1655: Habemus Papam

Rome, 1655 Anno Domini.

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Rome, 1655 Anno Domini. An announcement shocks the whole of Christendom: Pope Innocent X has died. With lightning speed, cardinals travel to Rome, the center of religious power and intrigue. The suspense is palpable when the players take on the roles of Preferiti—the most likely candidates to ascend to the Holy See—and try to gain as many votes as possible, using bribery, beguilement, and tactical calculation. In the end, only the cardinal with all the votes money can buy as well as proven mastery on the political stage will be elected pope.

One thing is for certain: once the white smoke rises, everybody will know: "Habemus papam! We have a pope!"

Contents: 120 playing cards, 52 gems, 4 view screens, 1 card base, 1 rules booklet, 1 information sheet.

In DDD Verlag blog:

In 1655 - Habemus Papam, players are at a papal election. The conclave of 1655 is the theme in this new card game from DDD Verlag. Here, players will try to have the most votes and see the rise off the white smoke. Whoever as the most votes wins and is proclaimed the new pope.

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Minimum number of players
Maximum number of players
Playing time
15 - 30 minutes
Language dependent
Limited text usage
Christoph Bauer
How many players?
Small groups (2-4)
Game mechanism
Katharina Kubisch
Type of game
Card Game