to create an even more incredible power struggle in the far reaches of the galaxy.

    Mercenaries, Mechanized Units, and all-new Flagship units give players more options for customizing their fleets and Ground Forces, while the Political Intrigue option will crank up the agendas and espionage of the political phase.

    Also adding Race-Specific Technologies, alternate Strategy Cards, new System Tiles, Space Domains, and an all-new scenario that puts one player in control of the legendary Lazax Empire, Shards of the Throne creates a completely new way to wage your galactic conquests!
    En savoir plus
  47. Chaos in the Old World The Horned Rat Expansion

    Chaos in the Old World The Horned Rat Expansion

    24,50 €

    Below the Old World's cities sprawls a vast network of tunnels, caves, and underground roads. Verminous Skaven skulk within this Under Empire, waiting for the perfect opportunity to rise from the warrens and destroy their enemies for the glory of their sinister god, the enigmatic Horned Rat. Even as the Ruinous Powers work to corrupt the Old World, the Skaven are ever scheming to further their own dark agenda.

    The Horned Rat expansion for Chaos in the Old World introduces a fifth player to the race toward corruption! Armed with a legion of Skaven followers, the Horned Rat player uses numbers and subterfuge to his advantage, scoring points by spreading the Skaven's teeming masses across the Old World. Players of the existing Ruinous Powers can meet the foul vermin head on with a host of new gameplay options, including alternate upgrade and Chaos cards. Meanwhile, veterans will find engaging challenges with new expert-level Old World cards and gameplay variants. Prepare to join the battle for dominance!
    En savoir plus
  48. Cutthroat Caverns

    Cutthroat Caverns

    32,50 €

    "Without teamwork, you will never survive. Without betrayal, you’ll never win."

    Cutthroat Caverns is played over 9 rounds, each with a random encounter. Essentially a game of 'kill stealing'. Each round, any monster encountered will have a prestige value of 1 through 6. The player that successfully jockeys for position and lands the killing blow gets the prestige value for the encounter. Some encounters will not have a specific monster, such as a trap room for the heroes to pass through (and in this case, earning no prestige). The surviving player with the most prestige after the 9 encounters is the winner. If the players do not survive all 9 encounters, no one wins the game.

    A unique combination of cooperative game play and opportunistic backstabbing. En savoir plus
  49. Wallenstein


    69,50 €


    In 1625, the Thirty Years' War is underway and military leaders like Albrecht von Wallenstein and Gottfried Heinrich Graf zu Pappenheim are roaming the country, fighting for land and trying to establish the best of everything for themselves. The game lasts two "years", with players taking actions in the spring, summer and fall, then possibly suffering from grain shortage and revolts in the winter before scoring points for the year. After two years, the player with the most points – with points being scored for land and buildings under one's control – wins.

    Wallenstein includes two expansions: "Emperor's Court", in which a player's army tokens that fall from the dice tower at the start of the game become courtiers who compete for favors (special actions) from the emperor; a player can convert armies to courtiers during the game, and whoever has the most courtiers in the court's entrance hall each turn gets first shot at the favors available. "Landsknechte", which can be used with "Emperor's Court" or on its own, consists of a set of four cards for each player stacked in a particular order. If after determining turn order, a player controls counties in four different regions, he removes the top card from the stack, then takes one of the bonuses (such as money or armies in the tray) shown on the newly revealed card. This stack resets after winter ends.

    En savoir plus
  50. Colonial: Europe's empire overseas (2nd edition)

    Colonial: Europe's empire overseas (2nd edition)

    69,50 €


    Chaque joueur contrôle une puissante nation européenne
    qui va développer son économie coloniale et étendre ses
    conquêtes. Basé sur l’Histoire, un tour représentant
    approximativement 30 ans, Colonial couvre la période
    de la Renaissance à la Révolution industrielle.

    Le Premier joueur à atteindre 10 Prestiges (sans avoir de
    dettes) remporte la parti.
    En savoir plus
  51. Dark Minions

    Dark Minions

    30,00 €

    In Dark Minions players represent those forces of evil as they try to pillage and destroy towns. Each turn, the players typically roll three dice and may use the resulting numbers to attack Towns to win Vanquish Points (VPs) – the further along into the game, the more VPs the Towns are worth. Players also attempt to capture Towers in order to level up experience (which enables the player to roll better dice), to re-spawn dead minions from the graveyard, and to "purchase" the services of the various Overlords. In the end, it's all about VPs and the first player to 40 VPs in a four-player game wins.

    The advanced game adds 15 Minion Overlords, each with a unique special power that may affect the play or the outcome of the game. They patiently wait to enter play and wreak their terrible havoc. Using their abilities wisely is one of the many keys to victory.

    Dark Minions includes a small expansion called Demon Lords that adds more Overlords, a special town tile, and a special die – making for many ways to mix up the game play!
    En savoir plus
  52. Vanuatu


    43,00 €


    Dans "Vanuatu", les joueurs vont se mettre dans la peau d'un vanuatan, un autochtone local, qui aura a cœur de prospérer durant les 8 tours que dure le jeu.

    Pour cela, vous devrez récupérer des ressources qui vous feront, soit gagner de l'argent, des vatus, soit gagner des points de prospérité.
    Vous pourrez aussi vous adonner à d'autres activités lucratives comme dessiner sur le sable, spécialité locale reconnu officiellement par l'Unesco, transporter des touristes sur ces iles paradisiaques qui constituent cet archipel perdu au beau milieu de l'océan pacifique, ou vous essayer au commerce extérieur... Bref, plein de chose à faire (9 actions disponibles au total), mais encore faudra-il pouvoir les faire.

    A chaque tour, l’archipel va se développer devant vos yeux et vous allez devoir programmer vos actions à l'aide de 5 marqueurs, en posant un ou plusieurs de ces marqueurs sur les actions que vous souhaitez réaliser. Puis chaque joueur, en commençant par le premier joueur, pourra réaliser une de ses actions. Sauf que vous ne pourrez réaliser une action que si vous êtes majoritaire en nombre de marqueurs sur cette action.

    Il vous faudra donc, dès fois (souvent) attendre que d'autres joueurs aient joué cette action avant vous et l'aient libérée pour pouvoir à votre tour la réaliser. Cependant, il vous faudra bien faire attention, car si à votre tour vous n'êtes majoritaire sur aucune action, vous serez quand même obligé de retirer vos marqueurs d'une action et donc d'abandonner celle-ci. Il va donc y avoir du blocage en perspective et de la frustration dans l'air, d'autant plus que certaines de vos actions vont nécessiter que vous en ayez joué d'autres avant.

    Pour compliquer encore un peu plus l'existence paisible qui règne dans ces lieux, les ressources disponibles sont épuisables. Il n'y en aura donc pas pour tout le monde, et les premiers servis auront donc un peu plus le sourire que les derniers qui risquent de faire grise-mine au vu du peu qu'ils récupéreront. Comme le dit si bien l'adage. On ne peut pas tout faire en même temps et il vous faudra donc faire des choix.M

    Mais rassurez-vous, tout n'est pas si sombre. Vous allez pouvoir vous faire aider dans votre tâche par 10 personnages, haut en couleur, qui vont tout au long de la partie vous apporter certains bonus. A chaque tour, vous allez pouvoir en choisir un en fonction de ce que vous voulez faire et de ce que les autres vous laisseront... Et oui, là aussi, tous ne seront pas accessible tout le temps, impliquant encore des choix cornéliens.

    Dans "Vanuatu" vous allez pouvoir gagner de l'argent. Si si... mais pas beaucoup. Les vanuatans (vous savez les autochtones locaux) ne sont pas bien riche et dès que vous atteignez la rondelette somme de 10 vatus, ceux-ci sont automatiquement, et immédiatement, transformés en points de prospérité et vous revenez donc à 0 au niveau de votre porte-monnaie.

    Encore un paramètre qu'il ne faudra pas oublier de prendre en compte si vous voulez arriver à élever, un tant soit peu, votre statut social.

    Pour résumer, Vanuatu c'est un jeu de programmation, de majorité, de développement, de blocage, avec de l'interaction et beaucoup de choix à faire.

    . En savoir plus
  53. A Game of Thrones: The Boardgame (second edition)

    A Game of Thrones: The Boardgame (second edition)

    55,00 €

    In the second edition of A Game of Thrones: The Board Game, three to six players take on the roles of the great Houses of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, as they vie for control of the Iron Throne through the use of diplomacy and warfare. Based on the best-selling A Song of Ice and Fire series of fantasy novels by George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones is an epic board game in which it will take more than military might to win. Will you take power through force, use honeyed words to coerce your way onto the throne, or rally the townsfolk to your side? Through strategic planning, masterful diplomacy, and clever card play, spread your influence over Westeros! En savoir plus
  54. Arcanum


    38,50 €

    Dans "Arcanum" vous allez présider au destin (que dis-je vous êtes Le destin) de 4 familles italiennes qui reprennent les attributs des quatre familles du jeu de carte : Coupe, Épée, Bâton, et Denier.

    Les personnages, représentés par des pièces d’Échecs (un choix qui accentue cette idée de rencontre entre jeu traditionnel et moderne), vont évoluer sur un plateau représentant une cité. Chaque placement ou déplacement permettant d'obtenir des points de victoire pour la famille en question.
    Le moteur se sont les cartes que vous allez piocher et jouer. Et c'est là que l'on sent la patte de véritables auteurs : Toutes ne seront pas jouées de la même manière. Certaines dépensées permettront les déplacements, d'autres seront réservées pour des actions d'influences ultérieures. Chaque carte possède un pouvoir (surtout les arcanes majeurs) et chaque lieu en plus des points de victoire à glaner offre un autre pouvoir utilisable.

    Le jeu vous proposera donc de gérer votre main de cartes (limitée à 7) pendant un nombre de tours paramétrables suivant le temps que vous voulez passez autour de la table.

    Les cartes cachées seront réservées pour les phases spéciales d'évaluation des familles qui auront lieu deux ou trois fois dans la partie. Plus celle-ci avance plus vous aurez d'information sur les cartes mises de côté et donc sur les stratégies adverses.
    Pour gagner le plus de points, il faut être influent au sein de la famille la plus influente.
    Après chaque comptage, l'influence des familles reprend à 0.

    Les familles n'appartiennent donc à aucun joueur en propre. Ce qui vous donnera la victoire est d'être celui qui aura le plus influencé la famille la plus influente.
    En savoir plus
  55. REX: Final Days of an empire

    REX: Final Days of an empire

    59,50 €

    Rex: Final Days of an Empire, a reimagined version of Dune set in Fantasy Flight's Twilight Imperium universe, is a board game of negotiation, betrayal, and warfare in which 3-6 players take control of great interstellar civilizations, competing for dominance of the galaxy's crumbling imperial city. Set 3,000 years before the events of Twilight Imperium, Rex tells the story of the last days of the Lazax empire, while presenting players with compelling asymmetrical racial abilities and exciting opportunities for diplomacy, deception, and tactical mastery.

    In Rex: Final Days of an Empire, players vie for control of vital locations across a sprawling map of the continent-sized Mecatol City. Only by securing three key locations (or more, when allied with other factions) can a player assert dominance over the heart of a dying empire. En savoir plus
  56. Dragon Rampage

    Dragon Rampage

    48,50 €

    Dragon Rampage, a competitive fantasy game by Richard Launius, is a strategic dice game for 3 to 5 players. Each player takes the role of one of the adventurers (all with different abilities) and the goal is to score the most points at the end of the game by fighting against or running from (or some combination of the two) the dragon you just woke up, and tallying up the treasure and gold you obtain in the dungeon. Players roll seven specially designed dice and choose whether to focus on grabbing treasure (from the dragon or from another player), fighting the dragon, protecting themselves (and their treasure), or running for the exit. Try not to draw the dragon's attention as you make your way, and note that your fellow adventurers may hinder (or aid) you in your strategy and the final scoring varies depending on how the game ends, so watch your step!
    En savoir plus
  57. Steam


    54,50 €

    Martin Wallace's new train game is published by Mayfair. The game is of the same family of rail games as Age of Steam and Railroad Tycoon, both previous games designed by Wallace.

    The game plays very similarly to Age of Steam but with modifications to some of its mechanics and artwork. Tracks for income, train level, etc. are all printed on the board around the map such that alternate maps can be overlaid on the board and the necessary tracks will still be able to be used.

    En savoir plus
  58. The Lord of the Rings Nazgûl

    The Lord of the Rings Nazgûl

    Prix normal : 65,50 €

    Prix promotionnel : 59,50 €

    In The Lord of the Rings: Nazgul, you are faced with three Campaigns that you must conquer before the Ringbearer carries the One Ring to Mount Doom. If you cannot complete them in time, all players lose! Along the way, you will earn Victory Points (VPs), and if the group succeeds in its duty, the player with the most VPs wins.
    En savoir plus
  59. Zong Shi

    Zong Shi

    59,50 €

    In a large town in medieval China, several talented artisans – Masters in their own right – aspire to become recognized as Zong Shi: the Grand Master craftsman. You are one of these master artisans and together with your apprentice, you are competing with the other Masters to attain this elevated status in the town. To succeed, you'll have to impress the townspeople with your skills. How shall you do it? Will you acquire a specialist's mastery over certain material, or will you enlarge your workshop? Will you create a large number of smaller projects or will you build fewer, but greater, masterworks? That is for you to decide.

    Zong Shi blends worker placement, resource management, project completion and special action cards. To set up the game, lay out the project cards (eight types, each with a special power) and masterwork projects (only three at a time) on the game board; draw goods randomly for the two markets; lay out the exchange tiles in the pawn shop; and lay out a certain number of Scrolls of Fortune and material tiles. Players take turns drafting Scrolls (which have one-shot abilities) and materials (needed to complete projects), then the first round begins.

    In each round, players take one action with their master or apprentice, then take one action with their other figure. The possible actions are:
    - Begin a project – Master only. Pay the material cost, then place the master on the time track in the space shown on the project.
    - Go to the market — Hang out and shoot the breeze until the next phase.
    - Go to the temple – Draw one Scroll (or more if your master is at the temple and donates material).
    - Go to the pawn shop – Choose an exchange tile in the shop and place the exchange tile on your player board. You may then swap one material shown on that tile for the other material on the tile.
    - Pay respectful visits – Visit a townsperson, donate materials of the right type equal to the visit tile you place there, then take the special action associated with that person this game.
    - Pass

    Those in the market then take turns choosing materials located there. You can hold no more than five materials. Players then advance their master on the time track to represent work on the project. Refill materials in the market, pass the start marker, then begin a new round.

    When a player completes his sixth project, players complete that round and one additional full round. Players tally points for completed projects, incomplete projects (which are penalized), number of townspeople visited, a full board of exchange tiles, completion of six projects and unused scrolls and material. The player with the most points wins. En savoir plus
  60. Winter Tales

    Winter Tales

    43,50 €

    Following the victory in the Conflict of Autumn, The Regime of Winter has clutched the Land of Fairy Tales in its cold grasp. Fuelled by hate and fear, Winter aims at extinguishing the flame of Love and the light of Hope under a blanket of snow and the never-ending chill of a winter night. In the winding alleys and the small houses desperately clinging to the hillside of Wintertown, frightened Tales move in the shadows, knowing they cannot allow all Hope for the future to be snuffed out by the cold and ready to fight to drive Winter away and let Spring come again.

    In Winter Tales, a storytelling board game, players tell the tale of the conflict between the characters of fairy tales, who represent all that is good and hopeful, and the Soldiers of Winter, who incarnate evil and the fierce cold of Winter. Players will ally themselves with one of the warring Factions, controlling characters and fighting for the comeback of Spring or the suffocation of all hope, bringing on an endless Winter.

    Winter Tales is an ever-changing game as each time the players will tell a completely different story, creating a shared plot.

    This is a pre-order: Orders that contain this game will only be shipped as soon as the game is available. We expect the game end of october/beginning of november.
    Dit is een voorbestelling: Bestelling die dit spel bevatten zullen pas verzonden worden van zodra het spel beschikbaar is. We verwachten het spel eind oktober/begin november.

    En savoir plus
  61. Sake & Samurai

    Sake & Samurai

    22,50 €

    In the SAKE & SAMURAI boardgame you are a violent and savage Samurai warrior, willing to do anything to get the last cup of Sake. The succeeder is the most drunk Samurai. For 3 to 8 gamers. Sake & Samurai will entertain players from 13 and up. Get ready for 10 minutes of drunken fun !!!

    Present yourself in the Sake & Samurai game as the smart and glorious Samurai warrior. Defeat your enemies by stealing the sake of them. So join today the fight at the call of SAAKEEE! En savoir plus
  62. Beer & Vikings

    Beer & Vikings

    22,50 €

    In Beer & Vikings you are a fierce and thirsty viking warrior, willing to do anything to get the last cup of Beer. The winner is the most drunk viking in game terms, the player who has collected the most Beer drink counters at the end of the Sudden Death round. Be wary, though, for drinking too much will dull your wits and mastery with the war axe. Each drink of Beer prevents you from using one of your resources, be it a weapon, an item, or even your personal skill! You must always be wary not to drink too much or you risk becoming a defenseless sot in the hands of your enemies. On the other hand, you will be able to burn up some of the Beer you have drunk to obtain significant bonuses which may well save your life. Show yourself as the wise warrior you are and balance your strategy with care, not burning up too much Beer, thus finding yourself in the rear at the end of the game, when the cup is empty and the Sudden death round begins. Those who will succumb to their enemies' blows won't be eliminated from the game, but will become Spirits of Loki, the thirsty god of evil, and team up with the other Spirits to attack the living, aiming to steal their Beer. Raise your glasses (and your axes)!

    Beer & Vikings, a board game for 3-8 Players about war axes, blood and Beer, is both a standalone game and an expansion for Sake & Samurai.

    This game introduces a new type of cards called Valhalla Cards! These cards provides you a very strong ability during the match, but to obtain them you need to kill an opponent: so generate one vengeful Spirit... be careful on the Valhalla way... Featuring Ragnar Lodbrok, Erik the Red, Harald Finehair, Ivar the Boneless and many others!

    This is a pre-order: Orders that contain this game will only be shipped as soon as the game is available. We expect the game end of october/beginning of november.
    Dit is een voorbestelling: Bestelling die dit spel bevatten zullen pas verzonden worden van zodra het spel beschikbaar is. We verwachten het spel eind oktober/begin november. En savoir plus
  63. City of Horror

    City of Horror

    38,50 €


    City of Horror is a backstabbing survival-horror game. As in classic zombie movies, a shambling horde is invading the city. The goal is to survive the assault. (Un)fortunately, surviving often means sacrificing some of your fellow players to the undead...

    Each player controls several characters with different abilities; these characters can move to various limited-capacity locations, which they can then barricade and scavenge for items and weapons. Critical situations, such as zombies breaking in and eating a character, are resolved using vote.

    The basic game mechanisms are the same as in Mall of Horror (also designed by Nicolas Normandon), but City of Horror differs in both materials and game play in a number of ways: the city map changes each game, twenty characters are included, they can use antidotes (or die), action cards become scarce as the game goes on, you can gain points with other stuff than surviving characters... En savoir plus
  64. Saqqara


    Prix normal : 38,50 €

    Prix promotionnel : 32,50 €

    Welcome to Saqqara (Egypt), the date is about 2125 BC, just before the Heracleopolis revolt.

    Set in ancient Egypt in a time of chaos and revolts, Saqqara is a game with lots of bluffing, speculation and development for 3-5 players. The players assume the role of monarch in ancient Egypt and attempt to influence the country's government and economy. They send merchants to the market to collect goods to develop their province, recruit workers to build pyramids, and claim fertile land on the banks of the Nile. The player who succeeds in developing his province best by cunningly making use of the privileges of the pyramids and claiming a large area on the banks of the Nile wins the game and becomes Egypt's new leader.

    Watch out for beggars, thiefs and sneaky bluffing monarchs from other provinces. They want the same as you: power over Egypt. En savoir plus
  65. Mercurius


    28,50 €

    In Mercurius players take on the role of rich citizens in Holland in the 17th century. They invest their money in stocks of different branches of the East India Company or try to earn much more profit through risky trade in exotic goods. Players have their own information about activities in the far lands and about events which can influence prices at the market, but each of them sees only part of the picture, so they have to look at what other players are doing and which prices are influenced by them.

    Players have starting cash at the beginning of the game, along with five "changing prices" cards and four cards which allow them to take special actions during play. The game board shows prices for stocks of six branches of the East India Company and for six goods those branches trade. On a turn, a player can make up to three purchases or sales of stocks or goods as he wishes. He then plays one "changing prices" card from his hand. Each card changes the price of one stock and one good. Each card changes the prices three times, once on the turn it's played and on two consecutive turns. The tricky part is that cards move the value of goods twice as much as the value of stocks, so players can earn more by trading goods – but doing so is far more risky.

    Who will become the richest citizen of Holland and win the game? En savoir plus
  66. Spartacus: A Game of Blood & Treachery

    Spartacus: A Game of Blood & Treachery

    35,00 €


    In Spartacus: A Game of Blood & Treachery, an exciting game of twisted schemes and bloody combats inspired by the hit STARZ Original series, each player takes on the role of Dominus, head of a rising house in the ancient Roman city of Capua. Each house is competing for Influence to gain the favor of Rome. Through a combination of political schemes and glorious battles on the arena sands your house will rise in fame and stature. As Dominus, you have a variety of resources at your disposal. Guards protect you from schemes launched by rivals. Slaves run your household and earn gold. Gladiators compete to bring glory to themselves and influence to their Dominus.

    Three main phases occur in each game round of Spartacus: A Game of Blood & Treachery.

    The Intrigue Phase is when players launch their Schemes, hoping to raise their fortunes while undermining their rivals. Schemes and Reactions are represented by cards in the Intrigue Deck. Players wield their Influence to put their Schemes into play, often asking for (or bribing) another player’s help in hatching the most complex plots.

    The Market Phase is when players buy, sell and trade Assets (Gladiators, Slaves, Equipment and Guards). Players also bid against each other to acquire new Assets at Auction. Wealth is not the only path to success as players bluff and bargain with each other to acquire the Assets they covet.

    The Arena Phase is when the bloody games are held. Gladiators from two rival Houses are pitted against each other in a brutal fight for glory. The spectacles of the games are represented by miniature combat on the arena board. Fighters pit their Attack, Defense and Speed dice against one another to determine the victor. All players seek to increase their fortunes by betting on the outcome of the gruesome conflict. Fighters who emerge from the arena victorious gain Favor and their Dominus gain Influence.

    The goal of the game is to become the most influential house in Capua, securing your family’s power for years to come. During the game, players will bribe, poison, betray, steal, blackmail, and undermine each other. Gold will change hands again and again to buy support, stay someone’s hand or influence their decisions. Will you be the honorable player whose word is their bond or the treacherous schemer whose alliances change with the wind? En savoir plus
  67. Chicken Caesar

    Chicken Caesar

    46,00 €

    In Chicken Caesar, players represent aristocratic ancient Roman chicken families trying to create a legacy for their family name. Each family has several eligible roosters eager to jump into the world of politics, getting rich and creating a legacy by any means necessary.

    Roosters gain renown for their families by occupying various political offices. Low-ranking officers don't yield much fame, but they hold both the purse strings and the power of the sword. A few roosters in the lower offices of Aedile and Praetor, together with the votes of a few well-paid (and temporary) allies, can clear a path to the luxury and recognition that come with the titles of Censor, Consul, and even Caesar.

    Being Caesar isn't easy, though: fail to bribe and bargain to ensure the welfare of the whole coop and today's Caesar is tomorrow's Coq au Vin. Dead roosters don't earn any more points, but they do offer opportunities for their surviving relatives to exaggerate their accomplishments. All that matters, in the end, is history's judgment, and history can be rewritten.

    Mechanically, players gain and maintain areas of influence through negotiation and voting. The game features a Suffragium marker that players pass after voting to either promote a Rooster to a higher office, or throw him to the fox. Players can also strategically demand bribes for their votes or even refuse to vote (pass) to gain a later advantage.

    Murder, betrayal, votes for cash, fragile alliances, and bloody vendettas will separate the legendary families from the forgotten ones in the struggle to become – and remain – Chicken Caesar! En savoir plus
  68. Vegas Showdown

    Vegas Showdown

    39,50 €

    Players compete to build the most famous hotel/casino. Room tiles representing slot machines, lounges, restaurants, and other casino-related places appear on a central board and the players hold auctions to win the rights to have those rooms in their building, garnering them income, population, or fame. Bidding wars escalate, values fluctuate, and designers renovate until finally the hotel/casinos are put to the test to determine whose garners the most fame. En savoir plus
  69. Desperados


    30,50 €

    In Desperados, players are card sharpers, highwaymen or bank robbers who want to "earn" what they need to live out the rest of their lives in comfort. Well, most players fall into that category, but one takes the role of marshal and tries to keep the other players honest.

    During set-up, a money tile is placed in each bank, a poker tile in each city without a bank, and a stagecoach in a randomly-determined city. Each outlaw starts in a city, and the marshal has both a marshal token and a number of sheriffs equal to the number of outlaws, with these tokens starting wherever the marshal places them.

    The game lasts five turns, with five movement cards played by each player in each turn. Each player has an individual hand of movement cards, including a "Saloon" card that allows a player to stay in the same location. The marshal moves the stagecoach, moves each sheriff (or leaves them in place), then the marshal and the outlaws alternate laying five face-down movement cards. If an outlaw wants to take an action in a city – robbing a bank, a card game, or a stagecoach – he must show his location card to the marshal, then place his wooden disk on that location.

    Once all five movement cards have been placed, the players all reveal the first card and move their tokens. If the marshal is in the same city as an outlaw, that player is jailed and loses all movement and action for the remainder of the turn; that player also loses that movement card for the remainder of the game. If an outlaw is in a location with his action disk, he can take that action – as long as more outlaws are present than sheriffs. (Players pool their money, so there's no dispute over which outlaw robbed a place.)

    Once players finish their five movements, they pick up all their movement cards, the marshal replaces stolen tiles (and adds a second stagecoach in the second turn), and a new turn begins. If at the end of the game, the desperados have collected $4,000 or more per outlaw, then they win the game; otherwise the marshal wins as the outlaws – despite stealing huge amounts of funds – have not secured enough funds to guarantee their livelihood in their golden years. En savoir plus
  70. VivaJava: The Coffee Game

    VivaJava: The Coffee Game

    41,50 €


    VivaJava: The Coffee Game is all about finding that perfect blend of beans to create the next best-seller in the coffee houses and kitchens of the world.

