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  1. Cthulhu's Vault

    Cthulhu's Vault

    € 28,50

    Cthulhu's Vault is a card game for up to six players. Collaborative in nature, players work to tell the story of the monster's defeat, but unlike many storytelling games, the ending is not set. Within the storytelling are mechanisms for unexpected turns of events...

    Players begin with a hand of cards, each an element to work into the story being told. As they tell their story, they play a card, and if they can link multiple cards from their hand together, they receive a bonus of some sort usable later in the defeat of the Great Old One (or his ascension if the player turns out to be a cultist). If something is mentioned and another player has a card matching what is mentioned, he takes over the story and uses his cards at that point.

    The objective is to tell a great story and then reach the climactic fight between the investigators and the Great Old One which is told in story-format as well.

    Cthulhu's Vault is co-designed by Richard Launius and Jim Dietz. Launius is the designer of the classic 'Arkham Horror' while Dietz is the author of 'The Cthulhu Rainy-Day Activity Book' and the Lovecraftian novel 'The Last Post'. Meer info
  2. Tournament at Camelot

    Tournament at Camelot

    € 25,99

    Niet in voorraad

    In the time of King Arthur, knights displayed their skill and prowess at tournaments held throughout the land.

    In Tournament at Camelot, you play as a legendary character who is battling opponents with weapon cards: arrows, swords, deception, sorcery, and even alchemy. The more you injure your opponents, the better you fare in the tournament. However, even the most injured characters can make a complete comeback with the grace of Godsend cards and the aid of their special companions.

    This trick-taking game ends when one opponent has been injured to the point of death. The player with the most health is then declared the tournament victor! Meer info
  3. The Lost Expedition

    The Lost Expedition

    € 21,99

    Niet in voorraad

    Legendary explorer Percy Fawcett marched deep into the Amazon in search of El Dorado. He was never seen again. Your team has gone in search of him, but now you hope to escape the jungle with the greatest treasure of all: your life.

    Make the best of your food, your ammunition, and your health in The Lost Expedition as you plunge deep into the jungle. Choose your path carefully to ensure you're ready for the pitfalls that may occur. Play solo or cooperatively to survive the expedition, or play in teams to see which group can escape the jungle first. Meer info
  4. Kronia


    € 25,99

    It's time for a new leader to be selected by the gods to lead the nation. To help sway their decision, players must make offers to win their favor.

    In Kronia, favor tokens are placed in three different temples, then players will make secret offers to these temples over the course of twelve rounds. Everyone starts with the same offer cards, so they must anticipate which Gods other players want to please. Deciding when to spend the more appealing offers and when to hold off can be the difference. In the end, the player with the most points from their favor tokens will be chosen to lead the nation into the future. Meer info
  5. Antidote


    € 17,50

    In Antidote, you are a laboratory scientist working for a giant chemical research conglomerate. When a deadly toxin suddenly infects you and everyone in your lab, you must work quickly to share your research and discover the Antidote before it's too late.

    In the game, players take turns deciding what action all other players take: either discard from their hand or trade research with other players. Eventually all your cards will run-out and you will be left with just one that you must "drink" and hope it's the Antidote. If this card is the true Antidote, you're cured and live to play again! If not... you die, but you can always try again!

    Antidote has 6 core elements:
    1. Deduction: Players "live" or "die" by deducing the one card type that has been removed from the game (similar to Clue).
    2. Semi-Cooperative Gameplay: You live or die alone, but it may be impossible to deduce the Antidote without working with the other players.
    3. Simultaneous action selection: Every turn involves every player. Whether it is making trades for valuable information or simultaneously declassifying your research, all players are constantly engaged. This makes the game experience more fulfilling and eliminates long-periods of "down-time" between turns.
    4. Player-controlled game length: Players have sole control over the pace of the game. If you think you know the answer you can speed the game towards its conclusion. If not...well, don't hold your breath! No one is going to wait for you to figure it out! This element adds a feeling of tension and excitement.
    5. Multiple levels of player interaction: Even a "wink" or a "nod" can have meaning in this game if you are trying to learn or pass information between players. At the same time, a blatant statement such as "Blue formulas are toxic" may have no meaning at all, but everyone will judge you by your actions (everyone can see the cards you choose to discard).
    6. Surprise ending: It is unlikely that anyone can know with 100% certainty what the Antidote is by the end of the game. This means the revealing of the Antidote is often a surprise. Meer info
  6. Not Alone (NL)

    Not Alone (NL)

