Terms and conditions of use

Art. 1 Definitions

Webshop: the virtual shops of D5GAMES: Speelkoning (http://www.speelkoning.be) and Spelshop (http://www.spelshop.be).
Product: these are the services and goods that are sold in our webshops. For example: boardgames, cardgames, radio controled cars, construction toys...
Buyer: This is the person who visits our webshop and buys one or more products.

Art. 2 Price
All the prices in our shop are in euro (€) and include 21% VAT, excluding shipping costs. In the case of the publication of a wrong price we will adjust the price as soon as we see it and inform the buyer if he already ordered a product. In case of a price change the buyer has the right to cancel te order.

Art. 3 Orders, payment at our webshop and e-confirmation
The buyer who places an order via our webshop will receive a confirmation by e-mail with the following data:

- Order number (unique number);
- Name and adress of the buyer;
- For every product: name, quantity, price/piece including VAT and subtotal (subtotal = quantity x prince/piece);
- Shipping costs if applicable;
- Total price. This is the sum of the prices of all the products ordered.

The e-confirmation makes the order legally binding. The buyer has to be at lease 16 years old or have the permission of his parents or legal guardian.

Art. 4 Payment
Payment can be made by wire transfer, Paypal, Moneybookers or credit card. When the product are collected at our warehouse it is possible to pay cash. By making a payment the buyer agrees with these general conditions provided by D5GAMES.
The products will be shipped or can be collected as soon as they are available to D5GAMES. D5GAMES will never be obliged to ship product that aren't paid and the products remain the property of D5GAMES until payment is made. If products are shipped before payment and we don't receive the payment in time we can charge all costs made to collect the debt to the buyer.
Additional costs depending on the payment method can be charged (with a maxium of 3% of total amount). You will see the final price after the payment method is selected. Payments by wire transfer are always free of charge).

Art. 5 Delivery of the products
The ordered products can be:

- collected by the buyer in Ramsel or any other location that is selected by D5GAMES.
- or shipped by D5GAMES to the delivery adress provided by the buyer. In this case D5GAMES will charge for the delivery. The amount charged can be found in the e-confirmation. Shipments will be made by BPost, DPD, PostNL or by courrier. Other transportation methods can be used by D5GAMES without notifying the buyer.

Art. 6 Returning products

If you are not satisfied you can inform us within 14 days using our contact form. Afterwards, you will have to return the product within 7 days at your own cost. We will provide the shipping adress at your request. You will receive a refund for the products (not for the shipping costs) within 30 days if:

- The product was bought at a webshop of D5GAMES;
- The product is in its original packaging and the packaging is intact;
- The product isn't bought for professional use.

During the period of 14 days you have the right to inspect the product like you would do in a regular store. It is not allowed to remove the shrinkwrap if you would still want to return the product.

Art. 7 Responsibility during shipping

When the product is damaged during transport we will only refund the part that is covered by the insurance of the transportation firm. Our shipping costs only cover a limited insurance. If you want full insurance please inform us before ordering. We will give you the price of insured shipping. If the box is clearly damaged when it is offered to you, it is important you let them take note of the damage before signing. If you don't mention the damage you accept the package in the state it arrived and this could result in problems filing a damage claim.

When the product is lost during transport we'll try to ship it again or offer a refund when this isn't possible.

When the product is damaged or lost after it is delivered we do not accept any responsability.

Complaints have to be filed within 3 working days after receiving or picking up the package.

Art. 8 Responsability
The buyer is responsible for the choice of the ordered products. If language dependant games are bought in a language that isn't spoken by the buyer this is no reason for refunds.
The shipping adress provided by the buyer is his own responsability. D5GAMES is not responsible if a mistake was made by the buyer in providing a correct shipping adress. When we have to ship the order a second time we will charge the buyer for all the costs made (also if the first shipment was free).

Art. 9 Complaints
Complaints can be made by the contact form on our website or by mail within 7 days after receiving the products. In case of legal actions, only the courts in the arrondissement Mechelen will be allowed to settle the dispute.

Art. 10 Data management
The personal data of our customers is stored in an automated file. This date will be used to deliver information to the buyer and to follow up his order. These data will not be used outside D5GAMES and will not be provided to other companies. The buyer can at any time consult his data and ask for adjustment or deletion.

Art. 11 Availability
Our product are available as long as there is stock available. If the products aren't in stock we rely on the information we receive from our suppliers. If we receive an order that contains products that aren't in stock we will contact our suppliers and provide an estimate of the delivery time to the buyer. We can't be held responsible if the estimate is incorrect. If a product isn't available we will delete the order and notify the buyer. If he already paid for the products, we will make a refund.

D5GAMES can not be held responsible as the estimates on the product pages are incorrect. They are only estimates and not legally binding. When we can't ship the order in 21 days, the buyer has the right to cancel his order and he will get a refund. If the product you want to order isn't in stock, you can always contact us for more precise information about the delivery time.

Art 12 Promotions
D5GAMES has a possibility of offering promotions This can be done by lowering prices for a certain period or by offering discount codes. These discount codes can be for all our customers or for customers who meet certain conditions (for example being a member of a gaming club). If people use discount codes without meeting these condition D5GAMES has the right to remove the code in your order and charge the actual price. The buyer will be informed before we will remove the code, so he can get a change to prove het meets the conditions of the discount code. All discount coupons are limited to one per person unless otherwise stated. For gift certificats the amount paid is always the amount of the value of the gift certificate. There are no discounts possible on gift certificates.

Art 13 Combining promotions
Is is not allowed to combine promotions or to use a discount code for a product that already has a special price. You can only use one discount code per order and different discounts can't be combined.

Art. 14 Annulation of an order
Only when D5GAMES agrees an order can be annulled. When D5GAMES already made costs D5GAMES has the right to charge them to the buyer.

D5GAMEShttp://www.speelkoning.be and http://www.spelshop.be are the property of BVBA D5GAMES.

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