    In the game, players send their researchers to hot spots around the globe to gather the perfect bean. This may bring them into contact with other players who are also on the hunt, creating a crucial choice: Go it alone and continue to research, or join forces with that opponent, hoping to combine beans from both player's bags and share the score with a superblend. Going it alone with research can often prove useful as players spend time in the lab developing abilities that grant them an advantage. However, in VivaJava the bold taste of victory will go only to those players who are able to balance solitary research with cooperation amongst their fellow gamers.

    The rich depth of varying strategies and social play will satisfy most players' thirst for unique gameplay, but VivaJava has even more brewing. This flexible game can accommodate up to 8 players, and through smooth simultaneous actions, play is quick and constant with little downtime. En savoir plus
  71. Mercante


    35,00 €


    In Mercante, you control one of these merchant houses. Deploy your trusted agents to purchase goods from arriving ships and sell them into the most profitable markets. You must also do more – from "enticing" senators to outright skulduggery – to claim your rightful place at the pinnacle of Tempest's merchant class. Do you have the business acumen and ruthlessness required to claw your way to the top?

    Designed for 3–5 players, Mercante is a game of economic warfare. At the beginning of the game, each player controls one warehouse and two agents. On each turn, goods are purchased at auction and stored in the warehouse to be sold at the various markets when the time is right.

    Players compete to accumulate crowns to finance their operations, and senatorial favors (victory points) to win the game. The player who accumulates the most money and favors will control all trade and profit in the City-State of Tempest! En savoir plus
  72. A Brief History of the World

    A Brief History of the World

    43,00 €


    A Brief History Of The World is just that: a sweeping ride through the history of mankind in the space of just a few hours. The game features fifty of the mightiest Empires ever known, from the dawn of Civilisation through to the Twentieth Century - Egypt, Assyria, Persia, Greece and Imperial Rome, the Huns and Mongols, the Arabs and the Ottoman Turks, the dynasties of China and kingdoms of India, Incas and Aztecs, Portugal and Spain, France, Britain, and Germany. Can you take on the mantle of Alexander or Caesar, Genghis Khan or Napoleon? Can you write your name into the pages of history and lead your Empires to victory? En savoir plus
  73. Space Cadets

    Space Cadets

    51,50 €

    It's your lifelong dream – to join the Star Patrol and be part of the crew of an interstellar Starship. You've worked hard, graduated from the academy, and received your first assignment as part of a team of young recruits, confident in your training and ready to be put to the test. Nothing can possibly go wrong as you are prepared for anything...

    You are the Space Cadets.

    Space Cadets is a fun and frantic cooperative game for 3-6 players who take on the roles of Bridge Officers of a Starship. Each officer must accomplish his specific task in order for the team to successfully complete the mission. En savoir plus
  74. Baltimore & Ohio

    Baltimore & Ohio

    49,50 €


    With a bright Peep from the whistle, a full Chuff from the pistons and a powerful Clank from the drivers, America's first steam locomotive moves down the steel rails of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad in Baltimore in 1830. This strategic railroad game extends from the first of America's railroads through the golden age of steam, where pioneering rail barons knit together the fledgling United States with iron roads, realizing the full power of the nation's mighty heartland. Each player takes the roles of railroad presidents and their wealthy investors, betting that their capital gambles will pay off handsomely. Baltimore and Ohio is not a game of luck or chance, but a competitive struggle of wits, savvy and guile. With the resources at hand, should you focus on further expansion, technological breakthroughs or emerging markets? This modern classic has all the challenges faced by the empire building capitalists that created a superpower. En savoir plus
  75. Five Points: Gangs of New York

    Five Points: Gangs of New York

    31,50 €


    Five Points: Gangs of New York is a game of struggle for political control of Manhattan in the mid-19th century. As the leader of a powerful political faction, you manipulate gangs and influence politicians behind the scenes to seize control. Effective use of your resources will gain influence, win elections, and let you control the destiny of New York; fail and you will be less than a footnote to history.

    Several tools lie at your disposal if you have the strength to acquire and use them. Your loyal rabble will execute your will. Controlling districts with your rabble could give you access to a limited number of important buildings: Tammany Hall, Board of Elections, 5th Ward Offices and many others. Your control of these buildings may provide influence and special powers. Bid for control of election-influencing manipulations that may swing the vote.

    In Manhattan, your burgeoning political machine may affect politics in America's great city for over 100 years. At the heart of this machine are the gangs of New York who enforce the will of the bosses and determine elections before the first vote is cast. En savoir plus
  76. Nothing Personal

    Nothing Personal

    59,50 €

    Nothing Personal is a game for 3-5 players. Players attempt to gain the most respect in five turns (five years) by amassing respect amongst the mafia through influence, negotiation, blackmail and bribery.

    Players take turns playing influence cards to take control of gangsters and work them up the chain of power. Each position and gangster has their own special abilities that give players the edge they need to accrue the respect they deserve - to become the Boss of Bosses. En savoir plus
  77. American Rails (Masterprint 10)

    American Rails (Masterprint 10)

    32,00 €

    In American Rails, each player assumes the role of a wealthy capitalist managing a portfolio of stocks and bonds in six fictional railroad companies. Through ruthless negotiation and rigorous planning, players struggle to increase the value of their holdings and reap the profits. The player with the most money at the end of the game will become the nation's first railroad baron and win the game.

    Part 10 in the Master Print series. En savoir plus
  78. Warlock  (Masterprint 11)

    Warlock (Masterprint 11)

    26,00 €

    A curse is cast on you, which transports you to the magical land of Norkobia. You wish to return to your earthly existence, but Lord Maldorf, ruler of Norkobia, will not let you go unless you meet his demands and build him an enormous empire.

    In Warlock, you must use the skills and powers of mythical creatures such as giants, wizards and gnomes to build your empire and thwart your opponents. Each card offers four possibilities, and by using your cards strategically, you can build the biggest empire, be released to return home, and win the game. En savoir plus
  79. Acquire (Damaged/Beschadigd)

    Acquire (Damaged/Beschadigd)

    Prix normal : 26,00 €

    Prix promotionnel : 24,00 €


    Acquire, qui est également connu sous le nom de Grand Hôtel et de Trust, est un jeu de placement unique.

    Vous achetez des actions de chaînes d'hôtel, pour toucher le jackpot lors de leur absorption par une chaîne plus importante.

    Ce jeu complexe est également très interactif. En savoir plus
  80. Infamy


    41,00 €

    In Infamy, players find that nearly anything can be bought for the right price. Players attempt to win the game by being the first to reach 15 Infamy points or by reaching the highest reputation level in any one of three factions: the Harada Cartel, the Trust Megacorp, or the PKD Militia. The core of this auction and influence game is the "Pay to Play" mechanism in which players must sacrifice bidding power in order to place any bids at all. Spend too much time bidding against an opponent, and your currency will dwindle – but if you refuse to bid, you'll be forced to watch your opponent acquire all those things that only the criminal underworld can deliver.

    Here at the end of the world, where everyone and everything has its price, there is but a single ambition that endures: Infamy. En savoir plus
  81. Trains and Stations

    Trains and Stations

    37,00 €

    In Trains and Stations, a new take on train games, players must make deliveries, develop buildings, and profit from their decisions while working with and against other players. Will you focus on establishing mining operations in an attempt to gain a monopoly on coal, silver and gold? Or perhaps you will focus on laying tracks across the landscape and helping other players move their goods – taking your cut, of course. Every game will evolve differently with unique twists and turns as you control the movement of goods across the game map! En savoir plus
  82. Karesansui - The Rock Garden

    Karesansui - The Rock Garden

    39,50 €

    As Grade Two monastery initiates in Karesansui – the cutthroat game of Zen gardening – it will be your great honor to tend the Masters' rock gardens. Each morning the Grade Ones arrive with rocks they've gathered, then haul away the rocks that you don't need anymore – but there aren't enough Grade One initiates to go around, so there will be competition for the best selection of rocks. The Grade Ones will give their new rocks to whoever gives them the fewest old rocks to haul away.

    Keep in mind while creating your garden, however, that certain combinations of rocks must be avoided! Every afternoon, the Feng Shui Masters come by to check your work. You'll receive demerits for any forbidden combinations – but you'll also receive demerits for your laziness if you don't add new stones each day, so you must find a balance.

    The Masters' final evaluation will come with no advance warning. The Initiate who has the fewest demerits will advance to Grade Three, while the one with the most demerits will be kicked down to Grade One, joining the others in the daily search for new rocks... En savoir plus
  83. New England Railways

    New England Railways

    49,50 €

    This, the second game in the Early Railways Series following Lancashire Railways is set in New England. The game's core mechanics include bidding for the right to build track and then shipping goods over that track to gain income.

    Mechanically, this game is identical to Lancashire Railways, though the map is naturally unique to this game. En savoir plus
  84. Vikings: Warriors of the North

    Vikings: Warriors of the North

    32,50 €

    In Vikings: Warriors of the North, players take the roles of Viking jarls, fighting for control over the North and the Konung Crown. The first one to pillage all of the villages and take the daughters of their thanes to his home port as warranty of recognition of jarls authority will be declared the winner. To do this, the jarls will have to brave the stormy northern seas, battling each other along the way, and watch out for the sea monster that lurks beneath the waves! The most cunning and vehement of them all – that is, the one who the Gods favor – will throw a great feast and become the Konung of the North. En savoir plus
  85. Sigismundus Augustus: Dei gratia rex Poloniae

    Sigismundus Augustus: Dei gratia rex Poloniae

    38,50 €


    Sigismundus Augustus: Dei gratia rex Poloniae is a board game for 3 to 5 players. During the game, each player rules one of the 16th-century noble families. The aim is to establish the position of the House in Rzeczpospolita and in the international arena. To gain more prestige than other players and win the game, each House has to fight for the influence in Sejm or for authority among neighbors, while also maintaining a strong and effective army.

    Famous families compete in a game for the title of the first magnate in Rzeczpospolita. Who meets the challenge gains eternal glory and enters the history books!
    En savoir plus
  86. Road Rally USA + promo sheet

    Road Rally USA + promo sheet

    31,50 €

    Do you feel the need for speed? If so, Road Rally USA has you covered! Simply pressing the accelerator is not enough, as you must be efficient, managing your fuel and coming in first at your optimal checkpoints to maximize your score. Thus, you need to race and maneuver to be in the proper position when scoring your checkpoints.

    Try as you might, it's impossible to maintain the lead throughout the race – and truth be told, while being first at the end of the race helps, placing first at your scoring locations is even more important. Every turn someone could trigger a scoring point. Where will you be as you and your opponents control which checkpoints will score and which get bypassed?

    Each racer plays from identical draw decks, playing multiple cards of the same color to provide a boost of speed. Beware as you may reshuffle your deck only at gas stations along the way, and when your hand or draw pile are depleted, you are in for trouble. Race smart and bring home the gold! En savoir plus
  87. 1853


    67,50 €

    This is the Indian sub-continent (British Imperial India) member of the 18xx family of games. It is billed as A game for engineers who've had enough of the financiers! It involves five-foot-six and metre gauges, hills, mountains and the Himalayas, contract bids and government mails. The technical challenges of building a railroad network in difficult country stand on a par with the financial market manipulation which usually dominates the 18xx games. En savoir plus
  88. Wildcatters


    52,50 €

    Maak deel uit van de booming business van de olie-industrie van de 19e eeuw! Dit roerige tijdperk werd gedomineerd door inventieve avonturiers die grote risico's durfden te nemen in hun zoektocht naar olie. Deze zogeheten "Wildcatters" hebben de loop van de geschiedenis veranderd met hun grensoverschrijdende ontdekkingen en prestaties.

    Nu is het jouw beurt om in hun voetsporen te treden en de hoofdrol op te eisen in de wereld van stoomlocomotieven, ijzeren olietankers en uitgestrekte olievelden. En savoir plus
  89. Francis Drake

    Francis Drake

    72,50 €

    Francis Drake is a race to see who can set sail and reach the Spanish Main first. The riches of the Aztec and Inca Empires await these swashbuckling captains. Many tough decisions must be made before each voyage:

    How many crew members, guns and trade goods will be needed?
    What supplies will be needed to reach deep into the Caribbean?
    Will a stronger galleon be needed to attack the treasure fleets?
    Can special charts from the Spanish Admiral and Governor help?
    Will the Queen or rich investors back the voyage?
    What information can the informer give?
    Will Drake himself be available to guide the voyage?
    Who will get the use of the Golden Hind?

    Each new voyage has its own challenges to overcome, but the captured gold, silver and jewels should greatly please the Queen. Get ready for the voyage of a lifetime! En savoir plus
  90. Francis Drake: Montezuma's Legacy Expansion

    Francis Drake: Montezuma's Legacy Expansion

    7,50 €

    Montezuma's Legacy is an Expansion to replace the Spanish Galleons and the Jewel accompanying the Spanish Galleon. The Jewel is replaced on each voyage with the Aztec Relic. If a galleon is captured, the relic goes in the player's treasure chest and it's scored at the end of the game. En savoir plus
  91. Francis Drake: Spain's Revenge Expansion

    Francis Drake: Spain's Revenge Expansion

    7,50 €


    Spain's Revenge is an Expansion set of tiles to replace the Spanish Troops and the Spanish Frigates to give more strength to the forts and the best admirals to guard the treasure fleet on the course toward the Spain. En savoir plus
  92. I'm the Boss!

    I'm the Boss!

    45,00 €

    I'm the Boss! has every player trying to make a deal. Up to fifteen deals can be made over the course of the game, but every player cannot be part of every deal. . . so let the negotiations and the FUN begin! Each player who is part of a successful deal will receive a certain amount of money. Just how much money they earn depends upon the deal agreed to between the players and the Boss for that round. Complications arise as each player uses their action cards to derail negotiations, insert themselves into a deal, take over the role of boss, and otherwise muck up the smooth flow of deal-making that other players had hoped to achieve. The action is lively and unscripted so make the best deal that you can! Once nine deals have been made, a die is rolled after each subsequent deal to determine if the game ends (with the odds increasing each time). Victory goes to whoever has the biggest bankroll. En savoir plus
  93. Justice League Strategy Game

    Justice League Strategy Game

    57,50 €

    DC Comics most celebrated super-hero team takes center stage in the newest strategy game from WizKids Games - Will you save the Earth... or conquer it?

    From his stronghold on Apokalips, Darkseid is moving his forces into position, preparing to seize control of the planet! Only the Justice League stands between him and total global dominion! Will they be able to defend the planet, or will it fall to the merciless minions of Apokalips?

    Play as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman or Cyborg, each with unique powers and abilities; or as Darkseid, the nigh-unstoppable super-villain. Using a unique carddriven system, each player selects the powers they wish to use without knowing what the opposition is up to!

    Justice League Strategy Game is a planet-wide secret war for control of the Earth. One player takes control of Darkseid and 2-4 other players play as members of the Justice League.

    The Justice League Strategy Game includes 5 character miniatures featuring SwitchClix technology; each character can be used in the Justice League Strategy Game AND in HeroClix tabletop games! En savoir plus
  94. Sons of Anarchy: Men of Mayhem

    Sons of Anarchy: Men of Mayhem

    42,50 €

    In Sons of Anarchy: Men of Mayhem, players take the role of rival biker gangs out to control territory to reap the monetary rewards of controlling contraband. With each turn, new tiles are laid, which represent new territory, and clubs attempt to control that space by placing members of their gang (represented by tokens of Members on bikes, and Prospects who are on foot) in that space. However, other players can challenge for right to territory, which will lead to conflict; negotiate, threaten and ally with rival gangs when it serves your needs, but be wary of the inevitable knife in the back. The game is about making and breaking alliances, and the gang with the most money at the end of six turns wins. En savoir plus
  95. Lords of Xidit

    Lords of Xidit

    42,50 €


    The Black Southern Host has arisen, corrupting the hearts of the indigenous creatures. Afflicted by a mysterious sickness, they are attacking human cities. The last remaining hope for restoring peace to Xidit lies with the Kingdom's noble heirs, the Idrakys. As one of them, you must roam the Kingdom recruiting brave soldiers and reclaiming threatened cities. Your bravery will not go unrewarded: accumulate wealth, send bards to sing your praises, and build Sorcerers' Guilds!

    Lords of Xidit features simultaneous programming and an elimination-based scoring system that leaves no room for complacency! In more detail, at the end of the game players compare their influence in one category and the player with the least influence is eliminated and his pieces removed from the board; players then compare influence in another category, with a player again being removed. The order of elimination is randomly determined at the start of play, forcing you to thinking in different ways each game.

    Prepare to ride out, Idrakys, and forge your legend! En savoir plus
  96. 27th Passenger: A Hunt On Rails + Screens and promo

    27th Passenger: A Hunt On Rails + Screens and promo

    35,00 €

    In 27th Passenger: A Hunt On Rails, for 3-6 players, you'll gather information to identify your opponents, use your scheming techniques to convince innocent passengers to stay or get off the train, keep a low profile when you see someone on your tail, and draw your weapon to take out a suspected opponent! But be careful — kill an innocent passenger and it's the bottom of the Hudson River for you.

    Will you make it to the last station? En savoir plus
  97. The Possession

    The Possession

    29,50 €


    The Possession is a game for 3 to 5 players in which time is against them. The evil is stalking you and each round the players could be possessed by it, and becoming one of the thirsty blood demons looking for living souls, the other players' souls!

    At the beginning of a round, all players roll a die: the more wounds you have, the more easily you become a possessed. Then players play an action card to indicate how many actions they can play and how much they risk suffering an evil event. This risk is higher in the cards that give more actions.

    When a player finds enough pages from the book of the dead and burns them in an altar, before the evil owns all players, he becomes the winner. By using the action points, players can cover the house looking for the pages as well as objects, weapons, and keys to get into the basement and attic-; they can also rest in order to get back the action cards played and heal wounds to keep alive.

    A possessed player must attack his friends so that the evil inside him feeds of his crime and not with his soul. He will be able to smash doors, escape for windows to get inside in other rooms and so, surprise another players. He will have more action points depending on his possessing level.

    The other players can attack the possessed ones. The only way to stop them is dismembering them completely — but these amputated members will be wandering around ready to claw and strangle whoever gets close enough... En savoir plus
  98. Chinatown


    33,50 €

    New York in de jaren zestig. Een nieuwe golf chinese immigranten komt in Chinatown aan. De invoering van de nieuwe immigratiewet veroorzaakt een ware bevolkingsexplosie in de wijk! Chinatown strekt zich nu uit van Canal Street in het noorden tot Bowery Street in het oosten. De immigranten, hardwerkende mannen en vrouwen, komen met duizenden tegelijk aan om panden op te kopen, bedrijven op te starten en de American Dream in vervulling te laten gaan.
    In dit spel ben je een van hen. Met jouw spaargeld ligt de Big Apple voor het grijpen. Weet jij je talenten in te zetten om het grootste fortuin in America op te bouwen? En savoir plus
  99. Tammany Hall

    Tammany Hall

    55,00 €

    "The way to have Power is to take it" - William "Boss" Tweed

    Tammany Hall is a game of backstabbing, corruption, temporary alliances, and taking power at all costs. If you want to rule New York, you are going to need to play the city's growing immigrant populations against one another. Help the immigrant groups who owe you political favors, call in those favors to slander your rivals, and win elections.

    In Tammany Hall, players help immigrants settle in New York, collect political favors from those immigrant groups, send ward bosses into Manhattan to secure votes, and slander political opponents. An election is held at the end of every fourth year, and the player who uses his power base best will be elected mayor. The Mayor's grip on the city is tenuous at best. After every election, the Mayor must pay off his political rivals by placing them in offices that they can wield to try to take control of the city. Every player is your friend, every player is your enemy.

    Tammany Hall was the political machine that dominated New York City politics by organizing the immigrant populations. While the organization's influence spanned from its founding in the 1790s to its collapse in the 1960s, this game is set in lower Manhattan roughly between 1850 and 1870 – the era of Boss Tweed. En savoir plus
  100. Black Fleet

    Black Fleet

    42,50 €


    Pirates, merchants, and even the occasional captain of a Navy ship all seek glory and fortune on the Caribbean seas!

    In the easy-to-play, tactical card-driven board game Black Fleet, you're in command of three different types of ships: your merchant ship earns you doubloons by conveying goods from one port to another, your pirate ship by attacking and stealing goods from merchants and burying them on islands, and the Navy ships by sinking your opponents' pirate ships. With your (not-always-honestly-won) money, you'll improve your ships by buying advancement cards, giving you powerful additional abilities.

    Outwit your opponents with fortune cards and combos, earn money faster than they do, and pay the ransom for the governor's daughter to win the game! En savoir plus
  101. Antike II

    Antike II

    40,50 €


    Antike II is a challenging strategy game about evolution and competition among ancient civilizations. Ancient nations create cities, build temples, sail the seas, and discover new principles of science and technology. Their legions and galleys open new settlements and defend their people against attacks from their enemies. Two scenarios can be chosen as the game board is two-sided. En savoir plus
  102. Sheriff of Nottingham

    Sheriff of Nottingham

    35,00 €

    In Sheriff of Nottingham, players will not only be able to experience Nottingham as a merchant of the city, but each turn one player will step into the shoes of the Sheriff himself. Players declare goods they wish to bring into the city, goods that are secretly stored in their burlap sack. The Sheriff must then determine who gets into the city with their goods, who gets inspected, and who may have their goods confiscated!

    Do you have what it takes to be seen as an honest merchant? Will you make a deal with the Sheriff to let you in? Or will you persuade the Sheriff to target another player while you quietly slip by the gate? Declare your goods, negotiate deals, and be on the lookout for the Sheriff of Nottingham!
    En savoir plus
  103. Game of Thrones: Het Bordspel - Tweede Editie NL

    Game of Thrones: Het Bordspel - Tweede Editie NL

    39,50 €

    Nederlandstalige uitgave van het populaire A Game of Thrones Boardgame Second Edition, gebaseerd op de best-selling novelserie A Song of Ice and Fire van George R. R. Martin. In dit bordspel kruipen 3-6 spelers in de rol van leiders van de grootste facties van de wereld Westeros in de strijd om de Iron Throne.

    In deze Tweede Editie van het bekende bordspel zijn veel verbeteringen verwerkt, waardoor je meer dan ooit het gevoel krijgt deel uit te maken van A Game of Thrones. Het spel bevat alle elementen voor de ultieme strijd zoals legers met belegeringstorens, havens, garnizoenen en Wildlingkaarten. Verder zijn er volledig nieuwe toevoegingen; handige speelschermen verbergen je plannen en de “Kentering in de strijd” kaarten zorgen ervoor dat elk gevecht onvoorziene wendingen met zich meebrengt. En savoir plus
  104. Sons of Anarchy Men of Mayhem Grim Bastards Club Expansion

    Sons of Anarchy Men of Mayhem Grim Bastards Club Expansion

    17,50 €

    Sons of Anarchy: Men of Mayhem – Grim Bastards Club Expansion introduces 'The Grim Bastards' Motorcycle Club to your games of Sons of Anarchy: Men of Mayhem, allowing up to 5 players to play at once (or 6 players if you already own the Sons of Anarchy: Men of Mayhem – Calaveras).

    It includes everything you need to add one additional player to your game, including 'The Grim Bastards' Clubhouse Card, 1 Player Blind, 10 Plastic Dudes (Orange), 87 Additional Tokens (Money, Actions, Heat), 1 Custom Dice, Rules and Black Market Reference Cards for 3/4 & 5/6 Players.
    En savoir plus
  105. Captains of Industry

    Captains of Industry

    63,00 €

    As a captain of industry in the suitably titled game Captains of Industry, you will vie for domination in the cutthroat arena of the marketplace. To do this, you will:
    • Build facilities to control supply,
    • Develop real estate to manipulate demand,
    • Invest in technology to increase efficiency,
    • Complete hidden agendas to secure your legacy, and
    • Undercut the competition to dominate the marketplace!

    You will depend on your opponents to fuel your expansion as they exploit your production for theirs. Supply and demand are king in this player-driven marketplace!
    En savoir plus
  106. Homeland: The Game

    Homeland: The Game

    44,50 €

    Homeland: The Game is a semi-cooperative game of intrigue, deception and hidden agendas. Players assume the roles of CIA analysts, directing agency resources to combat the rising tide of global terrorism. Be warned, not everyone is what they seem.

    •Stay Alert: New threats are constant. Every card played matters. Any action could be the difference between stability and catastrophe.
    •Be Vigilant: Use every tool at your disposal to stop impending terrorist threats. Deploy soldiers, insert agents and recruit key assets to neutralize imminent dangers and keep the nation safe.
    •Trust No One: Not everyone is what they seem. Watch your rival's actions carefully to try to decipher if they are working against you!

    Homeland: The Game draws 3 to 6 players into its web of espionage and paranoia. As the pressure mounts, will your actions tip the balance towards national security or global chaos?
    En savoir plus
  107. Godz


    21,50 €

    A new world is about to arise. A horde of GodZ are battling to be the most powerful deity of the pantheon: Will you play the role of Tud, God of Mountains, Mud and Ugly Snouts? Or will you dwell in the ocean bottom with Glu, God of the Sea, of Fried Fish and of Octoguys? Whichever god you are going to incarnate, you will lay the foundations of your brand new cult, creating life, building temples and guiding your mighty Avatar amongst mortals. Lead your followers in epic, god-sized battles, and become the most powerful of the GodZ!

    In GodZ, players take control of one of the deities of the world of Super Fantasy: Ugly Snouts Assault. The game takes place on a modular, hexed board that is built up by players as the game proceeds. Victory can be achieved in different ways: controlling regions, conquering cities, fighting, building, or being adored by huge amounts of followers.

    The heart of the game is the action system, based on a mechanism that allows players to perform miracles and actions, and even to directly score points, choosing their priorities carefully each turn: the more powerful their actions, the fewer points they will score when their followers pray. En savoir plus
  108. Space Cadets: Resistance Is Mostly Futile

    Space Cadets: Resistance Is Mostly Futile

    31,00 €

    Space Cadets: Resistance Is Mostly Futile is the first expansion for the original Space Cadets game.

    A variety of new missions, map obstacles, and enemies are included to challenge both novice and veteran crews. Even missions for just two players! Blast parasites, save a space station and stop the mighty Star Kraken, an enemy unlike any you have faced before.

    Also Cadets, be sure to welcome your new crew mate, the Science Officer! Any difficulty can be bested with one of his helpful inventions... If only they weren't made of parts of the ship.

