Zombie Dawn

There are times when surviving depends on a choice: fight or run...
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There are times when surviving depends on a choice: fight or run...

It’s been three days since your brother went to the village for provisions and has not returned yet. A ranger warns you of a strange outbreak, but you don’t believe him until a mad hiker attacks him without you being able to do anything.
Other people like her appear among the trees pouncing on you. You run away leaving the ranger to his fate...

What promised to be a quiet camping weekend has turned into a nightmare.

Zombie Dawn is a survival game for 1 to 4 players in which you play as a group of survivors and as adversities and zombies that lurk to your opponents.

Play at any time, on your turn and on your opponents’ turn.

Get your group of characters to survive in a zombie world. Search in different locations on multiple maps. Get weapons, medicines, food to get stronger than your opponents and facing all the dangers appearing in your way.

During the game you must manage the cards in your hand, explore new maps, find objects, add new survivors, heal your wounds, improve your characters’ abilities, accomplish missions and the most important thing... harm your opponents.

Get as many victory points as you can by exploring maps, accomplishing missions, acquiring skills and keeping your characters alive.

The player with the most victory points at the end of the game wins.

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Data sheet

Minimum number of players
Maximum number of players
Playing time
2 hours
Language dependent
Extensive use of text
Pere Valero
Ramón Vargas
How many players?
Solo game
How many players?
For 2
How many players?
Small groups (2-4)
Game mechanism
Dice rolling
Alba Aragon
Type of game
Card Game
Type of game
Dice game