    € 16,99

    De 25e eeuw. De vlucht van de mensheid richting de sterren werd vele generaties geleden al ingezet. Maar ondanks een jarenlange zoektocht doorheen de uiterste regionen van de melkweg werden er nog altijd geen tekenen van intelligent leven vastgesteld. Tot je in de archieven van de Oude Aarde iets vreemds ontdekt. Alle informatie over een planeet die Artemia heet, blijkt uit officiële documenten en sterrenkaarten te zijn gewist. Je vertrekt meteen op expeditie om een onderzoek op te starten. De eerste scans van Artemia wijzen erop dat het gaat om een planeet van klasse M, met weelderige fauna en flora en de mogelijkheid om er menselijk leven onder te brengen. Maar zodra je schip de atmosfeer binnendringt, worden alle systemen platgelegd door een krachtige magnetische puls en tuimel je richting het oppervlak. De kapitein verstuurt nog snel een SOS en beveelt de bemanning om te evacueren. In de nasleep van de crash ontwaak je ongedeerd. Terwijl je bij je positieven komt, hoor je de kapitein schreeuwen van de pijn. In de verte ontwaar je een silhouet dat je bespiedt. Je bent duidelijk niet alleen... Meer info
  7. Century: Specerijenroute

    Century: Specerijenroute

    € 29,99

    Eeuwen geleden vormde de handel in specerijen ’s werelds voornaamste economische systeem. Het is in deze tijd dat jij jouw karavaan via de Oosterse landen naar de Middellandse Zee moet leid... Meer info
  8. The Blood of an Englishman

    The Blood of an Englishman

    € 13,99

    "Fee Fi Fo Fum! I smell the blood of an Englishman!" roared the giant as he crashed through the vines. Jack, with one arm around his precious stolen harp and the other grasping the beanstalk, felt the rush of danger. Will he make it to the bottom in time to chop down the leafy ladder, or will the giant successfully catch the thieving beggar?

    In The Blood of an Englishman, players take on the role of either Jack or the Giant. The Giant must maneuver the Fee Fi Fo and Fum cards while Jack tries to create three beanstalks to steal the bag of gold, the Golden Goose, and the Singing Harp. Each player has different available actions and must carefully arrange the cards to achieve their goal. Are you brave enough to face your fate? Meer info
  9. Holmes: Sherlock & Mycroft (DE)

    Holmes: Sherlock & Mycroft (DE)

    € 19,99

    In February 1895, London woke up to a loud bang. A large pillar of smoke showed that a bomb had exploded in the Houses of Parliament. Security forces were activated immediately and they arrested a suspicious young laborer near the area.

    Mycroft Holmes, at the service of the crown, was commissioned to investigate the relationship of the young laborer with anarchist groups. He thinks it will be an easy task that he can do from the comfort of his armchair in the Diogenes Club — until he is informed of disturbing news; his younger brother Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective, has been hired by the boy's parents to prove the innocence of his son, who believes to be a scapegoat of a dark conspiracy.

    For the first time, the brightest minds in London face each other. Was the young laborer involved in this terrible attack or he is just a scapegoat for a dark conspiracy?

    A game of Holmes: Sherlock & Mycroft lasts seven turns (days of investigation). At the beginning of each day, famous characters extracted from the books of Arthur Conan Doyle appear in London.

    Each player has three action tokens that move from one character to another to use their special abilities, knowing that a player can never have two tokens on the same character. Therefore, a character must be freed before reuse. The abilities of each character allow them to obtain Evidence Cards or gain Investigation Tokens in multiple ways. The game has great replay value because it is not known whether a character with a specific ability will make their appearance on the board in the Day 1 or in the final Day 7. Each game is different!
    Meer info
  10. Kreus


    € 25,99

    In this cooperative game, the players embody Titans avid to create together the ideal planet. Will you know how to dominate the nature and the elements, and worse still the anger of your father Ouranos, to realize the planet of your dreams? A cunning and intuitive game where deduction and cooperation will be the key words.
    To manage to create your planet, and to bring him the life, you will have to think together, communicate subtly, trust the other players or understand of instinct.
    The purpose of the game is to manage to create together a planet.

    To have a finished and thus livable planet, it will be necessary to pass by various creations: rainbow, river, fish, etc, and completed by element cards : earth, air, fire, water.
    A turn of game decomposes into two phases: the divination and the creation.
    During the phase of divination, every player chooses in secret a card of his hand and spends his tokens energy to give information, exchange cards, etc.
    Then, in the phase of creation, every player reveals his card in turn order and verifies if it can be involvement.
    The game ends when all the cards were played or if the planet is completed. Meer info

Artikelen 1 tot 10 van 341 in totaal

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