    Survive lasers and tentacles and the well-meaning Science Officer tearing apart your ship and prove that you deserve the title of a true Space Cadet! En savoir plus
  109. Sons of Anarchy: Men of Mayhem – Calaveras Club Expansion

    Sons of Anarchy: Men of Mayhem – Calaveras Club Expansion

    17,50 €

    Sons of Anarchy: Men of Mayhem – Calaveras Club Expansion introduces the 'Calaveras' Motorcycle Club to your games of Sons of Anarchy: Men of Mayhem, allowing up to 5 players to play at once (or 6 players if you already own the Sons of Anarchy: Men of Mayhem – Grim Bastards Club Expansion).

    It includes everything you need to add one additional player to your game, including the 'Calaveras' Clubhouse Card, 1 Player Blind, 10 Plastic Dudes (White), 87 Additional Tokens (Money, Actions, Heat), 1 Custom Dice and Rules.


    + The Calaveras Club Expansion also includes the Black Market 3/4 Player Reference Card missing from many first print copies of the base game. En savoir plus
  110. Metal Adventures

    Metal Adventures

    37,00 €

    Space pirates are battling for honor, glory and wealth! Join them in their exploration of the universe and their quest for victory. Players will explore, challenge each others, and engage in short-term or long-term alliances, but there will be battles and mighty spaceships involved. In Metal Adventures, you'll use cards to explore, enhance your ship and your crew, and live up to bold challenges. There will be negotiations, battle tactics, and the uncertainty and risk that really make a pirate's life.

    During the game, each player uses a fancy four-wheeled astrolabe to track their power (which can be improved via equipment), damage (which reduces power), glory (which is how players win), and the "judgement of pirates" (which affects glory).

    On a turn, a player either rests (gaining money and repairing their ship) or else travels (paying to do so), battles (either starships, planets or opponents), and optionally takes the "tour of pirates", visiting one of the ten planets in the game and taken the action available there. Each player holds two trophy cards, and when they meet the conditions on one of them, they can reveal it to earn credits, glory or both. They can gain support (single-use cards) and equipment (providing power adjustments and possibly other special abilities), keeping at most four of these improvement cards at a time.

    Players can negotiate alliances and trade anything but glory, and while they must keep their word for immediate exchanges and actions, they can break promises or alliances in later turns, although doing so requires them to suffer the "judgement of pirates", thereby affecting their glory count. Collect four such points, and they can no longer ally with other players or give or receive assistance.

    When a player has nine or more glory points or the space deck contains two or fewer cards, the game ends and whoever has the most glory wins. En savoir plus
  111. Dark Moon

    Dark Moon

    64,00 €

    WELCOME TO DARK MOON. The Noguchi Masaki interplanetary mining corporation welcomes you to its outpost on Titan, the dark moon of Saturn! You will be joining an experienced crew of miners, technicians, and adventurous souls who live to experience all the wonders that our solar system has to offer. Purpose, loyalty, camaraderie, friendship, and sacrifice all await you as a new and valued member of the Noguchi Masaki family!

    DARK MOON (formerly known as BSG Express), is a game of deception and betrayal at the cold edge of space.
    You are a crew member on a deep space mining expedition to Titan, the dark moon of Saturn. During a routine excavation, an “incident” occurs whereby some of the crew become infected with an unknown virus, and become paranoid, deceitful, and violent, trying to destroy the others.

    At the start of the game, players are divided into two teams: Uninfected and Infected. The Uninfected team simply needs to survive until the end of the game, while the Infected team secretly attempts to destroy them. Each player knows which team they are on, but does not know which team the other players are on! Who is your teammate and who is your enemy? Can you trust your best friend? And why doesn’t anyone trust you when you tell them you’re one of the good guys?!
    Roll dice, overcome traumatic events, throw your friends in quarantine when you don’t believe them, and (if you’re Infected) betray everyone at just the right moment to secure victory! En savoir plus
  112. Kingsport Festival

    Kingsport Festival

    59,00 €

    That flaming column was spouting volcanically. The combustion does not lay warmth, but only the clamminess of death and corruption. – The Festival, H.P. Lovecraft, 1923

    In the unimaginable darkness of Kingsport, silent wanderers are called to a profane celebration. Their goal: to invoke unthinkable horrors! A dread terror that is not of this world or any other — but rather from the spaces between the stars — demands your submission. Meanwhile, unwary investigators vainly attempt to halt this appalling chapter in the dark history of Arkham.

    As the high priest of one of these shadowy cults, you must dominate the city. You will invoke cosmic creatures and unholy gods to receive their "gifts", but you must take care to preserve your sanity and thwart the investigators who seek to stop you. This time, you are the bad guys. Why settle for the lesser evil?

    Kingsport Festival, a game of bizarre cults set in the terrifying world of Howard Philips Lovecraft, lasts 12 rounds, each divided into six phases. All Cultists roll their dice and the one that rolled the lowest sum will play first and so on, then (in turn order) each one may invoke an Elder God by using one or more of his dice, where the sum of their values is exactly equal to the number of the Elder God, or pass. Once all the dice are placed or players have passed, in ascending order, the Elder Gods give their gifts to the Cultists who invoked them: the Cultists may have to lose Sanity points to receive the rewards. After Cultists have taken their dice back, in turn order each one may place his disk on one Building that is connected to another one he has already marked (starting from the House). To do so, he must pay the Domain resources required.

    In turns marked with a blue marker on the Calendar, a Raid takes place: first the Event card and then the Investigator card is revealed. Each Cultist calculates his Strength by adding up any modifiers he has due to Spells, Buildings, and other game effects (such as Events, Scenarios, etc.). If his strength is greater, the Cultist receives rewards; if is less, he suffers the penalty.

    The game ends after the twelfth round is played. If the Scenario has a Festival card, it is revealed and its effects resolved at this time.
    The Cultist who has the most Cult points is the winner. En savoir plus
  113. Star Trek Five Year Mission

    Star Trek Five Year Mission

    35,00 €

    Star Trek: Five-Year Mission is a cooperative dice placement game for 3-7 players who take the roles of crew members of either the USS Enterprise (from the original Star Trek series) or the USS Enterprise-D (from Star Trek: The Next Generation). Each crew member has a different ability and the crew’s abilities differ for each crew.

    In these roles, players try to cooperatively solve a series of blue (easy), yellow (medium) and red (difficult) alerts to score points, attempting one of 6 different difficulty levels to win before failing five such alerts, or the Enterprise being destroyed. Players must deal with injuries which lock dice out of play, ship damage that can force players to attempt harder alerts, urgent events that must be completed in 3 minutes, the prime directive, as well as yellow and red alerts that force additional alerts cards to come into play pushing you closer to failing. En savoir plus
  114. Xia: Legends of a Drift System

    Xia: Legends of a Drift System

    99,00 €


    Xia: Legends of a Drift System is a 3-5 player sandbox style competitive space adventure. Each player starts as a lowly but hopeful captain of a small starship.

    Players fly their ships about the system, completing a variety of missions, exploring new sectors and battling other ships. Navigating hazardous environments, players choose to mine, salvage, or trade valuable cargo. Captains vie with each other for Titles, riches, and most importantly Fame.

    The most adaptive, risk taking, and creative players will excel. One captain will rise above the others, surpassing mortality by becoming Legend!

    Customize: Each player begins the game by choosing and customizing a Tier 1 starship. Invest all your money in engines and be a rapid, yet fragile, explorer. Put all your credits into an uber missile and watch other players flee in terror. Get a small engine and save space and credits to invest in buying and selling cargo. Or create a well rounded ship, ready for anything. In Xia, the choice is always yours.

    Adapt: The goal of Xia is to become the most famous captain. Completing missions, besting ships in combat, purchasing higher tier ships, selling Cargo Cubes and claiming Titles are all ways that players can earn Fame Points. The best pilots will adapt to their surroundings, making snap judgments and changing plans on-the-fly. If you can think on your feet, you'll do well in Xia!

    Sandbox: The real fun of Xia is that each game will be different. There is no set direction of play, players may choose to be peaceful traders, fierce pirates, workers, miners, opportunists, etc. The game board is randomly laid out and explored each time you play. Players might choose not to explore at all, creating a tiny arena for swift and deadly combat, or explore all 19 sectors and have a large play-scape to exploit. It's up to you! En savoir plus
  115. Xia: Legends of a Drift System (Damaged)

    Xia: Legends of a Drift System (Damaged)

    Prix normal : 99,00 €

    Prix promotionnel : 90,00 €


    Xia: Legends of a Drift System is a 3-5 player sandbox style competitive space adventure. Each player starts as a lowly but hopeful captain of a small starship.

    Players fly their ships about the system, completing a variety of missions, exploring new sectors and battling other ships. Navigating hazardous environments, players choose to mine, salvage, or trade valuable cargo. Captains vie with each other for Titles, riches, and most importantly Fame.

    The most adaptive, risk taking, and creative players will excel. One captain will rise above the others, surpassing mortality by becoming Legend!

    Customize: Each player begins the game by choosing and customizing a Tier 1 starship. Invest all your money in engines and be a rapid, yet fragile, explorer. Put all your credits into an uber missile and watch other players flee in terror. Get a small engine and save space and credits to invest in buying and selling cargo. Or create a well rounded ship, ready for anything. In Xia, the choice is always yours.

    Adapt: The goal of Xia is to become the most famous captain. Completing missions, besting ships in combat, purchasing higher tier ships, selling Cargo Cubes and claiming Titles are all ways that players can earn Fame Points. The best pilots will adapt to their surroundings, making snap judgments and changing plans on-the-fly. If you can think on your feet, you'll do well in Xia!

    Sandbox: The real fun of Xia is that each game will be different. There is no set direction of play, players may choose to be peaceful traders, fierce pirates, workers, miners, opportunists, etc. The game board is randomly laid out and explored each time you play. Players might choose not to explore at all, creating a tiny arena for swift and deadly combat, or explore all 19 sectors and have a large play-scape to exploit. It's up to you! En savoir plus
  116. Nothing Personal: Associates

    Nothing Personal: Associates

    17,50 €


    Nothing Personal: Associates adds yet more gangsters to your copy of Nothing Personal as well as new gameplay elements. En savoir plus
  117. Nothing Personal: Power & Influence

    Nothing Personal: Power & Influence

    17,50 €


    Nothing Personal: Power & Influence adds a whole new rogues' gallery of respectable members of society to enhance your game! Whether you're on the hunt for new gamblers or thugs, you can be sure that Power & Influence will make your Nothing Personal experience that little bit more backstabby... En savoir plus
  118. Kansas Pacific

    Kansas Pacific

    43,00 €

    David V. H. Peters' Kansas Pacific is a no-luck tactical train game that was released as one of the games in the Winsome Games 2009 Essen Set. In this game, players are purchasing auctioned shares to run or share in the profits of one of six railroads that begin on the Eastern edge of Kansas. The railroads gain income by passing through a variety of Kansas cities and towns, with sizable income available for those that go through Wichita or Topeka. Additionally, there is an additional mechanism and incentive for furthering the railroads westward: the Western quarter of the state is a 'land grant' area where the railroads can gain additional track cubes, and rail lines that reach the Colorado border receive a sizable income bonus. When the game ends, the player with the most cash on hand is the winner. En savoir plus
  119. Dogs of War

    Dogs of War

    59,50 €

    Dogs of War is an elegant game set in a steampunk-influenced renaissance universe. Noble houses engage each other in a series of fierce battles, and it's up to the players and the Dogs of War they control to deploy their private armies in support of whatever house they wish to favor. Clockwork knights and imposing war machines shift the tides of war as they enter the battlefields, but the interest of their Dog of War captains actually lie in the rewards offered by each noble house to its supporters. Each Dog of War has a special ability that helps them claim influence, win battles, or betray the house to which they've sworn allegiance!

    Dogs of War is not a game of pure military power, but rather a game in which deception and betrayal often lead the way to a decisive victory. The goal for the Dogs of War is to earn the most power by the end of the game. Thanks to thoughtful game design and development, there are many ways to achieve this, like defeating other captains in battle, getting rewards from the Houses you help, amassing gold and troops, and most importantly, gaining influence with the most successful Houses. En savoir plus
  120. Moongha Invaders

    Moongha Invaders

    60,00 €

    It's just another day, get up, wash, go to work. What's different is that today the Earth has been invaded by aliens – it's just that nobody knows it yet. Deep underground mad scientists are raising monsters from the planet Moongha. Once fully formed they will emerge to spread terror and destruction. Cities will be laid waste to, and the human race will be hunted to extinction.

    Through the sewers oozes the Bloob, quietly growing in size. The Drakoor, alien vampires, stalk the night, feeding off the unwary. Meanwhile, the strongest of the Moongha invaders, Mechoor, sucks in energy from the earth. Once sated it will rise to destroy whole cities with its heat ray. These are just a few of the monsters that will terrorise the people of Earth.

    It can only be hoped that just as in the movies there's a hero around who can thwart their evil plans; otherwise there will be no more "just another day"s for anybody! But who's behind those evil plans? You! You are one of those sadistic, power-thirsty, psycho nerds, eager for revenge after a whole life of study, disregarded by everyone. All of you have received a visit from a mysterious flying saucer, carrying strange alien machinery – an engine that finally brought you POWER! And now you are ready to fight your insane struggle to be the first in destroying the human race. This time no "Klaatu barada nikto!" will stop you...

    Moongha Invaders: Mad Scientists and Atomic Monsters Attack the Earth! is for three to four players and should take about ninety minutes to play. You have control of a number of different types of Moongha monsters. When you sit down to play, the side of the board closest to you is your monster display. There you will see the seven different types of monster. You will place your monster counters in these boxes. Note that some monster types have more than one counter.

    The game lasts either eight or nine turns, depending on the number of players, although it may end before then if a player manages to get down all twenty of their damage cubes.

    At the start of each turn a random number of actions are made available. Three of these actions relate to the monsters and allow you to create, attack, and move them. These actions are represented by orange, white, and purple tokens. There are three human action boxes, one that allows you to place a hero, the other two allow you to place military counters.

    To create a monster you have to place a certain number of orange tokens in the monster box. Once the monster has been created you place it in one of the twelve cities on the board. When you do so, you place the monster on its hidden side. The monster is alive but as yet the world does not know of its presence. While hidden a monster is safe from attack and can build up its strength so that when it does attack it will cause carnage. Another player may attempt to reveal your monster by placing a hero counter in the same city.

    Military units will try to destroy monsters. When you place a military unit or a hero, you can then attack with all military counters in that city. When a monster attacks a city, armor units will attack it first, then after that attack has been completed, any surviving infantry units will attack. All combat involves rolling dice and in all cases a roll of four or more is successful.

    Each monster type has its own special abilities. Only three monsters are powerful enough to destroy entire cities; these are the Bloob, Mechoor, and Moogre. When you attack a city, you mark the damage you do with your colored cubes. At the end of the game, players score victory points depending on how many damage cubes they have in each city. Players also score points for the cities that were randomly assigned to them at the beginning of the game, depending on how much damage they have suffered. Points can also be scored for having vampires on the board and for killing other monsters with your Moogre monster. En savoir plus
  121. Moongha Invaders (Damaged/Schade)

    Moongha Invaders (Damaged/Schade)

    Prix normal : 60,00 €

    Prix promotionnel : 55,00 €

    It's just another day, get up, wash, go to work. What's different is that today the Earth has been invaded by aliens – it's just that nobody knows it yet. Deep underground mad scientists are raising monsters from the planet Moongha. Once fully formed they will emerge to spread terror and destruction. Cities will be laid waste to, and the human race will be hunted to extinction.

    Through the sewers oozes the Bloob, quietly growing in size. The Drakoor, alien vampires, stalk the night, feeding off the unwary. Meanwhile, the strongest of the Moongha invaders, Mechoor, sucks in energy from the earth. Once sated it will rise to destroy whole cities with its heat ray. These are just a few of the monsters that will terrorise the people of Earth.

    It can only be hoped that just as in the movies there's a hero around who can thwart their evil plans; otherwise there will be no more "just another day"s for anybody! But who's behind those evil plans? You! You are one of those sadistic, power-thirsty, psycho nerds, eager for revenge after a whole life of study, disregarded by everyone. All of you have received a visit from a mysterious flying saucer, carrying strange alien machinery – an engine that finally brought you POWER! And now you are ready to fight your insane struggle to be the first in destroying the human race. This time no "Klaatu barada nikto!" will stop you...

    Moongha Invaders: Mad Scientists and Atomic Monsters Attack the Earth! is for three to four players and should take about ninety minutes to play. You have control of a number of different types of Moongha monsters. When you sit down to play, the side of the board closest to you is your monster display. There you will see the seven different types of monster. You will place your monster counters in these boxes. Note that some monster types have more than one counter.

    The game lasts either eight or nine turns, depending on the number of players, although it may end before then if a player manages to get down all twenty of their damage cubes.

    At the start of each turn a random number of actions are made available. Three of these actions relate to the monsters and allow you to create, attack, and move them. These actions are represented by orange, white, and purple tokens. There are three human action boxes, one that allows you to place a hero, the other two allow you to place military counters.

    To create a monster you have to place a certain number of orange tokens in the monster box. Once the monster has been created you place it in one of the twelve cities on the board. When you do so, you place the monster on its hidden side. The monster is alive but as yet the world does not know of its presence. While hidden a monster is safe from attack and can build up its strength so that when it does attack it will cause carnage. Another player may attempt to reveal your monster by placing a hero counter in the same city.

    Military units will try to destroy monsters. When you place a military unit or a hero, you can then attack with all military counters in that city. When a monster attacks a city, armor units will attack it first, then after that attack has been completed, any surviving infantry units will attack. All combat involves rolling dice and in all cases a roll of four or more is successful.

    Each monster type has its own special abilities. Only three monsters are powerful enough to destroy entire cities; these are the Bloob, Mechoor, and Moogre. When you attack a city, you mark the damage you do with your colored cubes. At the end of the game, players score victory points depending on how many damage cubes they have in each city. Players also score points for the cities that were randomly assigned to them at the beginning of the game, depending on how much damage they have suffered. Points can also be scored for having vampires on the board and for killing other monsters with your Moogre monster. En savoir plus
  122. M.U.L.E. The Board Game

    M.U.L.E. The Board Game

    51,00 €

    M.U.L.E. was first published as a computer game in 1983. Inspired by board games, it became a breakthrough, then a classic. Now this warm-hearted game of cut-throat capitalism is finally available as a board game!

    In M.U.L.E. The Board Game, you are one of the pioneering and industrious species of a Galactic Federation. Together with your fellow colonists, you attempt to settle the distant Planet Irata with the so-called help of a mule-like machine you all learn to hate. But for now, he's all you've got. Well, him and your fellow colonists. I wouldn't count on their help, though — not unless there's profit. Good luck. You'll need it.

    In M.U.L.E. (abbreviated from “Multiple Use Labor Element”), players claim plots of land and install mechanical robots (M.U.L.E.s) to work on them. M.U.L.E.s produce goods that colonists can use, sell for profit or stockpile for (hopefully) even more profit:
    - Smithore is a metal that cannot be used by players directly, but can be sold to The Store. The Store uses Smithore to manufacture M.U.L.E.s. Since players need M.U.L.E.s to produce their Goods, they must sell Smithore to increase their production.
    - Crystite is a luxury mineral with a highly volatile price. It is not needed for anything on Planet Irata, but can be exported to other worlds for great profits (unless stolen by Pirates – you have been warned!)
    - Food is needed by players to take Development Actions, such as Assaying Lands or Installing/Refitting M.U.L.E.s.
    - Energy is needed to power M.U.L.E.s. You'll know the value of Energy when you lack it.

    There will be unexpected surpluses and shortages of different goods, causing market prices to fluctuate. Players must plan ahead while maintaining flexibility to change their plans as all kinds ”fun” planetary disasters hit them. Interaction between colonists is highly opportunistic: they will gladly help you if there's profit in it for them. Or maybe not. You'll get to see the true color of your friends by playing M.U.L.E. with them. The most cunning settler and trader receives fame, fortune, and the honorary title of First Founder! There is also an overall Colony Retirement score, describing how your colony succeeded (or failed) as a whole. En savoir plus
  123. Code of Nine

    Code of Nine

    37,50 €

    The world is in ruin. Humankind is but a distant memory, and only now have you awoken. You are an automaton in possession of several fragments that once held the will of the human race. The other fragments lie in the hands of your fellow automatons. You must investigate and piece together these fragments so that you alone may fulfill the final will of humanity.

    Code of Nine — first released as Old World And Code Of Nine or OWACON — is a card-based board game in which the goal is to puzzle together long-gone memories. Players battle for victory points (VPs), but what will generate VPs is decided by eight so-called memory cards that are dealt at the start of the game, with each player getting to look at only two of these.

    Each round, players choose actions that gain certain items such as coins, books, statues or legacies, or perhaps to peek at the other players' memory cards.

    After five rounds, the score is calculated, and whoever has the most points wins. En savoir plus
  124. Namibia


    37,50 €

    In Namibia, players represent mining corporations who are looking to mine commodities - diamonds, gold, silver and copper - and attempt to transport them to ports to sell at the highest possible price. In order to achieve their aims, players have to bribe (via an auction) colonial government officials who control access to the interior and to the ports.

    Access to the interior allows a player to develop the country’s rail infrastructure which is required to move commodities to ports in order to sell and make money. And money buys reputation, which gets more expensive to acquire as the game goes on. Players also need to construct and complete their mines and prospect for ore.

    However, too much bribery leads to a decrease in reputation which affects a player’s position at the end of the game, but limited access to the transport and shipping infrastructure will seriously impact a player’s ability to make money.

    Selecting the right time to ship and sell is the key, because the market can be manipulated by other players. The winner will be the player who can make loads of money while keeping a good market reputation. The player with the highest reputation wins. En savoir plus
  125. Amon-Ra (Beschadigd/Damaged)

    Amon-Ra (Beschadigd/Damaged)

    Prix normal : 19,50 €

    Prix promotionnel : 14,00 €


    De beaux terrains prometteurs, fertiles, au bord du Nil! Soit mais tout reste à construire: il va falloir embaucher des paysans pour les cultiver, acheter des pierres pour bâtir des pyramides et tout cela en tenant compte des chameaux, du cour de la pierre, des contraintes architecturales et surtout des dieux, en particulier Amun Ré. En savoir plus
  126. Sheriff of Nottingham Play Mat

    Sheriff of Nottingham Play Mat

    16,00 €

    Sheriff of Nothingham Play Mat En savoir plus
  127. Star Trek Catan

    Star Trek Catan

    29,00 €

    Star Trek: Catan takes two well-known media properties and merges them into, well, into something that is 95% The Settlers of Catan glossed with Trek tropes and spiced with a Trek-themed version of a mini-expansion previously only available in German.

    In Star Trek: Catan, players start the game with two small Outposts at the intersection of three planets, with each planet supplying resources based on the result of a dice roll. Players collect and trade these resources – dilithium, tritanium, food, oxygen and water – in order to build Starships that connect regions in the galaxy, establish more Outposts and Starbases (upgraded Outposts) at new intersection points in order to increase resource acquisition, and acquire Development Cards that provide Victory Points (VPs) or special abilities.

    On a dice roll of 7, a Klingon ship swoops in to prevent resource production on one planet while taxing spacegoers who hold too many resources.

    Star Trek: Catan differs from the basic Settlers in one aspect: a set of Support Cards formerly available only in German as Catan Scenarios: Helpers of Catan. Each Support Card features a special ability and one of Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Sulu, Scott, Uhura, Chekov, Chapel, Rand, or Sarek. Some special abilities make basic actions better, such as reducing the costs of Starbase upgrades or allowing the player to trade a resource of their choice at 2:1 for a turn, while others break rules, such as protecting the player from discarding on a 7 or producing a resource when the player rolls a number that wouldn't otherwise produce for them. Players get a specific Support Card during setup based on turn order, with later players getting generally more useful abilities to compensate for early player advantage. When a player uses a Support Card ability for the first time, they may trade it in for a Support Card of their choice or keep it for a second use, but they may only trade immediately after use. En savoir plus
  128. Booze Barons

    Booze Barons

    37,50 €

    Booze Barons is a quick, team-based hidden identity and deduction game set during U.S. Prohibition where you are bootlegging a particular type of booze and secretly delivering it to speakeasies all over the city. Each time you make a delivery, you get a coin, but also reveal information about the type of booze you are bootlegging. Expose bootleggers of opposing mobs and help those who are in your mob since the mob with the most coins at the end wins! En savoir plus
  129. Seasons Enchanted Kingdom

    Seasons Enchanted Kingdom

    17,00 €

    Seasons: Enchanted Kingdom, the first expansion for Seasons, includes two copies each of 20 new power cards, 10 enchantment cards, 12 special ability tokens that fit into the hole on a player board – so that wasn't just kooky graphic design, but rather foreshadowing! – and additional other material, such as two replacement cards that have received errata in newer editions of Seasons. En savoir plus
  130. Karnag


    44,50 €


    Depuis la cité engloutie de Ker Ys, de sombres troupes se sont mises en marche pour reprendre pied sur la terre des humains. Envoyée par le terrifiant Ankou, une nuée d’êtres délétères se contorsionne dans les anfractuosités de la roche pour jaillir en pleine forêt. Mais, à leur grande surprise, le conseil sylvestre de Karnag a perçu leur maléfique venue et a envoyé ses druides pour les attendre de pied ferme. Usant de leurs sortilèges sylvestres, ces hommes élus, conscients d’être le dernier rempart, tentent de contenir l’invasion venue des tréfonds. En savoir plus
  131. Island Fortress

    Island Fortress

    49,50 €

    <p>In <em><strong>Island Fortress</strong></em>, you play a master builder chosen by Governor Cortland Hansen to help construct the mighty Fort Aldenford using the penal colony on Alcott Island. Your goal is to become the most distinguished architect with the help of your Taskmaster, Workers, and the Governor himself!</p>
    <p>In the game, all players use identical decks of five Role Cards to plot their actions such as purchasing workers, building the wall, collecting money from the treasury, and more. In addition to scoring points for having built the majority of blocks on each row of the fortress wall, players can also gain various bonuses for completing favors for the Governor by building the walls in specific ways, following the Governor's preferred patterns.</p>
    <p><em>Island Fortress</em>, formerly known as <em>Huang Di</em> and sporting a Great Wall of China theme, won the first ever ProtoSlam competition held by Cambridge Games Factory in August 2006 and is the first published game by designer Bryan Johnson.</p> En savoir plus
  132. Cuba


    47,50 €

    In dit spel kun je punten verdienen door je aan de wet te houden. Maar door handig stemmen te kopen, kun je zelf bepalen hoe die wet er uit ziet. Verwerf invloed in het parlement, maak goed gebruik van je plantage en je connecties in de haven. De vele strategische mogelijkheden maken Cuba tot een zeer gevarieerd spel. Kruip jij op het juiste moment in de huid van de arbeider, de handelsvrouw, architect, voorman en de burgemeester? En gebruik je de tactische mogelijkheden van de gebouwen, dan maak je een goede kans om de machtigste figuur op het Caribische eiland te worden. En savoir plus
  133. Cuba: El Presidente

    Cuba: El Presidente

    21,00 €

    Dit is de uitbreiding op Cuba. Hou er rekening mee dat het basisspel noodzakelijk is om El Presidente te kunnen spelen!

    El Presidente is de uitbreiding op het bekroonde bordspel Cuba. Met een extra spelbord krijgen de spelers meer van Cuba te zien. Door de straten van Cuba rijdt de Chevrolet van de President, die door zijn acties veel invloed heeft op de verwikkelingen op het eiland. El Presidente introduceert een nieuw systeem dat het spel nog dynamischer maakt dan het al was. Bovendien kunnen liefhebbers Cuba nu uitbreiden naar 8 rondes! En savoir plus
  134. Leonardo Da Vinci

    Leonardo Da Vinci

    35,00 €

    Leonardo da Vinci is een bordspel voor 2-5 spelers. De spelers zijn de grootste uitvinders van Firenze en zij komen samen in de stad, waar de heerser van de stad een geldsom belooft voor iedere voltooide uitvinding. Om een uitvinding te voltooien, moet je in jouw laboratorium het vereiste aantal onderzoeksweken besteden en bij de start van het onderzoek over de juiste materialen beschikken. Als je een uitvinding als een van de eersten voltooit, levert dit je meer geld op. Tussen een uur en anderhalf uur zitten de spelers te werken en te plannen aan de meest vervaarlijke uitvindingen van die tijd. Beleef de spanning en geniet van dit uitstekende bordspel. En savoir plus
  135. Yspahan


    25,00 €

    1598. Yspahan devient la capitale de l'Empire persan. Ainsi, au centre du monde, la ville profite d'une période de croissance culturelle et économique. Les cités et villages de la région ont bien l'intention de profiter de cette expansion. Des caravanes chargées de marchandise et de bijoux partent pour le désert, avec la promesse d'un futur radieux. Les joueurs endossent le rôle de commerçants qui font des affaires avec Yspahan. En voulant profiter de l'arrivée du Surveillant du Shah, ils obtiennent des points en plaçant leur marchandise dans les bons magasins, en les envoyant à la Caravane et en construisant des bâtiments. A la fin de la partie le joueur avec le plus grand score est déclaré le vainqueur.

    - 2005 - Concours International de Créateurs de Jeux de Société - Gagnant
    - 2006 - Meeples' Choice Award - Gagnant
    - 2006 - Tric Trac d'Or - Gagnant
    En savoir plus
  136. Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rico

    34,50 €

    In 1493 ontdekt Columbus Puerto Rico, de parel van het Caribische gebied. En al een goede halve eeuw later beleeft het eiland haar eerste grote bloeiperiode. De spelers kruipen tijdens het spel steeds weer in een andere rol. Als kolonist leggen ze vruchtbare plantages aan. Als opzichter produceren ze waardevolle goederen, die ze dan, in de rol van handelaar, met de hoogst mogelijke winst verkopen. Dat verdiende geld gebruiken ze dan weer om als bouwmeester indrukwekkende stadsgebouwen op te richten.

    Voor de liefhebbers van de zwaardere spellen is Puerto Rico een absolute aanrader. Hij staat al jarenlang op nummer 1 van de prestigieuze website! En savoir plus
  137. Amyitis


    29,50 €


    590 V Chr. De koning van Babylon, Nebukadnezar trouwt met de mooie Amyitis. Haar schoonheid is groot maar dit verbleekt als ze een tijdje in Baylon is. Ze mist het groene landschap van haar geboorteland. De koning laat "de Hangende Tuinen" van Babylon aanleggen om Amyitis te plezieren. De spelers moeten voor de koning aan het werk. Wie is er aan het einde van het spel de beste bouwmeester? En savoir plus
  138. Genoa


    31,50 €

    Je bent een handelaar in Genua. Het speelbord stelt de stadswijk waar al het handelen plaats vindt voor.

    Je probeert roem te verwerven in de gebouwen met een vlag. Deze gebouwen staan je toe verschillende acties die je naar je overwinning leiden uit te voeren. Elke beurt mag je slechts één actie verrichten. Je zal proberen de andere acties aan je tegenspelers te verkopen voor maximale winst. Met listige strategieën en slimme onderhandelingen, probeer je genoeg te verdienen en uiteindelijk de winnaar te worden. En savoir plus
  139. Hermagor


    27,00 €


    Elke maandagmorgen wordt op de marktplaats van Hermagor een grote weekmarkt gehouden. Op een marktbord worden goederenfiches geplaatst, waarna de spelers hun inkopers inzetten. De positie van de inkopers bepaalt niet alleen welke goederen je kunt inkopen, maar ook hoeveel geld je kunt verdienen met tips over goede deals. Vervolgens sturen de spelers hun koopmannen op pad naar de dorpen, om daar de op de markt bemachtigde goederen te verkopen. Je kunt alleen in nieuwe dorpen verkopen en wordt dus gedwongen om te reizen. Het reizen kost je geld. Als je ergens goederen verkoopt, bouw je daar meteen een handelpost. Deze levert geld op als een medespeler hier later goederen verkoopt. Als je in alle dorpen van een regio handelsposten bezit, mag je daar een productiegebouw bouwen. Deze leveren tijdens de scorerondes geld op. Aan het einde van de rit wint degene met het meeste geld. En savoir plus
  140. De Vorsten van Florence

    De Vorsten van Florence

    32,50 €

    Italie aan het begin van de 16e eeuw. Beleef de bloeitijd van de Renaissance. Kruip in de rol van een Vorst van Florence: wees het hoofd van een bekende adelijke familie, zoals de Borgia of de Medici. Bouw prachtige gebouwen, leg indrukwekkende landschappen aan en nodig beroemde artiesten en kunstenaars uit om in uw hof te wonen en te werken. De spelers ondersteunen de bouwers, artiesten en kunstenaars. De voltooide werken leveren prestige en roem op!

    Een bordspel van 2 tot 5 spelers met geheel nieuw artwork en in de doos 2 extra uitbreidingen voor dit fantastische bordspel!

    De Vorsten van Florence heeft de belangrijkste bordspellenprijs in de Benelux: de NSP 2007 (Nederlandse Spellen Prijs) gewonnen. En savoir plus
  141. Chang Cheng

    Chang Cheng

    29,50 €

    De spelers krijgen de opdracht om te bouwen aan de Chinese Muur om een Mongoolse invasie te voorkomen en de rijke en vruchtbare gebieden te beschermen. Hoe meer muren je bouwt, hoe meer punten je scoort. Maar de Mongolen vallen uiteraard aan en als je muren sneuvelen verlies je punten! En savoir plus
  142. De Koningsburcht met winterkaarten

    De Koningsburcht met winterkaarten

    34,00 €

    Binnen de contouren van het hooggebergte worden de eerste ruwe omtrekken van een burcht zichtbaar. Een stroom handelaren baant zich een weg naar de poort. Werklieden die zoeken naar werk en loon worden aangetrokken door de bedrijvigheid in de burcht in aanbouw. In de Koningsburcht aangekomen, treffen ze een levendige markt aan. De koning heeft plannen klaar liggen voor het oprichten van statige muren en vele prachtige gebouwen. En savoir plus
  143. Rise of Empires

    Rise of Empires

    45,50 €

    In Rise of Empires ontwikkelen 2 tot 5 spelers hun eigen beschaving. Iedereen begint “klein” en zonder enige macht, maar gaandeweg gaan de spelers op verschillende gebieden vooruit.

    Rise of Empires is in drie tijdperken verdeeld, waarbij elk tijdperk bestaat uit 2 speelronden. In elke speelronde plannen de spelers verschillende acties, maar ze moeten er rekening mee houden dat de tweede ronde in een tijdperk altijd een spiegelbeeld is van de eerste.

    De spelers verdienen punten met het bouwen van steden, het stichten van keizerrijken en het verhandelen van goederen. In tegenstelling tot andere ontwikkelingsspellen heeft Rise of Empires een beperkte speelduur, waardoor het ook op een doordeweekse avond prima speelbaar is. En savoir plus
  144. Brug naar de hemel

    Brug naar de hemel

    35,50 €

    Dit spel speelt zich tussen 1337 en 1361 af in Engeland. Als boeren, wolhandelaren en bouwmeesters streven de spelers naar welvaart en aanzien. Daarbij stuiten ze steeds weer op de nazaten van uit “De kathedraal” bekende persoonlijkheden, die zich echter van een heel andere kant laten zien dan hun voorouders. De speler die aan het einde van het spel de meeste winstpunten heeft, wint het spel. Deze krijgen ze vooral door aan verschillende bouwprojecten deel te nemen en door zieke burgers te verplegen.

    Het spel bestaat uit vier hoofdstukken van 6 ronden. Als je aan de beurt bent, trek je een gebeurteniskaart en leg je deze op de door jou gewenste manier neer, waardoor iedereen een bepaald inkomen krijgt, zoals grondstoffen, graan, vroomheid, loyaliteit of medische kennis. Jij krijgt daarnaast nog een extra voordeel. Vervolgens speelt iedereen een actiekaart, waarmee hij bijvoorbeeld aan bouwprojecten kan deelnemen, wol en laken op de markt kan verkopen, huizen kan bouwen of burgers kan verplegen. Dit kan grondstoffen, overwinningspunten of andere voordelen opleveren.

    Aan het einde van elk hoofdstuk moet je laten zien dat je een vroom en loyaal leven hebt geleid. Kun je niet aan je verplichtingen voldoen, dan moet overwinningspunten inleveren en boete doen. De straffen hiervoor variëren van het opgeven van een actie tot het niet ontvangen van inkomen. Met loyaliteit kun je je tegen een straf beschermen.

    Brug naar de Hemel combineert de facetten uit het boek van Ken Follett op een speelse manier met pittige spelmechanismen. Alles komt terug: hetcreëren van majestueuze bouwwerken, het uitbreken van de pest en de onredelijke belastingplicht. Wie redt zich het beste in deze harde tijd? En savoir plus
  145. Dominion


    35,50 €

    In Dominion probeer je tijdens het spel een zo sterk mogelijk deck te formeren, zodat jij aan het einde van het spel de meeste punten hebt.

    De kaarten in je deck rouleren steeds van je trekstapel naar je hand, waarna ze naar je aflegstapel gaan. Als je trekstapel leeg is, schud je je aflegstapel, zodat je weer een nieuwe trekstapel hebt. Elke beurt mag je 1 actie uitvoeren en 1 aankoop doen. De verschillende kaarten in je hand helpen je daarbij of kunnen dit aantal vermeerderen. Geldkaarten vormen je kapitaal voor die beurt. Met puntenkaarten kun je niets in je beurt, maar je hebt ze uiteindelijk wel nodig om het spel te winnen.
    Dominion bevat puntenkaarten, geldkaarten en 25 verschillende actiekaarten. Elke beurt koop je er kaarten bij, waardoor je op jouw manier je doel kunt bereiken. Ga je voor een constructieve methode met de Smidse, het Dorp en de Markt, of probeer je het op een agressievere manier met de Dief, de Heks of de Militie? Omdat in elk spel maar 10 van de 25 actiekaarten worden gebruikt, is Dominion iedere keer weer anders.
    Dominion is één van de weinige expertspellen die je binnen een half uur kunt spelen. En heb je wel meer tijd, dan speel je gewoon meerdere partijen achter elkaar! En savoir plus
  146. Dominion Intrige

    Dominion Intrige

    35,50 €

    Zelfstandige variant van het meervoudig bekroonde kaartspel Dominion. De verpakking bevat puntenkaarten, geldkaarten en 25 nieuwe koninkrijkkaarten. Daardoor kun je Dominion Intrige niet alleen apart spelen, maar ook met het basisspel combineren. Zo kun je met beide spellen samen met meer dan 4 spelers tegelijk spelen.

    In Dominion Intrige probeer je tijdens het spel een zo sterk mogelijk deck te formeren, zodat jij aan het einde van het spel de meeste punten hebt. De kaarten in je deck rouleren steeds van je trekstapel naar je hand, waarna ze naar je aflegstapel gaan. Als je trekstapel leeg is, schud je je aflegstapel, zodat je weer een nieuwe trekstapel hebt. Elke beurt mag je 1 actie uitvoeren en 1 aankoop doen. De verschillende kaarten in je hand helpen je daarbij of kunnen dit aantal vermeerderen. Geldkaarten vormen je kapitaal voor die beurt. Met puntenkaarten kun je niets in je beurt, maar je hebt ze uiteindelijk wel nodig om het spel te winnen.
    In Dominion Intrige vind je een paar nieuwe soorten kaarten. Er zijn kaarten die bij meerdere categorieën horen en kaarten waarbij je uit verschillende acties kunt kiezen. Deze acties zijn weliswaar wat minder krachtig dan acties op kaarten waarbij je niet kunt kiezen, maar het maakt je deck wel flexibeler. Verder bevat deze nieuwe versie spectaculaire kaarten om andere spelers mee dwars te zitten en een nieuwe verdedigingskaart, waarmee je de aanval weliswaar niet volledig teniet doet, maar je er wel beter op kunt voorbereiden.

    Dominion Intrige is een aanrader voor zowel eigenaars van het spel Dominion als voor mensen die dat spel nog niet hebben. En savoir plus
  147. Fabrieksmanager


    36,00 €

    Verdien zoveel mogelijk geld met je eigen fabriek. Koop machines, robots en bezuinigingsapparatuur. Verhoog je productie en opslagcapaciteit en houd rekening met de oplopende energieprijs. Maar ook de concurrentie zit niet stil. Ben jij aan het einde van het spel de rijkste?

    Het spel duurt 5 ronden. In elke ronde vullen de spelers de markt met machines, robots en andere functionele apparatuur. Daarna kopen ze deze van de markt. De startspeler heeft daarbij de meeste keuze, maar de laatste speler krijgt de meeste korting op zijn aankopen. Nadat iedereen gekocht heeft, reorganiseren de spelers hun fabriek. Machines worden stilgelegd of juist weer gestart als er voldoende mankracht of robotbesturing aanwezig is. Eventueel kun je uitzendkrachten daarvoor inhuren. De spelers verdienen geld op basis van hun productie- en opslagcapaciteit, maar moeten wel de energiekosten afrekenen.

    Aan het begin van elke ronde worden de beurtvolgorde en de daarbij horende kortingen geveild. Dit gebeurt met vrije werknemers. Daardoor zal een speler die veel op de beurtvolgorde biedt, minder acties ter beschikking hebben.

    De vernieuwende spelmechanismen zorgen constant voor moeilijke keuzes. De spelregels zijn daarentegen relatief eenvoudig. Fabrieksmanager is daardoor een aanrader voor veelspelers en families met oudere kinderen. En savoir plus
  148. Havana


    27,00 €

    Spannend kaartspel over de wederopbouw van de hoofdstad van Cuba. Wie als eerste een bepaalde hoeveelheid gebouwen neerzet, wint dit fascinerende familiespel.

    Iedere speler heeft een gelijke set van 13 actiekaarten. Er zijn kaarten om bouwmaterialen, werkmannen of peso’s te pakken, maar je kunt ook andere spelers bestelen of je daar juist tegen beschermen. In de eerste ronde speel je twee actiekaarten die zowel de beurtvolgorde als de uit te voeren acties bepalen. Vanaf de tweede ronde vervang je één van de twee door een nieuwe actiekaart. Zo kun je voor jou gunstige kaarten vaker achter elkaar gebruiken.

    Na het uitvoeren van je acties mag je gebouwen kopen. Daar heb je werkmannen, bouwmaterialen, peso’s en/of de Architect voor nodig. Je hebt de keuze uit een gedeelte van de gebouwen die op tafel liggen. Elk gebouw is een aantal punten waard. Wie als eerste het gevraagde aantal punten heeft, wint het spel. En savoir plus
  149. Hoogspanning


    36,50 €

    Prachtig logistiek en commercieel bordspel. De spelers verdienen geld met het aansluiten van steden op het elektriciteitsnet. Daartoe kopen ze elektriciteitscentrales en de benodigde brandstoffen, zoals stookolie en bioafval.

    In de loop van het spel vervangen ze hun ouderwetse centrales door modernere, waarbij ook windmolens en kerncentrales niet ontbreken.

    Elke ronde veilen de spelers de beschikbare centrales, waarbij iedere speler er maximaal één mag kopen. Vervolgens kopen de spelers grondstoffen van de markt en sluiten steden aan op hun netwerk. De speler die er het slechts voorstaat, mag daarmee beginnen, waardoor hij het goedkoopst uit is. Aan het einde van een ronde voorzien de spelers hun steden van energie als ze daar de benodigde grondstoffen voor hebben. Daar verdienen ze dan weer geld mee. Wie aan het einde van het spel de meeste steden van stroom kan voorzien, wint dit spannende spel.

    Het spel bevat 2 verschillende speelborden en een transformatorstation, waardoor de Nederlandse versie net iets extra's biedt ten opzichte van Funkenschlag (de originele Duitse uitgave). En savoir plus
  150. Vasco da Gama

    Vasco da Gama

    40,00 €

    Vasco da Gama heeft de opdracht gekregen om een scheepsroute naar India te vinden. De spelers zijn rijke reders, die onder leiding van de beroemde ontdekkingsreiziger roem en rijkdom proberen te vergaren.

    De spelers kiezen om beurten een actie en het moment waarop ze deze willen uitvoeren. Hoe eerder ze aan de beurt willen komen, des te groter is het risico dat ze daarvoor moeten betalen. Ze ronselen bemanning, kopen schepen en sturen deze naar verre bestemmingen. Tijdens het spel kunnen ze de hulp inroepen van invloedrijke hoogwaardigheidsbekleders, die hen verschillende voordelen opleveren. De spelers verdienen voornamelijk punten door het navigeren van hun schepen. Wie treedt in de voetsporen van Vasco da Gama?

    Vasco da Gama is een indrukwekkend planningsspel, waarbij de spelers elkaar voortdurend voor de voeten lopen. En savoir plus
  151. Sutter's Mill

    Sutter's Mill

    Prix normal : 36,50 €

    Prix promotionnel : 19,50 €

    De spelers beleven de opkomst en de teloorgang van het Californische plaatsje Coloma tijdens het hoogtepunt van de goudkoorts.

    Eerst bouwen de spelers het plaatsje op, zorgen er voor dat er nieuwe mensen komen en gaan op zoek naar goud. Zodra de spelers zien dat de goudader op begint te raken, kunnen ze besluiten om het stadje af te breken.

    Iedereen neemt dit besluit echter afzonderlijk van elkaar, waardoor sommigen de stad al aan het afbreken zijn terwijl anderen er nog een slaatje uit proberen te slaan. De speler die dit het beste kan timen zal de winnaar worden van dit spel. En savoir plus
  152. Voor de Wind

    Voor de Wind

    22,50 €

    In de haven bereidt een vloot handelsschepen zich voor om een lading goederen te verschepen. Elk schip is specifiek uitgerust voor bepaalde productgroepen. De spelers nemen de rollen van handelaren aan en proberen hun pakhuizen met de juiste goederen te vullen om deze later te kunnen verschepen. Daarbij moeten ze vooral op de samenstelling van hun voorraad letten, omdat iedere scheepseigenaar zijn lading van precies één handelaar afneemt en zijn schip volgeladen wil laten afreizen. Het is belangrijk om niet te lang te wachten met het verschepen van goederen, daar de vloot de haven verlaat op het moment dat alle schepen gevuld zijn en de wind gunstig staat. Goederen die zich dan nog in je pakhuis bevinden, maken een goede kans te bederven...

    Voor de Wind is een spel voor de fanatieke speler en onderscheid zich door het originele ruilsysteem. En savoir plus
  153. Darjeeling


    32,70 €


    Op zoek naar de beste thee doorkruisen de spelers de ganse regio en proberen zo groot mogelijke scheepsladingen van telkens één theesoort samen te stellen. De laatst verzonden lading brengt uiteraard meer zegepunten op dan de oudere zending omdat de echte theeliefhebbers natuurlijk de frissere blaadjes prefereren. Maar ook het geliefd zijn van een bepaalde theesoort levert bij het laden zegepunten op. Het spel eindigt onmiddellijk als een speler 100 zegepunten heeft behaald. En savoir plus
  154. Municipium


    45,00 €

    In Municipium representeren de spelers invloedrijke families in een nederzetting -een municipium- aan de grens van het Romeinse rijk. Allemaal proberen ze de verkiezing voor de post van prefect te winnen. Daarvoor hebben ze de steun nodig van de verschillende groepen burgers in de stad. En savoir plus
  155. The Princes of Machu Picchu

    The Princes of Machu Picchu

    40,00 €

    Wanneer de Spanjaarden het rijk van de Inca's hebben verorverd zijn er maar een paar prinsen in geslaagd om te vluchten in de bergen. Goed verborgen hoog boven de rivier Urabumba ligt er een plaats die de Spanjaarden nooit zouden vinden: Machu Picchu. Maar opgepast, er is een verrader aanwezig die de geheime locatie van de princes zou kunnen verraden aan de Spanjaarden. Elke speler speelt de rol van een prins. Het spel kan op 2 manieren eindigen. Ofwel winnen de Inca's en gaat de overwinning naar de speler die de verstandigste offers aan de goden heeft gemaakt, ofwel winnen de Spanjaarden en in dat geval gaat de overwinning naar de speler die het meeste goud heeft verzameld tijdens het spel. En savoir plus
  156. Diplomacy


    25,00 €

    Imaginez l'Europe avant la Première Guerre Mondiale. Les grandes puissances de l'époque se disputent âprement la suprématie du continent.
    Vous présidez aux destinées d'un grand pays. Votre objectif est naturellement de contrôler l'Europe. Vous allez affronter en permanence vos adversaires, mais aussi vos alliés. Pour sortir vainqueur de cette lutte sans merci, vous n'aurez pas assez de vos armées et de vos flottes de guerre, il vous faudra faire preuve d'intelligence, de souplesse et de diplomatie. En savoir plus
  157. Risk 2210 A.D.

    Risk 2210 A.D.

    33,50 €

    Le monde est en guerre et vous êtes le commandeur suprême de l'une des factions belligérantes. Le destin de votre peuple est entre vos mains ainsi que l'avenir de votre Patrie et de votre Planète. Sur terre comme sur la Lune, vous devez rassembler vos forces, envoyer vos troupes, engager les bons commandeurs et écraser vos ennemis.

    Pour gagner, il faudra compter sur votre expérience de la conquête du Monde à laquelle vous ajouterez les compétences de commandeurs qui bénéficieront d'ordres appropriés pour modifier l'équilibre des forces en présence. Tenez compte des Territoires aquatiques et lunaires, desquels vous pourrez lancer des attaques devastatrices contre vos ennemis. Soyez intrépide mais sachez également rester prudent. En savoir plus
  158. Risk Godstorm

    Risk Godstorm

    36,00 €

    C'est un ancien monde, inondé d'anciennes croyances et d'anciennes craintes. Les populations du monde entier vivent de simples vies, mais ces vies sont souvent bouleversées par les engouements de divinités capricieuses. Quand un enfant naît, les dieux sont honorés. Lorsqu'une récolte est insuffisante, les dieux ne sont plus respectés. Quand le monde est en guerre, les dieux sont invoqués à la bataille. En savoir plus
  159. Mr. Jack in New York

    Mr. Jack in New York

    25,50 €

    Après Mr Jack, Ludovic Maublanc et Bruno Cathala nous content la suite des aventures de Jack l’éventreur, exilé dans la Grosse Pomme dans Mr Jack à New-York.

    Suspecté d’être le terrible criminel, Francis J. Tumblety, un médecin charlatan, est arrêté par la police londonienne puis libéré sous caution. Il s’enfuit alors à New-York, où les autorités locales voient son arrivée d’un très mauvais œil. Certains témoignages font état de sa présence à Manhattan, et des crimes avec un mode opératoire similaire à ceux de Londres sont commis. La police fait alors appel aux citoyens les plus éminents de la ville pour l’aider dans son enquête.

    Francis J.Tumblety est-il réellement Jack ? Sinon, sous quelle autre apparence se cache-t-il ? Tels sont les enjeux de Mr Jack à New York. En savoir plus
  160. Cyclades


    47,50 €

    Cyclades est un jeu pour 2 à 5 joueurs. Chaque joueur est le chef d'une cité-état de la Grèce antique et doit s'assurer que sa cité aura la prédominance dans les cyclades. Le but du jeu est d'être le premier qui possèdera deux métropoles. Plusieurs moyens existent pour parvenir à ce but ultime : par la gestion de ses villes (la construction de quatre bâtiments différents donne une métropole), par la force militaire (on peut conquérir les îles adverses et donc "voler" la métropole qui s'y trouve) ou par la force de l'esprit (quatre philosophes donnent une métropole). Bien entendu, il est vivement recommandé de combiner ces stratégies. Mais ils devront également compter sur les créatures mythologiques qui, comme les Dieux, suivent celui qui leur donne de l'or. En savoir plus
  161. Siena


    27,50 €

    Sienne 1338.

    Les joueurs commencent la partie comme Paysans et doivent vendre du maïs, du vin ou de l’huile d’olive pour gagner suffisamment d’argent pour devenir Marchands. Une fois Marchands, ils feront commerce de vêtements et d’épices à Sienne, Florence ou Arezzo afin de faire fortune et devenir Banquiers. En savoir plus
  162. Opera


    35,00 €

    The Game Master est fier de vous présenter un jeu curieux qui emmène les joueurs à travers trois époques d'opéra: Baroque, Classique et Romantique. L'ambiance est influencée par la musique de Händel, Moneverdi, Mozart, Beethoven, Wagner et Verdi.

    Les joueurs sont en tête de familles aristocratiques. Leur objectif est d'emmener l'opéra au public dans six villes européennes importantes. De nouveaux éléments dans Opera procurent une expérience de jeu unique. En gérant votre budget intelligemment pour embaucher les bons acteurs, les joueurs déterminent le déroulement de la partie, la célébrité des compositeurs et donc leur propre succès.

    Dans le jeu de plateau Opera les joueurs peuvent déterminer l'ordre du jeu. Au début de chaque tour, les joueurs décident combien d'argent ils sont prêts à investir pour embaucher leurs acteurs. Le joueur avec le plus grand budget choisit le premier acteur. L'Impresario est embauché pour obtenir la musique de célèbres compositeurs. Le Critico donne une critique sévère sur la qualité des opéras. Il peut rendre un compositeur populaire ou le casser. Avec l'Architetto, la Signorina et l'Esperto ces personnages forment le coeur du jeu.

    Opera est un jeu de plateau curieux, emmènerez-vous l'Opera au public? En savoir plus
  163. Assyria


    30,00 €


    2000 avant J-C. Un nouvel empire s’apprête à émerger au nord de la Mésopotamie. Les tribus nomades se rassemblent sous la tutelle d’Assur, cité-état dédiée au culte du puissant dieu de la montagne. Mais la vie dans ce désert est précaire, et avant de régner sur le monde, il faudra d’abord survivre... En savoir plus
  164. Sylla


    30,00 €


    79 avant J-C. Sylla, maître incontesté de Rome, s’apprête à abdiquer. En son règne, le sénat romain a retrouvé sa splendeur et nombreux sont les prétendants au pouvoir suprême. Mais Rome est une maîtresse capricieuse, le peuple a faim et réclame du pain et des jeux. Seul le plus habile des politiciens pourrait tirer parti de cette situation…

    Les joueurs incarnent des sénateurs romains en quête de prestige. Ils utilisent leur fortune et leurs relations pour construire de grands projets et résoudre les problèmes politiques de la république. A la fin du jeu, le joueur ayant le prestige le plus élevé remporte la partie et prend le contrôle de Rome. En savoir plus
  165. Titicaca


    26,50 €


    Titicaca est un excellent jeu de placement et de création de territoire. En savoir plus
  166. Kaiser / Im Schatten des Kaisers

    Kaiser / Im Schatten des Kaisers

    24,00 €

    Vous êtes une famille noble dans L'Allemagne du moyen âge et revendiquez le trône de l'Empereur. Vous allez collecter des points de victoires pendant la partie en batissant des villes ou en enlevant des provinces. En savoir plus
  167. Monastery


    30,00 €


    Monastery est un jeu de pose de tuiles dans lequel les joueurs vont construire différentes parties d'un monastère médiéval.à l'aide de leurs moines. . Les moines se déplaceront de tuiles en tuiles mais en plus des travaux de construction, ils peuvent également étudier, prier, travailler ou encore utiliser les propriétés spéciale de certaines tuiles. En savoir plus
  168. Comuni


    35,00 €


    Au douzième siècle, dans le nord de l'Italie, il y avait de villes fortes, gouvernées par elles-mêmes avec leurs propres territoires et armée, chacune ayant ses propres caractéristiques. Elles s'appelaient les Comuni. La relation entre elles était plus ou moins une coexistence pacifique mais la compétition au niveau culturel, militaire et économique restait très importante.

    Dans ce jeu chaque joueur règne sur une Comuni en particulier et doit augmenter la richesse de la ville. Pour arriver à ce but il doit construire des structures représentant le coeur de la vie économique, militaire, culturelle et religieuse.

    En même temps tous les joueurs doivent être vigilants à l'invasion depuis l'extérieur et en cas de nécessité être capables de collaborer afin de la battre.

    Comuni est un jeu intelligent et équilibré pour joueur expérimenté. Réalisé par les développeurs de Leonardo da Vinci. En savoir plus
  169. Galapagos


    Prix normal : 31,00 €

    Prix promotionnel : 19,50 €

    L'océan pacifique en 1835. Le navire "HMS Beagle" arrive aux Iles Galapagos. A bord se trouve le jeune biologiste Charles Darwin qui plus tard deviendra célèbre grâce à ses idées révolutionnaires concernant l'évolution et la sélection naturelle. Cependant, avant d'être connu, il passait beaucoup de temps à collectionner et examiner une série de différentes espèces. Dans ce jeu, les joueurs sont des biologistes qui marchent dans les pas de Darwin. Ils partent en expédition aux Iles Galapagos pour y découvrir des espèces rares et montent des expositions pour obtenir des points d'exposition. Le jouer avec le plus de points d'exposition à la fin de la partie, gagne. En savoir plus
  170. Battles of Westeros - a BattleLore Game

    Battles of Westeros - a BattleLore Game

    77,50 €

    Jeu de plateau pour 2 joueurs, utilisant le système de jeu de Battlelore pour recréer le conflit militaire, inspiré de la célèbre série de romans de R.R. Martin’s - A Song of Ice and Fire, entre la Maison Stark et ses alliés, et la Maison Lannister. En savoir plus
  171. Glen More

    Glen More

    22,00 €


    Agrandissez vos pâturages pour vos porcs et vos moutons, cultivez le maïs et transformez-le en un bon Whisky de qualité.

    Vendez aux marchés, créez vos lacs et construisez-vous un château, mais faites tout ça en prenant la bonne décision au bon moment! En savoir plus
  172. Im Jahr des Drachen / L'Année du Dragon

    Im Jahr des Drachen / L'Année du Dragon

    29,50 €


    Les joueurs incarnent des Princes d'une province chinoise.

    Ils ont recours au soutien de différents personnages de leur Cour, à l’aide desquels ils tenteront de surmonter les pires difficultés causées par des évènements catastrophiques. En savoir plus
  173. Notre Dame

    Notre Dame

    32,50 €

    Notre Dame vous place à la tête d'un quartier proche de la cathédrale.

    Le but du jeu : acquérir des points de prestige en augmentant son influence sur les différents bâtiments de votre quartier. Il est également possible d'acquérir des privilèges en soudoyant les officiels.

    Mais quand les rats arrivent, annonciateurs de la Peste, seuls ceux qui ont pris leurs précautions pourront conserver leur prestige et remporter la victoire. En savoir plus
  174. Stone Age / L' Age de Pierre

    Stone Age / L' Age de Pierre

    33,50 €


    Chasser, cultiver, fabriquer des outils, collecter les matières premières dans les bois, les carrières et les rivières, assurer le développement et la croissance de la tribu, voilà les multiples missions que vous devrez gérer pour être reconnu comme le plus grand chef de tribu. En savoir plus
  175. Planet Steam

    Planet Steam

    48,50 €

    Nous sommes en 2415. Des puits sont creusés pour aller jusqu'au noyau de la Terre qui chauffe à plus de 3500°. Les vapeurs chaudes qui s'en dégagent sont très recherchées car elles sont nécessaires à l'obtention des "nouvelles" matières premières pour les constructions : le quartz, l'eau...

    Vous allez vendre et acheter ces matières premières et essayer de faire prospérer votre empire. Mais les empires adjacents ont les mêmes ambitions... En savoir plus
  176. Railways of the World

    Railways of the World

    80,00 €

    Ré-écrivez les annales de l' gravez votre nom à côté des plus célèbres barons de chemins de fer. Construisez votre empire à travers les Railways of the World et découvrez si vous avez ce qu'il faut pour être plus malin que vos adversaires!

    Voici une nouvelle version du jeu best seller Railroad Tycoon, par Martin Wallace et Glenn Drover! Le jeu est entièrement compatible et dispose de 6 nouvelles couleurs de train, ce qui vous permet de combiner les deux et de jouer à 12! En savoir plus
  177. Caylus


    34,00 €

    Dans ce jeu de William Attia, les joueurs incarnent des maîtres d’oeuvre dont la mission est de construire un nouveau château pour le roi Philippe le Bel. Pour cela, ils devront gérer au mieux leurs deniers, les ressources disponibles et surtout développer l’économie du petit village qui s’étend au pied du site. Bien entendu, les agents royaux – le bailli et le prévôt – veillent au grain sur l’avancement des travaux! En savoir plus
  178. Race for the Galaxy

    Race for the Galaxy

    33,00 €

    Les joueurs rivalisent tous pour explorer la galaxie en explorant de nouveaux mondes et en développant de nouvelles technologies. Durant chaque tour chacun choisit une action mais les autres joueurs vont participer à l'action choisie. A la fin, le joueur avec le plus de points est le gagnant! En savoir plus
  179. Arcana New Edition

    Arcana New Edition

    26,00 €

    Le décor est la ville mythique de Cadwallon. Arcana vous oppose contre trois autres adversaires dans une lutte de pouvoir pour votre guilde.

    Chaque joueur représente l'une des grandes guildes de Cadwallon. La Guilde des Lames, la Guilde des Nochers et la Guilde des Usuriers. En fonction du nombre de joueurs dans la partie vous disposez d'un certain nombre de zones d'Enjeux. Les joueurs rivalisent pour le contrôle des cartes qui reviennent dans chaque zone d'Enjeux lors de chaque tour. Les zones les plus proches de vos guildes vous permettent de jouer vos cartes face cachée ce qui vous permet ensuite de surprendre vos adversaires ou même de bluffer. Gagnez des cartes pour améliorer votre deck à travers la partie.

    Arcana est un jeu joliment illustré par une équipe de création menée par la légende Paolo Parente et est un moyen rapide et amusant pour satisfaire vos besoins de jeu de cartes et de fantaisie à la fois. En savoir plus
  180. Thunderstone Wrath of the Elements

    Thunderstone Wrath of the Elements

    29,00 €


    Thunderstone returns with all new monsters, heroes, equipment, and now... traps! Thunderstone brought dungeon crawling to the deck-building game genre, and Wrath of the Elements takes Thunderstone to a new level. With four new heroes, six new monsters, and many new village cards, Wrath of the Elements can be stand alone or mixed in with classic Thunderstone for a larger experience. Wrath of the Elements also introduces Traps. This new card type creates perlious dangers for your adventuring party when revealed from the Dungeon Deck. Can you overcome the new monstrosities and claim the Thunderstone?

    Wrath of the Elements also features an attractive and durable card box large enough to hold both Wrath of the Elements and classic Thunderstone, and is even more compact and easy to transport! The box also comes with all new labelled card-type dividers for both the new cards and classic Thunderstone cards. Jason Engle returns again with more amazing art as well. En savoir plus
  181. War of the Ring (edition néerlandais)

    War of the Ring (edition néerlandais)

    45,00 €

    La Guerre de l'Anneau est un jeu de stratégie pour 2 à 4 joueurs basé sur l'oeuvre de J.R.R. Tolkien "Le Seigneur des Anneaux".

    Dans La Guerre de l'Anneau, deux niveaux de jeu cohabitent. Le premier est celui de l'affrontement entre les armées des Peuples Libres et celles de l'ombre pour la domination des Terres du Milieu. L'issue de ce niveau de jeu est la victoire militaire que chaque camp peut remporter en conquérant les forteresses et les cités adverses (Minas Tirith, la Lorien, Rivendell, Dol Guldur, etc.). Le deuxième niveau de jeu est celui de la Compagnie et de sa quête. La destruction de l'Anneau par la Compagnie ou sa capture par Sauron détermine là aussi une victoire possible. Evidemment, les chances de l'emporter sont plus grandes pour les Peuples Libres en cherchant à détruire l'Unique, tandis que la victoire militaire est plus facile à atteindre pour l'Ombre. En savoir plus
  182. Antike


    40,00 €


    Que ce soit autour du bassin méditerranéen ou au moyen-orient, les civilisations de l'antiquité s'affrontent pour contrôler les plus beaux territoires. En savoir plus
  183. Hansa Teutonica

    Hansa Teutonica

    31,50 €

    Essayez d'augmenter votre réputation auprès des marchands hanséatiques. Construisez des villes et essayez de les connecter entre elles.
    Utilisez vos 5 points d'action pour gagner plus d'action,améliorer vos revenus, obtenir des privilèges supplémentaires ou une meilleure répartition des points prestige par rapport aux autres marchands. En savoir plus
  184. Khan


    30,50 €

    1244 – L’Empire Mongol étend sa domination à travers l’Asie, reliant directement l’Europe de l’Est à l’Océan Pacifique, formant ce qui fut (et reste toujours) le plus vaste empire de toute l’Histoire. Le Grand Khan dirige ses troupes depuis la capitale établie à Karakorum, envoyant ses brillants généraux à la conquête de nouveaux territoires au nom du Chef de tous les Mongols. En savoir plus
  185. Claustrophobia


    43,50 €


    Dans ce jeu de survie tactique, l’un des joueurs dirige le groupe d’humains qui explore les lugubres couloirs infernaux et affronte un flot incessant de troglodytes, alors que son adversaire incarne les démons qui prennent d’assaut ces aventuriers.

    Fort d’un matériel prêt à jouer et de figurines peintes, Claustrophobia est un jeu de plateau facile d’accès à la mise en place plus rapide que le Millenium Falcon. Né d’un subtil mélange entre mécanismes allemands (gestion des caractéristiques des personnages) et américains (aspect aléatoire de la résolution des combats), Claustrophobia ravira les amateurs d’affrontements tactiques.

    Les six scénarios inclus dans le jeu vous permettront d’explorer des heures durant les sous-sols de l’enfer dans une ambiance délicieusement lugubre! En savoir plus
  186. Munera: Familia Gladiatoria

    Munera: Familia Gladiatoria

    42,50 €

    Endossez le rôle d'un lanista, un entrepreneur de l'Antiquité qui a décidé d'investir sa richesse dans la réalisation d'une arène de gladiateurs et qui veut en faire la plus renommée de tout l' Empire. En savoir plus
  187. Shipyard


    38,00 €

    A propos : L'action se déroule au 19ème siècle, époque où le transport maritime prend de plus en plus d'ampleur. Les sociétés maritimes ainsi que les armées passent de plus en plus de commandes de bâtiments, et vous jouez le rôle d'un propriétaire d'un chantier naval. A ce titre, vous embaucherez des salariés, gérerez les stocks d'accessoires, et tenterez d'obtenir les grâces des comités maritimes. En savoir plus
  188. Kings & Things

    Kings & Things

    60,00 €

    Bienvenue dans un monde bizarre autant qu’étrange, celui de Kings and Things. Bienvenue dans ce monde aux paysages variés, plein d’objets magiques, de créatures merveilleuses, de héros intrépides, de grands ducs, de maîtres voleurs et de pingouins tueurs. En savoir plus
  189. Batt'l Kha'os

    Batt'l Kha'os

    21,50 €


    La bataille entre les orcs et les chevaliers continue à faire rage. Mauve et Orange forment une mêlée chaotique et personne ne sait quel camp va gagner la bataille. Les tours de mage dispersées sur le champs de bataille représentent des objectifs stratégiques, et bientôt sera déclaré vainqueur celui qui contrôlera le maximum de ces tours.

    Les joueurs posent des tuiles pour former des unités de leur armée sur les coins des tours: quand les 4 coins d'une tour sont tous occupés, le joueur qui contrôle le plus de coins prend contrôle de la tour.

    Des jetons de pouvoir spéciaux peuvent augmenter votre présence ou faire diminuer celle de votre adversaire.

    Il y a également 5 tuiles spéciales pour utiliser des stratégies supplémentaires. En savoir plus
  190. De Vulgari Eloquentia

    De Vulgari Eloquentia

    48,50 €


    L'Italie, fin du Moyen Age. Les marchands de tissu doivent écrire leurs contrats dans une langue que tout le monde puisse comprendre et ceux qui sont capables de lire et écrire cherchent un alternatif pour la langue traditionnelle latine élitiste. Ainsi, le Volgare, langue parlée par le peuple, composée de dialectes parlés dans les diverses régions italiennes, commence à gagner de l'importance. Durant cette période, François d'Assise écrit sa célèbre Cantique des Créatures et Dante écrit sa Divine Comédie - toutes deux écrites en Volgare. Les joueurs vont devoir participer à la création de cette nouvelle langue!

    Mais qui va leur procurer la connaissance pour comprendre les manuscrits des différents dialectes? Qui réussira à dévoiler les secrets des livres de la Bibliothèque Papale? Qui embrassera la vie religieuse et qui restera un marchand? Certains joueurs deviendront peut être des célèbres banquiers, d'autres monteront peut être dans la hiérarchie de l'église pour devenir le nouveau Pape! Mais à la fin, qui sera le plus apprécié et respecté pour son status et sa culture? En savoir plus
  191. Alchemicus


    Prix normal : 33,00 €

    Prix promotionnel : 27,00 €

    Chaque joueur débute la partie en tant que simple herboriste. Au cours du jeu, les joueurs font de leur mieux pour devenir des alchimistes, et si possible les plus célèbres du royaume. Mais la route vers la célébrité est longue et difficile. Elle mène à travers la collecte ardue de matières premières, le brassage de potions diverses, la fonte de métaux purs et des demandes de dons aux habitants influents du royaume. En savoir plus
  192. 51st State

    51st State

    Prix normal : 27,50 €

    Prix promotionnel : 18,50 €

    Le monde vous le savez, n'existe plus. Il n'y a pas de gouvernement. Aucune armée. Aucune civilisation. Les États-Unis se sont effondrés. Et maintenant, 30 ans après que la guerre ai commencé, de nouveaux pouvoirs essayent de prendre le contrôle de ce pays ruiné.

    Essayez d'établir un nouvel ordre. Essayez de contrôler les autres. Créer un nouveau pays, un nouvel État: le 51ème Etat! En savoir plus
  193. Steam over Holland

    Steam over Holland

    80,00 €

    1839, The Netherlands. The new railways are the way to get rich. Invest your money in the best railway companies. Become the President of one or more companies and lead them to become the best earning companies of the game. Build new track and stations, buy the right trains and push the stock value to new heights. Who will become the most successful investor? En savoir plus
  194. A Touch of Evil: The Supernatural Game

    A Touch of Evil: The Supernatural Game

    51,00 €


    A Touch of Evil, The Supernatural Game, est un jeu rapide avec des créatures diaboliques, des Héros pimpants et de l'aventure palpitante. Chaque joueur endosse le rôle d'un héro unique à la poursuite d'un monstre dans une course contre la montre pour empêcher les forces des ténèbres à s'imposer un peu plus dans le monde des humains. Ce n'est qu'en examinant la ville et en construisant le pouvoir de votre Héro que vous pouvez espérer traquer le Supernatural Villain dans son Repaire et de le vaincre dans une finale épique. Les joueurs peuvent rivaliser pour être le premier à défier le Villain et sauver la ville, ou collaborer pour battre un Villain bien plus fort.

    Avec un plateau de jeu en forme de carte de Shadowbrook et sa campagne, huit Héros à choisir et quatre différents Supernatural Villains à traquer; chacun avec sa propre collection unique de Minions et de pouvoirs pour changer le jeu de manière drastique. A Touch of Evil est conçu pour créer une expérience d'aventure cinématographique au fur et à mesure que le jeu et l'histoire se développent. En savoir plus
  195. Troyes


    37,50 €


    An 1200, la cathédrale de Troyes sort de terre et ne sera achevée que quatre siècles plus tard, après d’innombrables péripéties. Ce jeu vous invite à participer à l’essor de l’une des plus remarquables villes médiévales, qui a marqué à jamais la culture occidentale. La société est alors organisée autour de trois ordres :les nobles, les religieux et les paysans. Les nobles constituent la force militaire dédiée notamment à la protection des terres et à la justice. Les religieux sont les guides spirituels de la communauté qui contribuent à maintenir et à développer les connaissances et la culture. Les paysans et artisans sont quant à eux très peu considérés alors que leur dur labeur est essentiel à la vie de toute la population.

    Troyes est un jeu de stratégie dans lequel vous incarnez une riche famille champenoise usant de son influence pour recruter et diriger des habitants dans trois domaines d’activité: le militaire (associé à la couleur rouge dans tous les aspects du jeu), le religieux (en blanc) et le civil (en jaune). Chaque domaine offre ses avantages propres dont vous pourrez tirer parti. Ainsi, les militaires permettent de lutter avec plus d’efficacité contre les attaques extérieures. Les religieux mettent tout en œuvre pour achever la construction de la cathédrale et apportent leurs savoirs aux civils et aux militaires. Enfin, il est possible de profiter du travail des civils pour s’enrichir plus rapidement.

    Les habitants de la ville déploient une force de travail matérialisée par des dés. Vous utilisez ces dés lors de la phase d’action pour activer les cartes Activité, construire la cathédrale, lutter contre les événements néfastes ou encore, recruter de nouveaux habitants. Chacune de ces actions nécessite l’utilisation d’un lot de 1 à 3 dés. En outre, vous devez défendre au mieux les idées d’un illustre personnage qui a fortement marqué la ville de son empreinte. Pour l’emporter, il faudra aussi tenter de deviner les idées défendues par les autres joueurs, pour en retirer de la renommée. Le joueur qui aura engrangé le plus de renommée, sous forme de points de victoire, gagnera la partie !

    En savoir plus
  196. Constantinopolis


    43,50 €

    Prenez le rôle d'entrepreneurs dans la ville de Constantinople et n'hésitez pas à utiliser le gouvernement pour augmenter vos activités économiques. On produit et on gère diverses ressources qu’on vend au marché ou à l’exportation via notre flotte de bateaux. En savoir plus
  197. Imperial 2030

    Imperial 2030

    45,00 €

    Le monde en 2010. Des investisseurs puissants internationaux prêtent de l'argent aux six nations puissantes du monde: la Russie, la Chine, l'Inde, le Brésil, les Etats-Unis et l'Europe. Les nouveaux pouvoirs du monde, la Chine, l'Inde et le Brésil, rivalisent dans cette course globale pour le pouvoir et l'influence. Mais rien n'est ce qu'il semble. En réalité, ces nations ne sont que des pions dans un jeu perfide. Les joueurs sont des investisseurs sans pitié qui veulent gagner le plus possible et qui influencent de manière invisible les pouvoirs du monde. Mais un investisseur peut toujours perdre le contrôle sur un pouvoir mondial, ce qui peut provoquer de nouvelles opportunités.

    Un jeu de plateau stratégique de proportions globales. En savoir plus
  198. Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space

    Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space

    21,00 €


    Un jeu de déduction, de stratégie, où l'ambiance est toujours au rendez-vous! En savoir plus
  199. Florenza


    38,50 €

    Florence, en pleine période Renaissance. A vous d'embaucher les plus importants artistes de l'époque. En savoir plus
  200. Navegador


    35,00 €


    Les joueurs représentent de riches dynasties commerçantes qui prennent part à la construction de l'Empire colonial Portugais. Le but premier est d'explorer les régions maritimes inconnues. En savoir plus
  201. Cadwallon: City of Thieves

    Cadwallon: City of Thieves

    45,00 €


    Contrôlez votre bande de quatre voleurs, en compétition pour amasser le plus gros butin possible. Mais attention : ce n'est pas une compétition amicale et l'intégrité n'est pas la principale vertu des voleurs de Cadwallon! En savoir plus
  202. Sid Meier's Civilization

    Sid Meier's Civilization

    57,50 €

    Conçu par Kevin Wilson, Civilization: le Jeu de Plateau est inspiré par la gamme de jeux vidéo légendaire créée par Sid Meier. Les joueurs doivent guider une civilisation entière à travers les époques, en prenant possession de la technologie, de l'économie, de la culture et de l'aspect militaire de votre population, ainsi que tous les choix que cela engendre. Voici quatre différents chemins vers la victoire, chacun avec ses propres obstacles.

    Dans Civilization: The Board Game, 2-4 joueurs jouent le rôle de célèbres leaders de civilisations historiques, chacun avec ses propres capacités. Les joueurs peuvent explorer le plateau de jeu modulable, construire des villes et des bâtiments, se battre, faire des recherches de technologie puissante et attirer des gens en faisant avancer leur culture. Peu importe votre style de jeu, il y a toujours une civilisation pour vous! En savoir plus
  203. Hart van Afrika

    Hart van Afrika

    Prix normal : 31,50 €

    Prix promotionnel : 15,00 €

    "Heart of Africa" aborde la période de la colonisation intensive de l'Afrique au XIX iéme siècle par les pays européens. Des explorateurs et commerçants sans scrupule se lancent dans la recherche et le pillage des richesses du continent, et se concurrencent pour mettre en places des circuits commerciaux durables. En savoir plus
  204. Alexander de Grote

    Alexander de Grote

    31,50 €

    Dans Alexandre le grand, Naissance d'un Empire, chaque joueur suit le chemin du célèbre roi de Macédoine. Il s’empare de la Perse avec son armée et crée des villes puissantes et de grands temples. Enfin Alexandre commande un Empire s'étendant du Danube au-dessus de l'Adriatique, en Egypte, au Caucase, en Perse et en Inde. Chaque joueur reçoit des points de victoire (PV) pour chaque province qu’il occupe et les temples et les villes qu’il a créés. Le joueur avec le plus de PV à la fin de la partie gagne. Il peut s'appeler Alexandre le grand. En savoir plus
  205. Bizon


    22,50 €

    Dans Bison, les joueurs jouent le rôle d'un chef de tribu indienne qui cherche les meilleurs coins de chasse dans l'ouest américain. Les indiens chassent le bison, le dindon et le poisson dont ils ont besoin pour s'implanter sur de nouveaux terrains ou acheter des tentes et des canoës au marché. A la fin de l'année, les tribus indiennes se rencontrent et le vainqueur est la tribu qui a le plus d'animaux sur ses terrains de chasse. En savoir plus
  206. Blue Moon mega promo - alle 8 uitbreidingen inbegrepen

    Blue Moon mega promo - alle 8 uitbreidingen inbegrepen

    Prix normal : 90,00 €

    Prix promotionnel : 45,00 €

    Promo pack van Blue Moon met alle 8 uitbreidingen met 50% korting!
    De catastrofale Night of Doom luidde het Zwarte Tijdperk in voor Blue Moon City en haar burgers. De Gouden Draak is gevallen en de god Blue Moon, de schepper aller dingen, heeft zich van zijn volk afgekeerd. De Koning is dood; Blue Moon City is verwoest en het Heilige Kristal van Psi is versplinterd tot een hoopje kleine kristallen. De drie elementaire draken, de enige overgebleven goddelijke wezens op de wereld, bewaken nu in afwachting van een nieuwe leider het gebroken kristal.

    Alle 8 uitbreidingen zijn inbegrepen in dit promo pack:
    Flit Set
    Mimix Set
    Khind Set
    Terrah Set
    Pillar Set
    Aqua Set
    Gezanten I
    Gezanten II En savoir plus
  207. Pirates 2ed - Governor's Daughter

    Pirates 2ed - Governor's Daughter

    27,00 €

    La fille du gouverneur vient une nouvelle fois d'être enlevée! Et bien entendu la rançon pour délivrer la jeune femme en détresse est des plus couteuses... En savoir plus
  208. Vinhos


    39,50 €


    Prenez en main une entreprise vinicole et développez votre activité. Pour y parvenir, vous avez plusieurs options, allant de l'achat de vignobles à l'embauche d'experts, du renforcement des caves à l'exportation ou à la vente de vos produits, tout ça pour au final essayer d'être la médaille d'or de la foire aux vins internationale. En savoir plus
  209. Fürstenfeld


    29,00 €

    Furstenfeld vous plonge en plein XVI° siècle. Vous avez réussi grâce au commerce que vous avez entretenu avec les brasseries locales. Mais vous avez envie de vous élevez et souhaitez donc qu'on vous construise votre propre palais.
    Pour ce faire, vous allez encore devoir augmenter vos productions de houblon, d'orge et d'eau, pour irriguer tout ça. Dans le même temps, il vous faudra construire les bâtiments nécessaire à la construction de votre palais. En savoir plus
  210. Stronghold


    39,50 €

    Le cadre : une forteresse assiégée. Deux équipes s’affrontent : l’une assiège la forteresse, l’autre la défend. En savoir plus
  211. Tribune: Primus Inter Pares

    Tribune: Primus Inter Pares

    41,50 €


    Riches ou pauvres, forts ou faibles, quand on fait partie de la Tribune, on se fait écouter! Et vous, vous faites évidemment partie de cette fameuse tribune... En savoir plus
  212. Tikal II

    Tikal II

    37,50 €

    Le site de Tikal fut découvert et exploré lors d’une célèbre expédition montée par les Prof. Kramer et Kiesling. Une décennie plus tard, un parchemin révèle la possible existence d’un temple perdu près du premier site. Les deux scientifiques commencent alors à imaginer une nouvelle expédition en Amérique Centrale. En savoir plus
  213. Descent: Journeys in the Dark (2nd)

    Descent: Journeys in the Dark (2nd)

    69,50 €

    Dans Descent: Journeys in the Dark, les héros explorent les couloirs, chambres et cavernes qui existent en dessous de la surface de la terre, tout en rassemblant du matériel et des trésors, en combattant des monstres et en collaborant en équipe pour remplir leur mission. Survivrez-vous dans le noir? En savoir plus
  214. First Train to Nürnberg

    First Train to Nürnberg

    34,50 €

    Endossez le rôle d'un promoteur soutenu par les investissements de centaines de propriétaires terriens locaux et construisez des lignes qui peuvent tirer des bénéfices du transport des passagers et pouvant également transporter des pierres et du fromage. En savoir plus
  215. Railways of England and wales

    Railways of England and wales

    29,50 €


    Le milieu du 19ième siècle en Angleterre...Les tramways qui sont à l'origine apparus pour le transport du charbon ont désormais été transformés en chemins de fer. De nombreuses sociétés différentes avec de différents systèmes de rails se connectaient aux villages, villes et cités partout dans le pays. A la fin les petites sociétés se sont fusionnées pour devenir les Big Four.

    Cette nouvelle extension dispose de deux set de règles. Le premier suit le mécanisme de jeu de la série Railways of the World. Le deuxième set est un tout nouveau jeu par Martin Wallace avec un nouveau système d'actions et d'engin économique qui est basé sur le mécanisme de Railways of the World. Le set est également entièrement compatible avecRailroad Tycoon.
    En savoir plus
  216. 1860: Railways on the Isle of Wight (2nd. Ed.)
  217. High Frontier

    High Frontier

    49,50 €


    2 - 5 players design rockets to explore and industrialize the solar system. They will need to find water as reaction mass for their rockets. Points are awarded according to the scarcity of the space-products produced, glory, colonies, and mega-engineering projects.

    A boxed game with rocket, freighter, and factory plastic pieces, along with rules, patent cards, rocket diagrams, and a "delta-v" map of the inner solar system. The basic game goes out as far as the asteroids of the Main Belt and the Jovian Trojans, and the expanded game (also available November 2010) adds Jupiter and Saturn.

    When people finally emigrate into space, the motivation will be space nanofacturing using processes possible only in zero-gravity and high-vacuum conditions. The key to economic production is finding water on suitable worlds, for rocket propellent and life support. Also key is designing efficient rockets and the remote-controlled machines called robonauts to do the grunt work. Each space mission must be flexible due to changing conditions and emergencies. A chart keeps track of supply and demand of various space products. En savoir plus
  218. Horus Heresy

    Horus Heresy

    72,50 €


    Le treizième jour de Secundus, le bombardement a commencé...

    Dans la plus grande trahison de l'univers, le Warmaster Horus - jadis le plus grand général de l'humanité, maintenant corrompu par Chaos- s'est retourné contre l'Empereur et a lancé l'Imperium of Men dans une guerre civile féroce. Le conflit galactique a atteint son sommet. Les légions du Warmaster ont attaqué Holy Terra elle-même, le siège de l'Empereur. Ici le destin de l'humanité est en jeu durant la plus grande campagne militaire jamais vue.

    Dans le jeu de plateau Horus Heresy, cette bataille légendaire se déplie à travers les terres ravagées de Terra et dans l'orbite glacé au dessus. Des rangées mortelles du Inner Palace doré de l'Empereur jusqu'au vaisseau amiral de Horus, Vengefu Spirit. Prendre le côté du traître ou du loyaliste, deux joueurs contrôlent les légions Space Marine ou les Chaos Space Marines, de puissants Titans, les armées impériales à la fois loyales et traîtres, et un arsenal effrayant d'autres unités, y compris l'Empereur et Horus eux-mêmes.

    Un système d'ordre et d'initiative innovateur force chaque côté à réfléchir prudemment sur les commandes qu'ils donnent à leurs troupes. Un système de cartes de combat dramatique incorpore les dégâts, ce qui donne aux joueurs l'opportunité d'allouer des ressources entre attaque et défense, et fait ressortir les uniques pouvoirs spéciaux de chaque type d'unité.

    Horus Heresy contient plus de 120 modèles de miniatures détaillées, y compris 10 pièces de terrain en plastique, et plus de 200 cartes pour ramener ce conflit de grande envergure à vie sur un tapis somptueux représentant Terra. En savoir plus
  219. Arnhem '44 - The Operation Market Garden

    Arnhem '44 - The Operation Market Garden

    46,50 €


    An Axis & Allies like strategy game on the dramatic events regarding operation Market-Garden in September 1944. A large narrow mapboard represents the area from Eindhoven by Nijmegen to Arnhem. Units are plastic pieces representing infantry, tanks and artillery. Bridges are also included and may be blown up.

    Will you manage to reach Arnhem or are the British paras doomed and easy meat for German elite forces?

    Combat is resolved on the base of ten sided dice. En savoir plus
  220. Les châteaux de Bourgogue

    Les châteaux de Bourgogue

    34,00 €

    Les joueurs assument les rôles de princes au 15ème Siècle en Bourgogne
    Au cours des 5 phases de jeu, les joueurs collectent des points de victoire via le commerce, l’élevage,
    la construction de ville ou la recherche scientifique.
    Le joueur avec le plus de points de victoire à la fin de la partie est le gagnant En savoir plus
  221. Mansions of Madness

    Mansions of Madness

    81,00 €


    Horrific monsters and spectral presences lurk in manors, crypts, schools, monasteries, and derelict buildings near Arkham, Massachusetts. Some spin dark conspiracies while others wait for hapless victims to devour or drive insane. It’s up to a handful of brave investigators to explore these cursed places and uncover the truth about the living nightmares within.

    Designed by Corey Konieczka, Mansions of Madness is a macabre game of horror, insanity, and mystery for two to five players. Each game takes place within a pre-designed story that provides players with a unique map and several combinations of plot threads. These threads affect the monsters that investigators may encounter, the clues they need to find, and which climactic story ending they will ultimately experience. One player takes on the role of the keeper, controlling the monsters and other malicious powers within the story. The other players take on the role of investigators, searching for answers while struggling to survive with their minds intact.

    Do you dare enter the Mansions of Madness?
    En savoir plus
  222. Twilight struggle 2015 deluxe edition

    Twilight struggle 2015 deluxe edition

    53,00 €

    Twilight Struggle is a two-player game simulating the forty-five year dance of intrigue, prestige, and occasional flares of warfare between the Soviet Union and the United States. The entire world is the stage on which these two titans fight to make the world safe for their own ideologies and ways of life. The game begins amidst the ruins of Europe as the two new "superpowers" scramble over the wreckage of the Second World War, and ends in 1989, when only the United States remained standing.
    En savoir plus
  223. Dominant Species

    Dominant Species

    85,00 €

    90,000 B.C. -- A great ice age is fast approaching. Another titanic struggle for global supremacy has unwittingly commenced between the varying animal species.
    Dominant Species is a game that abstractly recreates a tiny portion of ancient history: the ponderous encroachment of an ice age and what that entails for the living creatures trying to adapt to the slowly-changing earth.
    Each player will assume the role of one of six major animal classes -- mammal, reptile, bird, amphibian, arachnid or insect. Each begins the game more or less in a state of natural balance in relation to one another. But that won’t last: It is indeed "survival of the fittest."
    Through wily action pawn placement, players will strive to become dominant on as many different terrain tiles as possible in order to claim powerful card effects. Players will also want to propagate their individual species in order to earn victory points for their particular animal. Players will be aided in these endeavors via speciation, migration and adaptation actions, among others.
    All of this eventually leads to the end game -- the final ascent of the ice age -- where the player having accumulated the most victory points will have his animal crowned the Dominant Species.
    But somebody better become dominant quickly, because it’s getting mighty cold.... En savoir plus
  224. London


    30,00 €


    London lies devastated after the Great Fire of 1666. This is your opportunity to build a new city on the ashes of the old. It is up to you how you employ the talents of the people of London to this end. Will you favour the business classes, who will earn you money? Or would you prefer to spend more money than you can rightly afford on grand monuments and sumptuous palaces? You must also deal with the problem of rising poverty and how to employ the many paupers of the city. Throughout the game you will be forced to make tough decisions. To achieve one aim you must sacrifice another, which may open an opportunity for a competitor. En savoir plus
  225. Letters from Whitechapel

    Letters from Whitechapel

    49,50 €


    Letters from Whitechapel is a crime and investigation game centered on the crimes and pursuit of Jack the Ripper. One player controls Jack, and others are detectives who try to track him down.
    Get ready to enter into the poor and dreary Whitechapel district in the London 1888, the scenario of the mysterious Jack The Ripper murders, with its crowded and smelly alleys, hawkers, shouting merchants, and dirty children covered in rags who run through the crowd and beg for money and prostitutes - called "the wretched" -- on every street corner. The board game Letters from Whitechapel will take the players right there: one player plays Jack the Ripper, and his goal is to take five victims before being caught. The rest of the players - 1 to 5 - are police detectives, who must cooperate to catch Jack the Ripper before the end of the game. En savoir plus
  226. EVE Conquests

    EVE Conquests

    65,00 €


    EVE is a hard-core sci-fi setting, ruthless, cruel, and cold. Set twenty thousand years in the future, the game world presents a human race straining at the boundaries of its own nature. Massive empires have risen to envelop vast areas of space, each aiming to shape the universe according to its own unique vision.

    EVE: Conquests is a strategy board game for 2-4 players set in the EVE Universe. Players assume the roles of the four major empires in EVE and set out to prove their superiority by means of planetary domination. Their conquests require them to play the political landscape in EVE, an effort that often leads them to make war on those who defy them. Garnering the influence necessary requires tact and strategic management of resources in all spheres of operations.
    It normally takes about 2 hours to play the game to completion. En savoir plus
  227. Magestorm


    62,50 €

    In the world of the Two Suns, the time of the Great Changing is coming! While mighty armies clash, powerful mages with godlike powers unleash the forces of magic on the battlefield, pursuing their own mysterious goals.

    Magestorm is the first boardgame in a new line that finally lets you play the fantasy battles you’ve always dreamed of!

    You’ll control the mystical powers of one of four different mages — the Firemage, Airmage, Druid, or Fate Guardian — and lead into battle one of the two complete armies included in this starter box: the human Kragis or the elf-like Láusjan. You’ll achieve victory only by perfecting a strategy that balances magic-use with military skill...

    With top-notch components, fast-playing rules, and incredible replayability, Magestorm is your portal to an exciting new fantasy universe. En savoir plus
  228. Age of Industry

    Age of Industry

    33,50 €


    La révolution industrielle bat son plein. Votre objectif ? Construire et rentabiliser des filatures de coton, des usines, des mines, des fonderies, des ports et des navires afin de vous enrichir et prospérer.

    Pour bâtir les différents édifices du jeu, il faudra dépenser des cartes et de l’argent, et le cas échéant, fournir du fer ou du charbon.

    Une carte sera automatiquement utilisée par construction.
    Elle déterminera soit le type d’industrie que vous pourrez édifier soit un lieu de construction.
    Il vous sera également indispensable de poser sur le plateau des chemins de fer de votre couleur, afin de transporter le fer et le charbon et de vendre des marchandises dans les ports et marchés.

    Posséder vos propres voies ferrées multipliera par ailleurs le nombre d’emplacements sur lesquels il vous sera permis de construire vos industries !
    À la fin de la partie, un décompte a lieu. Sont pris en compte : les remboursements de prêts (malus), l’argent cumulé et les industries construites.
    Le joueur ayant obtenu le plus de points l’emporte. En savoir plus
  229. Confusion: Espionage and Deception in the Cold War

    Confusion: Espionage and Deception in the Cold War

    47,50 €


    Confusion takes players back to the early 1960s and the Cold War between the United States and the U.S.S.R. Each player takes on the role of their selected nation's spy agency: the C.I.A. or the K.G.B.

    At the start of a game of Confusion, players aren't aware of the talents and skills their spies possess! Your opponent can see what your spies can do, but you cannot. Your job as a wise leader is to first deduce exactly how each of your spies move, then employ your knowledge by using each spy for maximum effect. But be on alert, because your opponent has placed a double-agent in your team of spies! The first player to take the Top Secrets Briefcase from the middle of the board and deliver it to his opponent's capital is the winner.

    Expected release date unknown for the moment. En savoir plus
  230. Rozenoorlog


    45,50 €

    Journey back to England, 1450, just prior to the outbreak of the bitter civil war between the Royal Houses of Lancaster and York. Henry VI, a Lancastrian, was proving to be a weak ruler, so the wealthy and ambitious Richard, Duke of York, looked to put things right. The powerful noble families had to choose sides and over the next 40 years, kings, royal heirs, and great nobles were to die, in what was to become known as the Wars of the Roses. Players take on the role of Lancastrians and Yorkists, who must gather support from the major towns and powerful noble families and attempt to control the royal castles throughout the country. Ports, the shipping trade, and financial aid from the Church and France are also needed. As their faction grows in strength, players vie for the King’s favor and look to earn the prestigious titles of Captain of Calais, Archbishop of Canterbury, Warden of the Cinque Ports, Lord High Admiral and Constable of the Tower of London. Money means power, because loyalty can be bought, so players should be prepared for the inevitable treachery as nobles change allegiance at crucial times, affecting the balance of power. When Parliament is called, each region in England will support one or other of the two Royal Houses and the crown will go to the one with the greater power base. Nobles loyal to this House will be rewarded by a grateful King. Eventually, only one Royal House will boast the King, but the player who has gathered the most money and prestige will win, regardless of his allegiance. En savoir plus
  231. Conquest of Nerath - Dungeons and Dragon Boardgame

    Conquest of Nerath - Dungeons and Dragon Boardgame

    59,50 €


    "War has come to the Dungeons & Dragons world! In the north, the undead legions of the Dark Empire of Karkoth march against the fragile League of Nerath, determined to sweep away the human kingdoms forever. To the south, the infernal Iron Circle launches its own goblin hordes in a campaign of conquest against the elves and corsairs of Vailin. From the snowy expanse of the Winterbole Forest to the sun-warmed coasts of ancient Vailin, four great powers struggle for survival."

    Conquest of Nerath is a fantasy conquest game. 2-4 players muster armies of foot soldiers, siege engines, monsters, warships, elementals, and dragons to attack their opponents. Players employ heroes such as knights and wizards to lead their troops and explore dungeons in the search of magical artifacts and treasures to increase their power in combat.

    The game includes the following components:
    * Rulebook
    * Dice
    * Game board
    * 110 cards
    * 252 plastic playing pieces representing the champions and armies of Nerath, Karkoth, the Iron Circle, and Vailin En savoir plus
  232. Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game

    Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game

    59,50 €

    Last Night on Earth, The Zombie Game is a survival horror board game that pits small-town Heroes head-to-head against a limitless horde of Zombies (players can play on the Hero team or as the Zombies). A modular board randomly determines the layout of the town at the start of each game and there are several different scenarios to play, adding lots of replayability. Fast Paced Game Play with Easy To Learn rules allows players to jump right into the action, while Strategic Depth and Strong Cooperative Play keeps the game interesting.

    To achieve a horror movie feel, all of the art for the game is photographic and the game comes with a CD Soundtrack of original music. En savoir plus
  233. Ikusa


    63,00 €


    It is the sixteenth century in feudal Japan, where war rages across the land. Amid the chaos and conflict, you have risen to power as one of five warlords mighty enough to conquer and control the whole empire. Your victory depends on how expertly you extend your domain while defending it from your enemies.

    Send your daimyo leaders, samurai, and ashigaru warriors into battle to seize new provinces and lay siege to castles. Spend your hard-won treasury on building fortifications and bolstering your forces with ronin and ninja.

    Prove the strength of your strategy, defeat your rivals, and earn the exalted title of Shogun. En savoir plus
  234. Ventura


    60,00 €

    Ventura is a board game of nobility and conquest for 2-4 players. Set in 14th century Italy, Ventura puts players in control of warring noble houses, each vying for control of the countries growing wealth. Balance your house’s earnings and maintain your hired soldiers to keep your family’s noble standing. Remember, the best armies are also the ones that cost the most! En savoir plus
  235. Empire Builder

    Empire Builder

    35,00 €

    Epic Railroad Building in North America. Discover a modern North American classic. Celebrate one of our most vital and enduring passions: railroads. Use your initial investment to build track. Then pick up commodities where they are grown, mined, or manufactured and deliver them to a lucrative place of demand. Complete a delivery and make the money you need to buy larger, faster trains, and expand your railroad empire. Win the game by building the most effective railroad empire! With over a million variations, Empire Builder® never grows old. Capture the entrepreneurial spirit of North America and learn to build an empire. Whether you share Empire Builder® as an evening with friends or as a rainy day activity with your family, you'll always find it captivating! After enjoying this game, you can explore one of its many sequels, including the award winning Eurorails™ and Australian Rails™ En savoir plus
  236. Earth Reborn

    Earth Reborn

    65,00 €


    Earth Reborn offers nine scenarios that take you through missions of rescue, retrieval, escort. Through areas of labs, mansions, towns, and more. Each scenario builds upon the rules of a new chapter: the game system is built like a tutorial: There are core rules to start the game and each chapter offers 1-3 new rules along with a scenario that uses these new rules. En savoir plus
  237. Australian Rails

    Australian Rails

    33,00 €

    Explore the outback, build your rail empire across mountains and deserts to build a fortune. But beware dangerous sandstorms and flooding rivers as you stretch your rails across this vast continent!

    Australia Rails is part of the award-winning Empire Builder® series of games, but is a complete stand-alone adventure in the world of railroading. En savoir plus
  238. Tide Of Iron

    Tide Of Iron

    75,00 €

    Tide of Iron is a game of World War II tactical conflict for two to four players. The components in this base game allow players to simulate the dramatic struggle that took place between American and German forces in Northern Europe during the years 1944 and 1945.

    Tide of Iron is a Scenario-based game, with the available forces, objectives, map, and victory conditions being set by each given scenario. It features loads of plastic figures, including soldiers, equipment, heavy weapons, and combat vehicles, cards, dice, cardboard markers, and modular game boards that will represent the customizable terrain of this scenario-based wargame.

    En savoir plus
  239. Moral Conflict 1941

    Moral Conflict 1941

    170,00 €

    Moral Conflict 1941 starts in June 1941 and represents the Second World War played on a large board showing the whole world. It is a conflict carried out by two alliances: the Axis Powers of Germany, Italy, and Japan against the Allies, i.e. the USA and the Empires (British, French, Dutch, and Belgian). Through diplomacy or force the Soviet Union can be brought into the war on one side or the other. Two to six players either learn to work together effectively as a team or meet defeat at the hands of a superior alliance. The strength of the player’s interpersonal abilities dominate all areas of play. En savoir plus
  240. Runewars: Base Game Revised Edition

    Runewars: Base Game Revised Edition

    62,00 €


    "Runewars" est un jeu de conquêtes épique pour deux à quatre joueurs qui se déroule désormais dans l'univers de "Runebound" qui est aussi celui de "Descent". Chacun des quatre joueurs prendra la tête d'un peuple parmi les Elfes, les Humains, les morts-vivants et Uthuk, les sympathiques troupes du Chaos, chacun ayant ses propres caractéristiques, ses forces et faiblesses. En prime, il y a aussi moult héros (12) et quêtes incroyables (24) qui viennent encore enrichir et diversifier les parties.

    Expected back in stock early October 2011 (this may vary). En savoir plus
  241. Chaostle


    79,50 €

    Chaostle (ka'os'l) is a combination of the words Chaos and Castle. Chaostle is a three-dimensional castle fantasy board game. Each player selects their starting armies that they will use to battle against their enemies in an attempt to conquer the castle for their King or Queen. The armies consist of many different fantasy fighters with unique skills and weaknesses. These fighters are custom plastic miniatures in the form of fantasy characters such as wizards, dragons, unicorns, knights, archers, etc. The game has many levels of strategy that can be offset by a wide range of fates (both good and bad). En savoir plus
  242. Star Trek: Fleet Captains

    Star Trek: Fleet Captains

    76,50 €


    Venture into the depths of unexplored space with Star Trek: Fleet Captains, a strategic combat game based on the popular Star Trek franchise (Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space 9, Voyager and original timeline movies).

    Play 1v1 or 2v2 as the Klingon or Federation. Build your fleet and resource deck - each side has 12 different ships (24 total) each game! Create the space for you and your opponent to explore long and narrow? Wide and deep? The versatile hex map system allows for you to explore different board set-ups to go along with your strategies. En savoir plus
  243. Lords of Creation

    Lords of Creation

    Prix normal : 31,00 €

    Prix promotionnel : 19,50 €

    In this interesting offering, players become Gods seeking to dominate a world with their followers. The first part of the game involves constructing the game board, after which players take turns using cards to determine how many new people should appear and what type of terrain they will inhabit. All tribes start off as barbarians, but soon the calming effect of civilization settles the marauding bands; although civilized tribes score more, they can no longer attack. What they can do, though, is civilize other players' followers. Sure it gives opponents more points, but at least those followers won't come after you! En savoir plus
  244. Drum roll

    Drum roll

    40,00 €

    L’Europe au début des années 1900. Les joueurs occupent le rôle des propriétaires d’un cirque voyageant dans
    différentes villes européennes pour donner des spectacles et impressionner leur public. Avant chaque spectacle,
    les joueurs doivent enrichir leur cirque en embauchant des artistes et répondre à leurs besoins pour les aider à
    offrir leurs meilleures interprétations. Ils embauchent aussi du personnel et investissent dans le but de créer le
    plus prestigieux cirque. Après 3 spectacles, le joueur qui a gagné le plus de points de prestige est le gagnant. En savoir plus
  245. Ankh Morpork: A Discworld boardgame

    Ankh Morpork: A Discworld boardgame

    49,50 €


    Bienvenue sur Ankh-Morpork, la plus importante, la ville les plus sales, mais le plus intéressant dans le Disque-Monde.
    Le patricien de la ville, le seigneur Vétérini, a disparu, et les gens s'attendent à un leadership fort. Peut-on des familles nobles de prendre le contrôle de la ville, ou bien lesgens attendent le retour du roi pour rétablir la paix. Cependant, l'absence Vétérini peutêtre que temporaire et les espions de Vétérini sont répartis dans toute la ville, prêt à prendre le pouvoir à leur maître à apporter.
    Ankh-Morpork est un jeu relativement simple. Si c'est votre tour, vous jouez une carte,vous faites ce que cette carte, puis remplissez votre main en arrière jusqu'à 5 cartes. Le prochain joueur à faire de même, et ainsi de suite jusqu'à ce que quelqu'un a gagné la partie. Qu'est-ce que vous devez gagner dépend de votre caractère secret que vous avez assigné au début de la partie. Vous devez garder vos objectifs joueurs secret, tout en essayant de découvrir ce que les objectifs de vos adversaires. Et essayer de l'arrêter. Avez-vous obtenu ce dont il avait besoin de «Seigneur» d'être la ville la plusréglementée dans Discworld ...?

    En savoir plus
  246. Belfort


    52,50 €

    Welcome to the Tasty Minstrel universe! Put your Elves, Dwarves and Gnomes to work in the Village and Guilds of Belfort to collect resources and build up the city!

    Elves collect wood from the forest while Dwarves collect stone from the quarry. An Elf and a Dwarf together can collect Metal from the mines, and either one can collect Gold. Build buildings in the five districts of the pentagonal city and hire Gnomes to run them to gain their special abilities.

    Belfort is a worker placement game with area majority scoring in each district as well as for each type of worker. Buildings give you influence in the districts as well as income, but taxes increase based on your score so the winning players will have to pay more than those behind! Manage your resources and gold well, choose your buildings wisely, and help build the city of Belfort!
    En savoir plus
  247. Guards! Guards! A Discworld Boardgame

    Guards! Guards! A Discworld Boardgame

    46,50 €

    Guards! Guards! is an action packed, fast paced adventure set in the streets of Ankh-Morpork, the Discworlds oldest, grubbiest and least law-abiding city. Secret societies, rampaging trolls, drunken dwarves, cut throat street sellers and an 800 pound set of luggage thundering around the city on a hundred tiny legs. Players will need wits and strategy just to survive the day, never mind returning the stolen Great Spells to the Unseen University® and saving the Discworld® from looming destruction. En savoir plus
  248. 2019: The Arctic

    2019: The Arctic

    45,00 €


    "Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, in agreement with Russia, warned USA to “keep their hands off the Arctic.”

    Despite the cover picture "2019: The Arctic" is an economic game, however some military aspect is also included. In the game, players manage mineral resource companies interested in exploration of the Arctic region. They aim to maximize their scores, expressed in points, by undertaking actions that give them specific benefits or weaken the position of competitors.

    The path to gain advantage over the competition is on one hand the investment policy that will provide a variety of resources, and on the other - controlling a large quantity of deposits of the same type, which will allow to dominate in a given segment of raw materials industry.

    The tool for achieving the goal and winning the game is shaping the internal and foreign policy of the Arctic region countries (Russia, Norway, the European Union, Canada, USA). In addition to that, China’s participation in the race for access to the Arctic resources is simulated in the game.

    Players may use their political powers to obtain subsidies from a given country’s budget and to secure their investments in mining platforms built on the sea behind the scenes. However, the main axis of the gameplay is exerting direct influence upon the policies of the countries by a wide range of political and economical actions taken on their behalf.

  249. Pret-a-porter


    34,00 €


    Pret-a-Porer est un bien économique, jeu stratégique défini dans le monde de la mode.Entreprises acteurs de la mode n.runnen et d'essayer de la meilleure des défilés de modeau foie.
    Pendant le jeu les joueurs essaient d'ouvrir de nouvelles succursales et points de vente.Prenez les nouveaux employés et d'augmenter vos chances. Auditeurs Yard, les modèleset les concepteurs de construire votre empire de la mode.

    Pret-a-porter est un jeu de plateau pour 2-4 joueurs avec un mélange unique de stratégie économique et l'interaction directe. Il ya un élément de faible chance, si votre stratégie est très importante. Prendre les bonnes décisions pour remporter la victoire. Pret-a-porter a été conçu par le même fabricant que Stronghold et 51ème Etat.

    Disponible: Fin oktber 2011
    En savoir plus
  250. Québec


    34,50 €

    Québec puts you at the head of a rich family who wants to leave its name in history by building Québec city. The game spans four centuries during which you erect the most prestigious buildings and places of the city. Construction is not enough: you also have to ensure your presence in the great spheres of power. It is up to you and your opponents to build Québec City in your colors!

    A game takes place over four centuries. Each player plays on average 5 to 7 turns per century. On each turn, players choose one of these actions :

    Start a new building with his architect
    Complete part of a building
    Send a worker to a zone of influence
    Take a leader card
    En savoir plus
  251. Ghost Stories: Black Secret

    Ghost Stories: Black Secret

    31,50 €


    Les Catacombes du village renferment les trois Urnes qui contiennent les Cendres de Wu-Feng. Le Seigneur des Neuf Enfers a décidé d’en finir et de s’en emparer une fois pour toutes. Déjà, ses démons rampent dans les souterrains, fouillant la terre ancestrale de leurs griffes noires. Les reliques maudites doivent impérativement rester enfouies, ou le monde des vivants sombrera.

    Cette deuxième extension pour "Ghost Stories", "Black Secret", propose à un joueur d’incarner Wu-Feng pour s’opposer aux courageux Taoïstes qui défendent le village maudit.
    En plus de ses Fantômes, Wu-Feng va pouvoir faire appel aux redoutables Démons pour fouiller les Catacombes et jeter des Maléfices sur les Taoïstes.

    Pour faire face, les Taoïstes bénéficient, eux, de nouvelles armes : les Mantras Sanglants et la capacité Frère de Sang.

    Leur condition de victoire reste inchangée : toutes les incarnations de Wu-Feng doivent être exorcisées.
    En savoir plus
  252. Antiquity


    125,00 €


    Antiquité est situé dans un environnement moins calqué sur l'Italie dans la fin du Moyen Age.
    Les joueurs choisissent leur propre victoire conditions: Ils peuvent se concentrer sur la croissance démographique, le commerce, la conquête, ou construction de la ville en choisissant leur saint patron, et chaque stratégie requiert un style complètement différentde jouer. Ou vous pouvez choisir de Santa Maria, le saint le plus puissant de tous, mais vous serez attendus à construire une civilisation deux fois plus impressionnant quen'importe quel autre joueur.
    Alors que votre économie est en constante amélioration, avec des villes de plus en plus avancées apportant de nouvelles options à chaque tour, les terres autour de vos villes est lentement en train de s'épuiser, vous forçant à voyager de plus en plus de recueillir vos matières premières jusqu'à ce que finalement, il n'ya plus de terres laissées à la ferme.
    Espérons un de vous a gagné le match avant cette date!

    Réimpression de l'année 2011
    En savoir plus
  253. Kingdom of Solomon

    Kingdom of Solomon

    38,50 €

    Le roi Salomon a présidé un âge d'or de paix et de prospérité dans l'ancien Israël. Pendant ce temps de Salomon a institué un programme de construction sans précédent. Comme l'un des gouverneurs en chef de Salomon, vous devez vous procurer les matériaux et superviser la construction de bâtiments et de routes à travers la terre pour la gloire deSalomon. Vous aurez aussi aider à construire le Temple, l'une des merveilles du monde antique.
    Royaume de Salomon est un jeu de placement des travailleurs-avec quelques torsionsnouvelles et des virages. Revendiquez-vous un espace de ressources, un espace d'actionou de jeter tous vos pions qui restent à prendre un espace bonus puissants? Allez-vouspasser vos ressources pour étendre le royaume de Salomon, de prendre quelques pointsdans le marché ou d'ajouter au Temple? Ces exemples et bien d'autres choix vous attendent dans ce jeu hautement interactif.
    En savoir plus
  254. The Ares Project

    The Ares Project

    39,50 €

    Earth has been devastated by thousands of years of human exploitation. The salvation of mankind lies millions of miles away, in the Martian tundra. Mankind embarks on The Ares Project, an ambitious and audacious program to terraform and colonize the red planet. As they spread across the surface of Mars, four factions will fight for the future...

    Terrans: The remnants of the global Earth Defense Force, the Terran Alliance is making a last stand for democracy. Kahoum: An ancient cabal that has kept their existence secret, the Kahoum have mastered psychic forces and are ready to reveal themselves to the rest of humanity. Colossus: A renegade team of underpaid engineers retreated to a secret lab to create the ultimate fighting machine: The Colossus. It is the equal of an entire army, and is prepared to wreak havoc. Xenos: The original inhabitants of Mars, they have lain in dormant hibernation for millenia. Now the human terraforming has awakened them from their slumber.

    Lead one of these four unique sides in fast-paced, card-driven action. Build your forces, upgrade them with advanced technologies, and launch them into battle. En savoir plus
  255. Outpost


    45,00 €

    Players compete to build the best outpost. They must build and staff factories to produce resources which are then used to build more factories and purchase any of 13 outpost improvements which give different advantages (ranging from production technologies, resource storage, and increased population maximums to resource producing stations). Improvements are purchased through auctions, and each player may only win 1 per round. There are 3 phases in the game, and with each phase after the first a new set of improvements are available to purchase. Each staffed factory and improvement are worth a certain number of victory points (ranging from 1 pt for an ore factory to 20 points for a moon base) and the first player to reach 75 points wins. En savoir plus
  256. Space Station (First Edition)

    Space Station (First Edition)

    Prix normal : 35,00 €

    Prix promotionnel : 29,50 €

    Finally, the international space industry is beginning to grow! To encourage the development, global funds are awarding prizes to companies that are outstanding in different areas. You control one of those companies and want to compete for the biggest, best and most beautiful space station the world has ever seen. But the competition is hard...

    In Space Station you start your space station with a core module card on the table, then over six years (rounds) you expand it by paying and placing new module cards. Each year you start with a five card hand, crew tokens and new MegaCredits (money), with the amount of crew and money determined by the structure of your space station. You use money primarily to pay for new modules, and the crew gives you special effects on many of your modules.

    During the year, the players take turns doing actions such as building, using module actions, playing event cards, repairing or passing. When everyone passes, the year ends and victory points are awarded: There are six kinds (colors) of modules and for each kind, the player(s) with the most modules of that kind is awarded a victory point. Players' crew tokens are then reset, and player may discard a card beore refilling their hand and getting money for the next year.

    At the end of the sixth year, the player with most victory point wins. En savoir plus
  257. Space Bastards

    Space Bastards

    35,00 €

    Space Bastards is een science-fiction spel. De spelers proberen verschillende kleine planeten te bezetten met hun 5 rassen van aliens. Deze Aliens hebben allemaal een verschillende relatie met elkaar.
    De spelers proberen deze relaties goed te benutten om het volgende te doen: tegenstanders opeten, verwekken van nieuwe aliens, ruilhandel, oorlog, migratie.... Ze proberen er het beste uit te halen.
    De rassen worden mede bepaalt door hun grootte en vorm. Planeten zijn te klein voor iedereen.
    En savoir plus
  258. Puerto Rico: Anniversary Edition

    Puerto Rico: Anniversary Edition

    82,50 €


    Puerto Rico: Anniversary Edition is a tenth anniversary edition of Andreas Seyfarth's Puerto Rico, which debuted at Spiel 2001 with a production-ready copy that met mass acclaim.

    Game play is the same as the original Puerto Rico game: The players are plantation owners in the days when ships had sails. By growing up to five different kind of crops – corn, indigo, sugar, tobacco, and coffee – they try to run their business more efficiently than their close competitors: growing crops and storing them efficiently, developing San Juan with useful buildings, deploying their colonists to best effect, selling crops at the right time, and, most importantly, shipping their goods back to Europe for maximum benefit.

    The game system lets players choose the order of the phases in each turn by allowing each player to choose a role from those remaining when it is his turn. No role can be selected twice in the same round. The player who ends up with the most victory points – achieved by shipping goods and building – wins the game.

    Puerto Rico: Die Jubiläumsausgabe includes two expansions that were released separately: New buildings that first appeared in 2002 in Spielbox magazine and were later published by alea and Rio Grande Games, and the Nobles expansion from alea's Schatzkiste collection of game expansions.

    The game has completely redesigned components and artwork: The cardboard doubloons are now sixty metal coins, while the fifty octagonal resources have been replaced with colored wooden crates. The building tiles are now illustrated, and the cardboard for those tiles and other components are nearly 3 mm thick to give the bits more heft. The individual player boards, the VP tokens, the ships and other components have also been redesigned.

    En savoir plus
  259. Venture Forth

    Venture Forth

    38,50 €

    In Venture Forth, players have a party of adventurers who each have their own personal ambition. Achieving an ambition allows the player to convert that adventurer's "will" into points and to possibly level him up. All ambitions require the player to venture forth, which means moving his party from one site to another along a path. One of the main actions in the game is playing an enemy or adventurer card to these path spaces. Once a path is completely filled in, any player can choose to venture forth down it and encounter each card one by one, recruiting adventurers, defeating enemies, and possibly gaining treasure along the way. A combination of resource management, path planning, and timing will help you along the way.
    En savoir plus
  260. Palenque


    Prix normal : 45,00 €

    Prix promotionnel : 40,00 €

    Pacal, king of the Maya city Palenque, is trying to control all of the Yucatan's resources. As kings of other cities, his opponents have their own ideas. By using your influence to control resources in Kingdoms across the Yucatan, you can establish yourself as the greatest king of the Maya. Build Temples. Alter borders. Control resources.

    During the game, players represent the kings who oppose Pacal and use the ten different resource cards and spend action points to expand their empires, dominate the 14 Yucatan kingdoms through their control markers, exchange the opponents control markers, reserve control markers and/or build Temples, scoring every time a Score Card is played by any player.

    The player who has amassed the greatest amount of control over the Yucatan Peninsula in each of the scoring rounds is the winner.
    En savoir plus
  261. 1830: Railways and Robber Barons

    1830: Railways and Robber Barons

    42,00 €

    1830 is one of the most famous 18xx games. One of the things some gamers like about this game is that the game has 'no chance' element. That is to say, if players wished to play two games with the same moves, the outcome would be the same also.

    This game takes the basic mechanics from Tresham's 1829, and adds several new elements. Players are seeking to make the most money by buying and selling stock in various share companies located on eastern United States map. The stock manipulation aspect of the game is widely-regarded as one of the best. The board itself is actually a fairly abstract hexagonal system, with track tiles placed on top of the hexes. Plus each 18xx title adds new and different elements to the game. This game features private rail companies and an extremely vicious, 'robber baron' oriented stock market. A game is finished when the bank runs out of money or one player is forced to declare bankruptcy, and the player with the greatest personal holdings wins.

    The 2011 version of 1830 will be published by Mayfair Games in partnership with Lookout Games of Germany. This publication is being developed under license from Francis Tresham in co-operation with Bruce Shelly (the original 1830 developer). According to Mayfair Games, this version "contains rules and components for Francis Tresham's original classic design, a faster-playing basic game, and a host of exciting new variants from some of the world's best railroad game developers".
    En savoir plus
  262. Stone Age / L' Age de Pierre

    Stone Age / L' Age de Pierre

    36,50 €


    Chasser, cultiver, fabriquer des outils, collecter les matières premières dans les bois, les carrières et les rivières, assurer le développement et la croissance de la tribu, voilà les multiples missions que vous devrez gérer pour être reconnu comme le plus grand chef de tribu. En savoir plus
  263. Warriors & Traders

    Warriors & Traders

    47,50 €

    Warriors & Traders is a turn based strategy board game for 2-6 players. Set in the Dark Ages in Europe, Warriors & Traders is a pure strategy game, involving no dice and no unforeseen events. In a nutshell, there's no luck, just strategy.

    Each player starts as the ruler of a small country which he or she will grow into an empire.

    In Warriors & Traders, players will use Actions to develop their countries' technologies, Production, Trade and Military, keeping track on separate Play-mats. They will also build armies to conquer new provinces and forts to defend their own and they will harvest and trade for resources.

    The game can be played either in alliance or in a free-for-all system. Player will get Victory points from fighting enemy player or the Barbarians who populate the map, from building Forts or trading. The player or alliance accumulating the most Victory points will win the game. The game ends after a maximum of 10 turns or when one or more players reach the victory conditions, dependent on the number of players and the type of play. En savoir plus
  264. Dragon Rage

    Dragon Rage

    45,00 €


    Dragon Rage est un wargame d'initiation, situé dans un monde fantastique.

    Des Dragons et d'autres monstres attaquent des cités fortifiées, tentant de détruire le plus de bâtiments possible tandis que les forces armées de la ville contiennent l'attaque. Contrôlez les monstres envahisseurs ou les forces de la ville dans un combat sans merci!

    Le scénario de base voit deux Dragons attaquer la cité portuaire d'Esirien. Le défenseur contrôle une petite milice qui défend la ville. Toutes les troupes sont représentées par des pions sur le plateau à hexagones. Lors de chaque tour de jeu, chaque joueur déplace tout ou une partie de ses troupes et combat ensuite les ennemis qui se trouvent à portée. Les humains ont un seigneur local qui dispose de pouvoirs spéciaux, et un magicien qui peut lancer des sorts. Les Dragons sont extrêmement résistants et peuvent cracher le feu, détruisant bâtiments et hommes dans leur infernal brasier.

    Le combat se résout en lançant un dé sur une table de résolution, en croisant les forces des unités attaquantes et défenderesses.

    Dragon rage est une bonne introduction au monde des wargames : Il y a peu d'unités de chaque côté, ce qui en fait un jeu simple à apprendre et rapide à jouer. Il introduit des concepts clé du wargame tels que le mouvement tactique sur une grille hexagonale, des pions avec les caractéristiques des unités, l'utilisation d'une table de résolution, la gestion de ratios de force attaquant-défenseur, les modificateurs de terrain, les renforts et les capacités spéciales.

    Le manuel de règles de 16 pages a été écrit spécifiquement pour introduire au jeu des joueurs novices. Sa structure suit l'ordre du tour et il peut être utilisé tout en découvrant le jeu, jouant phase après phase à mesure que vous progressez dans la lecture.

    Une fois les concepts de base du jeu et le scénario initial maîtrisés, vous passerez au jeu complet.

    Le livre de référence de règles de 32 pages reprend toutes les règles du manuel de règles, plus toutes les règles étendues et optionnelles. Il est organisé par thèmes, ce qui permet de retrouver rapidement une règle en cours de partie. Les règles sont disponibles en Français, Anglais, Espagnol ou Allemand.

    Les règles complètes proposent plusieurs scénarios pour Esirien, en remplaçant les Dragons par des oiseaux Rocs, des géants, des orcs et Gobelins, Vouivres, Dinosaures et d'autres créatures.

    Elles présentent aussi Nurkott, un oppidum Orc au dos du plateau de jeu. A Nurkott, les Orcs se défendent contre les assauts des humains et de divers monstres.

    Les règles optionnelles comprennent de nouvelles unités comme les catapultes et balistes humaines ou la princesse Elowyn, de nouveaux sorts pour invoquer des élémentaires, des règles pour créer vos propres scénarios, des règles de tournoi et des règles de campagne pour lier plusieurs scénarios entre eux. Elles font de Dragon rage un système de jeu complet qui vous apportera de nombreuses heures de plaisir tactique alors que vous explorez les nombreuses combinaisons possibles.

    En savoir plus
  265. Space Maze

    Space Maze

    34,50 €

    Space Maze is a eurogame with an alien theme.
    In the game each player represents an alien species. The goal is to steal an ancient relic from a massive structure floating in space. The players compete against each other, all trying to bring home the Relic. The game has a capture-the-flag system.

    The gameplay mechanics are based around a maze made up out of primary coloured doorways (red, blue and yellow), two doorways touching each other make a combination of colours that can (or not if the two colours are the same) form a secondary colour. The aliens you play with are made up out of these secondary colours, each player has three aliens: 1 green, 1 orange and 1 purple. Aliens can only pass through doorways that form their secondary colour.

    While moving through the maze the players will continuously have to change the maze to get the right colour combinations. And while everybody is getting closer together, players will start to be in each others way, eventually changing the maze in ways others will not be too happy about. Especially not when you prevent them from grabbing the relic!

    This is a game where you plan ahead for a perfect round, just to see it all being completely overthrown by some odd move your opponent is making (providing all other players with some cheap laughs). Most of the time spreading your chances will be the best way to go, but you can always rush for it and hope for the best;) En savoir plus
  266. Trajan


    39,50 €

    Situé dans la Rome antique, Trajan est un jeu de développement dans lequel les joueurs tentent d'accroître leur influence et leur pouvoir dans les différents domaines de la vie romaine tels que la politique, le commerce, la domination militaire,...

    Le mécanisme central du jeu utilise un système similaire à celui de l'Awélé.
    En distribuant des cubes de couleur dans les cases de leurs tableaux personnels, les joueurs choisissent leurs actions et peuvent, en réalisant certaines combinaisons, obtenir des avantages supplémentaires.

    (comptez 30 mn de temps de jeu par joueur) En savoir plus
  267. Upon a Salty Ocean

    Upon a Salty Ocean

    35,00 €

    In Upon a Salty Ocean, players start the game with one caravel loaded with three salt barrels, a salt mine and 10-16 money. From this, they must build a shipping empire! The game lasts five turns, with each turn being divided into three phases.

    In the event phase, players adjust prices on the market based on the current event tile, take into the account the weather and environmental conditions that will affect them the remainder of the round, and reveal the event tile for the subsequent round.

    The action phase lasts a variable number of rounds depending on how many actions players want to take and can afford. Eight actions are available and they're divided into four types:

    City: (1) buy a saline and (2) buy a building
    Navigation: (1) travel to the ocean and fish and (2) travel to Rouen
    Harbor: (1) build a ship and (2) move goods
    Market: (1) sell to the market and (2) buy from the market
    On a player's turn, he can take any one of the either actions or pass; the cost of an action is the number of times this type of action has been performed previously during this round. For example, the first use of a City action costs 0, while the next use (whether to buy a saline or a building) costs 1. A player who passes can take an action later in the same phase. The action phase ends once all players pass. A player can go into debt during a turn, paying one coin in interest when doing so; as long as the player is in the black once the action round ends (by selling to the market), no further payment is due.

    In the turn end phase, players produce salt, may use special buildings, pay interest (if needed), reset the cost of the actions to zero, and so on. A player can have no more than 40 coins at the end of a turn unless he owns a banque, and the limit is 80 coins without owning Salle des Coffres. This limit is important as the player with the most coins after five rounds wins. Some buildings provide endgame bonuses to which the coin limit doesn't apply.
    En savoir plus
  268. The Forgotten Planet

    The Forgotten Planet

    Prix normal : 35,00 €

    Prix promotionnel : 27,50 €

    The search for energy crystals continues without respite throughout the universe! The Merchant guild is ready to pay outrageous amounts of money, and all the Seekers roam about to find them. Breaking news! The surface of the "forgotten planet" on the edge of the galaxy is full of them. In a few days, a new gold race will begin, with men replaced by robots that search, explore and fight to control the precious mineral!

    The Forgotten Planet is a tile-laying management game in which tiles represent safe areas on a planetary surface on which robots walk and take other actions. These tiles also accumulate energy from the sun, then conduct it to robots, giving them (and the player) more actions if they absorb enough energy – so building and maintaining ownership of these tiles is fundamental in the game strategy. Players and robots use this energy to build new bases, discover mines, build walls to keep out other robots, push those same walls out of the way, produce more robots and much more.

    En savoir plus
  269. MIL (1049)

    MIL (1049)

    41,00 €

    Will you and your family gain power in a medieval society?

    MIL (1049) for ages 12 presents a strategic medieval boardgame where you can choose your strategy to gain power. You can harvest lands, recruit soldiers or even build a cathedral to acquire power. But be aware that everyone can die ! So it is important to have sons because they are the future of your kingdom.
    En savoir plus
  270. Urban Sprawl

    Urban Sprawl

    59,50 €

    Urban Sprawl abstractly models the growth of a town into a thriving city into a teeming metropolis.

    Players assume the roles of entrepreneur, tycoon and politician -- each helping in the development of a hypothetical "Anywhere, USA." Wealth and Prestige will be earned and spent throughout the game. Buildings will rise only to later be demolished for better and larger fare.

    Throughout the game players will gather valuable Permits. These will result in either a wealthy Investment or the foundation of a new building Contract. Players will strive to become dominant in one or more building Zones in order to acquire beneficial political offices.
    En savoir plus
  271. Eclipse


    65,00 €

    La guerre entre la terre et l'Hégémonie est terminée.
    Pour éviter une reprise des conflits majeurs, les civilisation maîtrisant la navigation interstellaire ont créé le Conseil Galactique.
    Pourtant des divisions apparaissent déjà en son sein. Et des tensions naissent entre les 7 nations majeures.
    Tout porte à croire qu'on se dirige vers une confrontation. Mais qui en sortira vainqueur? Qui régnera sur la galaxie entière?

    Chaque joueur va prendre le contrôle d'un des 7 peuples disponibles et devra composer avec ses forces et faiblesses (chaque peuple a ses propres capacités). Il pourra explorer l'espace, construire des vaisseaux et se battre avec. Cependant toutes ces flottes et toutes les zones du plateau modulable que vous contrôlez ont un coup d'entretien que vous devrez gérer et qui ralentiront le développement de votre peuple. Saurez vous passer outre et construire le plus vaste empire de la galaxie? En savoir plus
  272. Killer Bunnies and the Journey to Jupiter

    Killer Bunnies and the Journey to Jupiter

    41,50 €

    A hysterical new Killer Bunnies brand game! Killer Bunnies and the Journey to Jupiter is a strategy hex board game with classic KB card play. Move your ships around the board, engaging in space battles with your opponents, on your way to gathering up carrots from random hexes and bringing them back to Jupiter first. With new hilarious cards and spoofs, Killer Bunnies and the Journey to Jupiter is great strategic fun for new and veteran Bunnies players alike.
    En savoir plus
  273. Homesteaders Master Print

    Homesteaders Master Print

    36,00 €

    Homesteaders is an auction and resource management game in which players bid on the opportunity to build certain types of buildings, then spend resource cubes to build one of several buildings of that type. The buildings confer abilities, income, and points; some automatically and some requiring a worker.

    The game lasts 10 rounds, with each round consisting of an auction phase followed by a Building phase. After the last round, players get 1 final income phase and one last chance to buy and sell goods and use their building abilities before scores are tallied.

    Players score for their buildings, bonuses conferred by buildings, and points earned throughout the game from selling resource cubes. The player who builds the best combination of buildings and best manages the 9 different resources in the game will score the most points and win, as long as they don't take on too much debt! En savoir plus
  274. Nexus Ops

    Nexus Ops

    51,50 €

    Nexus Ops presents sci-fi battles and fantastic alien creatures in which you can command factions of an army and abnormal life forms on an alien moon.
    How to play?
    Players station troops from their home base to investigate the landscape. En savoir plus
  275. Wiz-War


    49,50 €

    Boardgame WIZ-WAR of magical mayhem for ages 14 and up is an mythical game where you as wizard have to steal each other's treasures. Use spells to shapeshift or fireball at your enemies. The last wizard standing always wins in this fantasy game. En savoir plus
  276. Talisman: Revised 4th Edition

    Talisman: Revised 4th Edition

    57,50 €

    Talisman is a cult classic board game with a fantasy theme. There are 14 characters a player can control, from the heroic Warrior to the powerful Sorcerer. In this perilous adventure, play centers around the journey of these gallant heroes to find and claim the Crown of Command, a magical artifact with the power to destroy all rivals and make the bearer the true ruler of the kingdom. Only with strength, courage, wisdom and a few good dice rolls will players be able to survive the ultimate test and beat their opponents to victory. Part of the Talisman series of games.

    En savoir plus
  277. Dungeon Lords (GER)

    Dungeon Lords (GER)

    37,00 €


    Have you ever ventured with party of heroes to conquer dungeons, gain pride, experiences and of course rich treasure? And has it ever occurred to you how hard it actually is to build and manage such underground complex filled with corridors and creatures? No? Well now you can try. Put yourself in role of the master of underground, summon your servants, dig complex of tunnels and rooms, set traps, hire creatures and try to stop filthy heroes from conquering and plundering your precious creation. We can guarantee you will look on dark corners, lairs and their inhabitant from completely different perspective!

    En savoir plus
  278. Warrior Knights

    Warrior Knights

    41,50 €


    In Warrior Knights, each player takes on the role of a Baron vying for control of the Kingdom. Each Baron commands four faithful Nobles who lead his armies into battle. Each Baron seeks to capture cities in order to gain Influence (victory points), which is used to measure his claim to the throne. Barons may also seek to gain advantage by increasing their income, gathering Votes to use at the Assembly, or by amassing Faith, which can be used to gain a measure of control over chance events. Only through cunning strategy and careful diplomacy can a Baron hope to attain victory. En savoir plus
  279. Bullfrog Goldfield

    Bullfrog Goldfield

    42,50 €


    In 1905, the last great North American gold and silver rush took place near Death Valley, in Nevada. Bullfrog Goldfield is a stock trading game in which players attempt to cash in on the discovery of this ore. Players must develop mines to acquire the ore, construct towns to support the miners, and lay railroads to ship the ore away. Competition can be brutal as railroads race across the desert to arrive at mines first, fortunes ebb and flow on the mercy of mineral veins, and hostile takeovers threaten hard-earned holdings. Only the development of mines brings chance into the game, luck is absent everywhere else.
    En savoir plus
  280. The Last of the Independents

    The Last of the Independents

    34,00 €

    Ever wonder what happened to Studebakers, Packards, Ramblers, and all the rest of the “orphan” brands? Last of the Independents is a Euro-styled resource management game that simulates the building, engineering, and promotion of cars by the smaller independent American automobile companies in the post-WWII era. It depicts some of the difficult challenges executives faced as they vied against each other and the “Big Three.” Design, engineer, and advertise your way to commercial success in the wide-open car market of the Golden Age of automobiles.
    En savoir plus
  281. The Manhattan Project

    The Manhattan Project

    46,00 €

    A Global Power Struggle at the Dawn of the Atomic Age! A revolutionary new technology has been discovered. Immediately, every major military power recognizes its destructive potential. Can your nation take the lead in this new arms race and become the world's dominant superpower? In The Manhattan Project, you are the leader of a great nation's atomic weapons program in a deadly race to build bigger and better bombs. But this is no peaceful race! You must not hesitate to use clever espionage and military force to advance your plans to secure your nation's place!
    En savoir plus
  282. The Manhattan Project: Nations Expansion

    The Manhattan Project: Nations Expansion

    5,50 €

    This seven-card expansion for The Manhattan Project board game introduces real-world nation roles to the game, providing extra intrigue and themes. En savoir plus
  283. Startup Fever

    Startup Fever

    Prix normal : 60,00 €

    Prix promotionnel : 40,00 €

    In Startup Fever, the players are company founders in Silicon Valley and manage money and employees. Hiring Nerds (engineers) creates better products, which attract more users, who in turn generate money. Hiring Suits (Sales) generates more money, which can be used to hire more nerds. At the end of every year the best products steals users from the other products during showdown. Employees initially are very eager to stay with a company, but over time are more likely to move to competing companies, unless they get further (monetary) incentives.

    Each player starts with 2-4 products (depending on how many players there are) and four event cards. The game is played over several years. Every year each product gets one turn, i.e. every player gets to play 2-4 times per year. Players adopts users, based on the number of engineers and a die roll. Then they earn revenue, based on the number of users and the number of suits. Third, the player can use money to hire more employees. Soon, no more new hires are available, and players must steal (or "poach") employees from other players. The other players try to spend their money to prevent "poaching" from happening. During the product show down at year's end users shift towards products that invested wisely. Outside the regular turn order, event cards can be played by any player at any time, both to further their own objectives as well as to hinder other players.

    To win, a players needs to obtain the largest number of users. Players need a good mix of nerds and suits, and make smart decisions throughout the game. The constant back and forth over limited resources (employees) is different from many other resource based games and adds a lot of fun. The winning strategy depends to a large extend on guessing/reacting to other player's strategy.
    En savoir plus
  284. Blockade Runner

    Blockade Runner

    42,50 €

    Blockade Runner is a resource trading game in the Euro style, but with a dash of danger. In Blockade Runner, players take on the roles of entrepreneurs attempting to make the most money by shipping cargo in and out of the South during the American Civil War. Positioning is achieved by competing with each other for access to commodities, top market prices, and newly built ships. Hard decisions include whether to play safely to keep ships afloat or take potentially profitable risks. The crux of the play is hinged upon whether to bring in vital war goods, which reduce the intensity of the growing blockade, or more profitable black market goods. This enables a potential for cooperation, but competition is the heart of the game. En savoir plus
  285. A Touch of Evil: Hero Pack 1

    A Touch of Evil: Hero Pack 1

    21,50 €

    The Hero Pack 1 Expansion for A Touch of Evil® introduces 4 exciting new monster-hunting Heroes, Adrianna the Foreign Traveler, Harlow Morgan the Inventor, Lucy Hanbrook, and the infamous highwayman, The Scarlet Shadow; each with a highly-detailed plastic miniature. Also included are 10 powerful new Event and Location cards as well as a deadly new Villain...the Necromancer. With total control of the Walking Dead, the Necromancer strangles the streets of Shadowbrook with an endless horde of zombie minions and an unquenchable thirst for destruction.

    En savoir plus
  286. Last Night on Earth: Hero Pack 1

    Last Night on Earth: Hero Pack 1

    21,50 €


    The Hero Pack One Expansion for Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game introduces four exciting new Heroes, Stacy the Investigative Reporter, Mr. Goddard the Chemistry Teacher, Jade the High School Outcast, and Victor the Escaped Prisoner. Each character has a highly detailed plastic miniature and Character Sheet. Also included are new game cards and a challenging new Scenario.

    This product requires the Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game board game to play.

    En savoir plus
  287. Lords of Waterdeep

    Lords of Waterdeep

    41,00 €


    In Lords of Waterdeep, a strategy board game for 2-5 players, you take on the role of one of the masked Lords of Waterdeep, secret rulers of the city. Through your agents, you recruit adventurers to go on quests on your behalf, earning rewards and increasing your influence over the city. Expand the city by purchasing new buildings that open up new actions on the board, and hinder – or help – the other lords by playing Intrigue cards to enact your carefully laid plans.
    En savoir plus
  288. Globalization


    33,00 €

    Globalization brings the exciting world of big business into your living room. You are the head of a multinational corporation with one goal in mind: to make money. Outbid your competitors to acquire businesses within six different industries and grow your conglomerate. Streamline operating costs, build additional factories, sue your competitors or take one of your subsidiaries public for big returns. Your corporate strategy will impact which companies you buy and how to take your corporation worldwide. The synergy that comes from the right company combinations increases your perceived net worth.

    The first to reach a billion in net worth wins!
    En savoir plus
  289. Imperial


    40,00 €


    Europe is in the age of imperialism. Internationally operating financial investors aim for the highest political influence in Europe. Great Britain, German Reich, Russian Empire, Austria-Hungary, Kingdom of Italy, and Republic of France are each controlled by different investors. The six imperial nations build factories, troops and fleets to expand their power in Europe. They collect taxes from occupied regions to pay interests to their investors. As financial control over the imperial nations changes, there are always new strategic alliances and conflicts emerging between them.

    The players represent internationally operating investors who stay in the background. There are always six imperial nations acting in the game, no matter how many investors take part. Only the investor who gets the best return on his investments, who controls the most powerful imperial nations, and who shows the best diplomatic skill, may win the game!

    Imperial is a challenging strategy game without any luck of cards or dice. Players take over the role of internationally operating financial investors and control European diplomacy in imperial times.
    En savoir plus
  290. Dungeon Petz

    Dungeon Petz

    58,50 €

    Become the leader of imp family that has just started a new business – breeding and selling petz. Sound simple and safe? Well, we forgot to mention that those petz are for Dungeon Lords. That means magical, playful, sometimes angry monsters that constantly desire attention and in the very moment you want them to show their qualities to buyers they are sick or they poo. Sometimes you are even glad that you got rid of them. But the profit is unbelievable.
    En savoir plus
  291. Super Dungeon Explore

    Super Dungeon Explore

    85,00 €


    Super Dungeon Explore (SDE) is a dungeon crawler inspired by old Japanese console RPGs. The miniatures are done in a cute / chibi / super-deformed style, which means the head is roughly the same size as the rest of the body.

    One to five players take the role of classic fantasy heroes like the human paladin, a dwarf fighter, or an elf ranger. One player is the "Dark Consul" who controls the monsters of the dungeon. Every hero/monster has a character card that details the stats for movement, attack, armor, willpower, dexterity, action points and hearts (= life points). Additional information may include special abilities / actions / attacks and potions.

    The game is played on modular dungeon boards. During a round of play, the game passes back and forth between single heroes and the monsters, but the exact order may change from round to round. The characters use the stats from their character card, special dice (with hearts, potions and stars) are only used for combat and checks. If the heroes wound the opponent, they may draw loot cards to improve their stats. There is also the possibility to open treasure chests to find even more powerful things. The monsters have no possibility to "level up" but the Dark Consul has an unlimited number of them.

    To win the game, the Dark Consul must defeat all heroes in his dungeon. The heroes must spawn the dungeon boss by killing monsters or destroying all spawning points (= entry points for new monsters). The heroes must then kill the dungeon boss to be victorious.
    En savoir plus
  292. Fortress America

    Fortress America

    64,00 €

    Fortress America for ages 12 and up presents a renewed baordgame of the 1986 version. The United States must protect itself from dangerous invading armies like the Asians, Central American federation, Euro-Socialists. You as player can choose whether to take the role of the attacking armies or the United States.
    En savoir plus
  293. City of Thieves - Figurines Set B (Beschadigd/Damaged)

    City of Thieves - Figurines Set B (Beschadigd/Damaged)

    34,00 €

    Contrôlez votre bande de quatre voleurs, en compétition pour amasser le plus gros butin possible. Mais attention : ce n'est pas une compétition amicale et l'intégrité n'est pas la principale vertu des voleurs de Cadwallon! En savoir plus
  294. Sky Traders

    Sky Traders

    37,50 €

    Trading and negogation game Sky Tradors presents a strategic game of business relations, explorations and intrique. Your goal is to work with your mates to establish more profits for everyone. You can also plot strategies to undermine your enemies and keep the profit for yourself.
    En savoir plus
  295. Het Dorp

    Het Dorp

    36,00 €

    Life in the village is hard – but life here also allows the inhabitants to grow and prosper as they please. One villager might want to become a friar. Another might feel ambitious and strive for a career in public office. A third one might want to seek his luck in distant lands.

    Each player will take the reins of a family and have them find fame and glory in many different ways. There is one thing you must not forget, however: Time will not stop for anyone and with time people will vanish. Those who will find themselves immortalized in the village chronicles will bring honor to their family and be one step closer to victory.

    Village is a game full of tactical challenges. A smart and unique new action mechanism is responsible for keeping turns short and yet still tactically rich and full of difficult decisions. Also unique is the way this game deals with the delicate subject of death; as a natural and perpetual part of life in the village, thoughts of death will keep you focused on smart time-management.
    En savoir plus
  296. Crude: The Oil Game

    Crude: The Oil Game

    60,00 €

    In Crude: The Oil Game, players take on the role of oil company CEOs, seeking to expand their companies into multi-national energy mega-corporations. Just as with real world energy companies, players will set-up facilities for oil drilling, oil pumping, oil refining into gasoline, and gasoline selling to the consumer – all of which are represented by actual plastic pieces placed on board! Players can also speculate by buying and selling oil and gasoline barrels in both the domestic and foreign markets, once again represented by actual plastic barrels in their playing area. However, the changing economic climate, as well as sudden world news events, will challenge players to keep a long-term strategic view of the world energy markets. The first player to reach a corporation value of $750 million wins!

    En savoir plus
  297. Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game

    Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game

    39,50 €

    Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game is a tactical ship-to-ship combat game in which players take control of powerful Rebel X-wings and nimble Imperial TIE fighters, facing them against each other in fast-paced space combat. Featuring stunningly detailed and painted miniatures, the X-Wing Miniatures Game recreates exciting Star Wars space combat throughout its several included scenarios. Select your crew, plan your maneuvers, and complete your mission!

    Whatever your chosen vessel, the rules of X-Wing facilitate fast and visceral gameplay that puts you in the middle of Star Wars fiercest firefights. Each ship type has its own unique piloting dial, which is used to secretly select a speed and maneuver each turn. After planning maneuvers, each ship's dial is revealed and executed (starting with the lowest skilled pilot). So whether you rush headlong toward your enemy showering his forward deflectors in laser fire, or dance away from him as you attempt to acquire a targeting lock, you'll be in total control throughout all the tense dogfighting action.

    Star Wars: X-Wing features a number of unique missions, and each has its own set of victory conditions; with such a broad selection of missions, only clever and versatile pilots employing a range of tactics will emerge victorious. What's more, no mission will ever play the same way twice, thanks to a range of customization options, varied maneuvers, and possible combat outcomes. Damage, for example, is determined through dice and applied in the form of a shuffled Damage Deck. Each time your fighter sustains a hit, you'll draw a card that assigns a special handicap. Was your targeting computer damaged, affecting your ability to acquire a lock on the enemy? Perhaps an ill-timed weapon malfunction will limit your offensive capabilities. Or worse yet, your pilot could be injured, compromising his ability to focus on the life-and-death struggle in which he is engaged...

    The Star Wars: X-Wing starter set includes everything you need to begin your battles, such as scenarios, cards, and fully assembled and painted ships. What's more, Star Wars: X-Wing's quick-to-learn ruleset establishes the foundation for a system that can be expanded with your favorite ships and characters from the Star Wars universe.
    En savoir plus
  298. D&D Dungeon Command Sting of Lolth

    D&D Dungeon Command Sting of Lolth

    32,50 €


    Dungeon Command: Sting of Lolth is a card-driven skirmish game played on modular interlocking map tiles that uses order cards, creature cards and miniatures. The object of the game is to have the highest remaining Morale when an opposing warband's Morale has been reduced to 0 or below, or if a player ends his or her turn with no creatures on the battlefield.

    As a player, you take on the role of a commander, sending a warband to battle the forces arrayed against you. You recruit troops and deploy them on the battlefield. You issue orders to those creatures, outfit them with spells and equipment, and direct their tactics to break the morale of your enemies and drive them from the field.

    Dungeon Command: Sting of Lolth includes twelve miniatures, such as an assassin, a priestess, a wizard, spiders, and drow house guards. While each Dungeon Command faction is meant to be played by a single player, quick-start rules allow two players to engage in a shortened version of the game using only one box. Dungeon Command is designed for two players, although up to four can play with a few adjustments explained under the advanced rules.

    En savoir plus
  299. D&D Dungeon Command Heart of Cormyr

    D&D Dungeon Command Heart of Cormyr

    32,50 €


    Dungeon Command: Heart of Cormyr is a card-driven skirmish game played on modular interlocking map tiles that uses order cards, creature cards and miniatures. The object of the game is to have the highest remaining Morale when an opposing warband's Morale has been reduced to 0 or below, or if a player ends his or her turn with no creatures on the battlefield.

    As a player, you take on the role of a commander, sending a warband to battle the forces arrayed against you. You recruit troops and deploy them on the battlefield. You issue orders to those creatures, outfit them with spells and equipment, and direct their tactics to break the morale of your enemies and drive them from the field.

    Dungeon Command: Heart of Cormyr includes twelve miniatures, such as a ranger, a cleric, a knight, defenders, and archers. While each Dungeon Command faction is meant to be played by a single player, quick-start rules allow two players to engage in a shortened version of the game using only one box. Dungeon Command is designed for two players, although up to four can play with a few adjustments explained under the advanced rules. En savoir plus
  300. Existenz: On the Ruins of Chaos

    Existenz: On the Ruins of Chaos

    34,50 €

    Over the hammering noise of your steam powered airship, you hear a distinct and frightening roar. Your opponent has summoned a fearsome Stygian dragon! The scaled beast glares furiously at your army marching below, diving in for a brutal and bloody kill.

    In response, you rekindle the Chaos spark smoldering in one of your berserkers by channeling the power of your energy crystals. She lunges towards the majestic beast; a clash of fury and fire that brings further ruin to an already shattered world. Have you bought your faction enough time to reach sanctuary or will you suffer defeat at the hands of your pursuer?

    - Combine strategic use of playing cards with tactical positioning of your playing pieces on the gameboard.
    - Enjoy playing with a powerful deck of cards without spending 'big bucks on boosters'.
    - Choose from four scheming factions, each with its own flavor and mechanics.
    - Brawl with your friends in exciting team-battles, battles royal or during (un)Organized Play events at your local game shop!

    X610Z:Existenz is a strategy card game in which epic battles are fought on a game board. The game is played by two or more people, controlling a life base: your faction's floating bastion of power. Fighting off your opponents, you try to escape from the center of the boards towards the safety of the outer rim.

    You use energy crystals to fuel arcane technomantic rituals in order to protect your life base, or to obliterate your enemies. These rituals allow you to control creatures of tremendous power and create constructs of awe-inspiring size. The magic arsenal of cards in your deck allow you to manipulate the course of the game and deliver deadly combos. En savoir plus
  301. Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization

    Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization

    69,50 €


    Through the Ages is a civilization building game. The goal is to develop your civilization, not to destroy other ones. Military strength is just one aspect of your nation, as well as population, production or science. It is up to you which aspect you will concentrate on, more or less, but you should not underestimate any of them while building your civilization.

    Victory is achieved by the player whose nation produces the most culture during the game. However, there are many ways to produce culture: through religion, literature or drama, by building wonders, by utilizing cultural persons etc. Considerable amount of culture can be gained even via wars or aggression. En savoir plus
  302. Rolling Freight

    Rolling Freight

    59,50 €


    Rolling Freight is a game of building rail and shipping routes, and moving cargo across those routes. Each turn players roll custom dice to perform actions such as purchasing route contracts, completing routes, making improvements, and moving cargo. Winning will require just the right mix of all these elements so hop aboard and roll some freight!

    Includes a huge two-sided game board |38 custom dice | 132 improvement and contract cards | 5 player mats |105 partial rail cubes |170 die cut route completion sticks | 65 wooden cargo cylinders | drawstring bag |5 player pawns |full-color rules En savoir plus
  303. Empires of the Void

    Empires of the Void

    52,50 €


    The galaxy is at war. The Pyrious Empire is struggling to mantain power, and a few young alien races see this as a golden opportunity to expand their horizons. But who will join them in the imminent struggle to become the next galactic superpower?

    In Empires of the Void, two to four players compete to expand their empire in a vast, diverse galaxy. Each time a player reaches a new planet, he must decide whether to conquer it and strip the land of its resources, or befriend the natives and obtain their special ability. With 7 starting alien races to choose from, and 15 more to conquer or befriend on a variable board, no two games will be the same.

    The game uses an action point system and exciting dice-rolling combat with plenty of tactical decision making (similar to Nexus Ops). There are 19 technologies to research that break the rules and change gameplay. Players must use negotiation and trade, even when it is not their turn, which ensures that there is very little downtime. A random event deck helps build the story of the game, as each round something new happens, usually galaxy-wide. A game lasts around 2 to 3 hours and has intuitive rules which are easy to teach. En savoir plus
  304. 7 Wonders Cities

    7 Wonders Cities

    17,00 €

    7 Wonders: Cities, the second expansion for 7 Wonders, includes optional team rules, a new type of card (black, representing the remains of cities), and new cards of old types (two new wonders: Petras and Byzantium, new guild and leader cards associated with black cards). This expansion is more aggressive, with greatly increased interaction between players, who are still trying to score more points than anyone else.

    With the team rules, you can play with up to eight players, with the players divided into teams who sit next to one another so that they can kibitz and choose the cards of most use to them.

    The new black cards have a variety of effects, with nine cards being available in each age. Effects include:

    - The active player gaining gold, with his neighbors also gaining a bit.
    - Increased military strength in age 1 at a greater cost.
    - Embassy cards that remove you from the military competition for that age.
    - Cemetery cards that earn you points at the end of the game while costing opponents gold.
    - Spy cards that copy symbols from green (science) cards.
    - A black market that doubles a resource.
    - The ability to build cards for free by copying building chains from other players. En savoir plus
  305. Starship Merchants

    Starship Merchants

    32,00 €

    4049: The galaxy hums with prosperity and peace two millennia after the dawn of space travel. But as mankind and its neighbors colonized the stars, the burgeoning need for resources was apparent. One by one, new geological discoveries revolutionized terraform, construction and energy technology. The sub-temperature properties of the mineral Ice-9 allowed life-giving water to flow on uninhabitable planets. Crystallized Cobalt was accidentally found to be incredibly strong, resistant to extreme pressure. And a single chunk of Deuterium could power a sprawling metropolis for a month!

    As a plucky entrepreneur you must explore the edges of space searching for precious minerals. Will you buy the fastest ship in the sector or hire the best pilot in the galaxy? Purchase the latest state-of-the-art gadgets, invest in planetary refineries, or pay off your rising debt? The cargo you haul could be worth fortune, so grab your helmet and suit up! The cosmos and a mountain of credits call!

    In Starship Merchants, each player runs a fledgling corporation looking to stake a claim in the lucrative mining business. Player will buy starships, explore the galaxy and deliver cargo for interstellar credits, all the while expanding their operations.

    Starting at the shipyard and ending at the dock, players will move clockwise around the four quadrants on the board to complete an entire Business Cycle. During each turn, a player either performs one action at the current quadrant or advances to the next, performing an action there. As players take actions or advance they spread apart across all four quadrants while completing individual Business Cycles.

    The Shipyard is where you can buy a speedy scout or a heavy load bearing tug. The Market is where Gear, Pilots, Refineries, and claims can be purchased. In the belt, starships are run by spending energy points to explore, pickup mines, or fly to another destination. The final quadrant is the Dock where delivered cargo is traded for credits.

    A player that ends his turn at the Dock with 100+ credits can declare the Final Run, ending the game. But after completing the Final Run, the player with the most credits wins! En savoir plus
  306. Abaddon Boardgame

    Abaddon Boardgame

    73,50 €

    It's the distant future, and mankind has taken a galactic leap forward through space, time, and technology. Life as we know it struggles to endure on the Abaddon. Once the home of a mysterious, non-human civilization, the planet is now a desolate wasteland bearing one immensely precious resource: Feronium power crystals. The unimaginable energy contained within the crystals is coveted by two groups of humans: the Satellite City-States and the Commonwealth Alliance. Using Links – giant bio-mech suits made from modified military vehicles and alien technology – the warring factions fight a weary battle for territorial control of the Abaddon.

    At your disposal in Abaddon is a 28" x 19" battlefield game board with 32 highly-detailed mech figurines, 18 free-standing landscape terrain features, over 100 game-changing Wild Fire and Weapon System cards, dozens of tokens, battle dice and a Battle Manual containing over 15 mission scenarios. Choose your allegiance and lead your army in non-stop excitement as you forge through unforgiving terrain, fight to overcome random and bizarre technological glitches, and battle your enemies in never-ending war.

    Abaddon is a furious, two-to-four-player game of futuristic combat. Each scenario is laid out on the customizable battlefield game board with each side using a varying number of units. The game is played in turns during which a player rolls his Activation Dice, allowing him to "activate" certain units and move them. These mechanical units – Links – are powered by Feronium power crystals, and as they take damage these crystals are depleted. A unit that runs out of crystals is unable to continue functioning and is considered destroyed.

    Combat is card- and dice-based. The attacker lays out his Weapon System cards, targeting defending enemy units. Once the attacker has laid out all of his planned attacks, the defender may defend with his own Weapon System cards. These cards can modify the dice rolls that are used to determine the results of the combat. Additionally, due to the experimental nature of the Links and the mysterious happenings in the Abaddon region, things can, and often will, go wrong. These malfunctions and odd happenings are represented by Wild Fire cards, the drawing of which can result in anything from possible shutdowns to anti-gravity surges.

    Victory is determined based on stipulations presented by the chosen mission scenarios. Typically, victory is achieved by damaging and destroying your opponent's units by way of their power crystals. Each destroyed enemy crystal is worth one victory point, which players must collect in order to win. En savoir plus
  307. 1969


    37,50 €

    The Space Race has begun!

    In 1969, this prestige contest will decide who is the world leader – who will win? The U.S.A.? The U.S.S.R.? Or a nation of the old Europe perhaps? Who will be able to build the most technologically advanced rocket and bring Man to the Moon without crashing? Will you be able to defend your space program from the saboteurs sent from the other world powers? En savoir plus
  308. Libertalia (EN)

    Libertalia (EN)

    34,00 €


    Captain Swallow has always dreamed of pocketing a large nest egg in order to retire on a remote island – but he never counted on stiff competition from Captains Stanley Rackum, Dirk Chivers and others, greedy and cruel enemies who always manage to attack the same ships as him. If he wants to finally sink back and enjoy peaceful days in the sun, he must become the most cunning pirate!

    In Libertalia, you must thwart the plans of competitive pirates over the course of three rounds while using cards that show the same crew members as your piratical comrades-in-arms. Yes, not only do they attack the same ships, but they employ the same type of ravenous scum that you do! Can you take advantage of the powers of your characters at the right time? Will you be outdone by a pirate smarter than you? Jump into the water and prove your tactical skills! En savoir plus
  309. Ogre Designer's Edition

    Ogre Designer's Edition

    97,50 €


    <p>Let the battle begin!! Ogre the designer's edition for ages 12 and up is based on the first Steve Jackson's Ogre game. In this fast-pacing wargame the defender holds infantry and a force of armor. The attacker has the OGRE, a tank with many impressive guns. Content 5 giant-sized mapboards, more than a dozen sheets of counters, full color rulebook, 2 custom 19mm acrylic dice, Reprint of the Ogre Blueprint Poster, Record sheet masters for 10 different tupes of Ogre.</p> En savoir plus
  310. Wilderness


    51,00 €

    ”You have been assaulted, robbed, and left to your fate, with not enough clothes or equipment to manage. Now it’s up to you to fight against thirst, hunger, exhaustion, bad weather, sickness, and wild animals. Get out of the wilderness, alive!!!”

    In Wilderness, 2 to 8 players race to the nearest civilized village. But the village is not close, and the way there is not paved. You will have to find water, hunt for food, avoid wolves, bears, and snakes, endure sickness, and keep your strength up to be able to get there.

    Each player’s health is kept track of with 3 parameters: thirst, hunger, and strength. Every turn you get more thirsty, hungry, and fatigued. The thirstier and hungrier you are, the more tired you become, and that determines how many action points you have each turn. If your strength hits bottom, you die. The action points are used to walk, but also to hunt or rest. To regain your strength you also have to sleep.

    One of the biggest risks is encountering a predator, since they attack you with two dice and you defend with only one die, and lose strength equal to the difference. And they can scent you from a mile away…

    The game board is discovered gradually as players progress across it, and there are 6 turns each day (4 day turns, 2 night turns). Each day has different special rules, and each board segment has its own challenges. Each board seg