Stier zoekt Bier

Stier zoekt Bier "Bull wants Beer" is a funny and tactical card game.

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Stier zoekt Bier "Bull wants Beer" is a funny and tactical card game. The Bulls are all dried out. As a bar keeper you seek to make your pub the most popular in town. You and the other bar keepers will do anything to get their place stacked with Bulls and to serve them their favorite beer. But the bulls are very picky! So it is important that you have the right beer in stock. And this is one the smart dilemma’s which makes this game fun and makes you thirsty like hell!

Game play:

1) Take bulls: take bull cards and put them open in the middle of the table.
2) Collect beer: every player takes 6 beer cards, keep 2 and give the rest to your neighbor on the left. put these 2 cards, face down in front of
you (make a stack. Pick 2 cards from the 4 cards you got from your right neighbor and put them on the first cards. Discard the other 2 cards.
3) Pouring beer (bidding): take the top card from your stack and reveal it. If you want you can reveal more cards, but you always have take the top card.
You may pour different kinds of beer, but if you want to win a bid, the cards need to be of the same kind.
4) Picking a bull: the player with the highest bid may pick a bull first. A second player can take the other card.
5) Serving beer: you may now serve the poured beer to your customers. max 1 beer per customer per round. This will score you points!
6) Changing the starting player (Beerboss). This Beerboss card goes to the player with the highest bid.

After 7 rounds there is one bonus round in which you may serve the rest of your beers to your customers from your secret cellar.

After the bonus round, the game ends. Depending on the beer you have served to your customers (bulls), you get points. Most points wins the game.

The game has multiple dilemma’s in choosing which kind of beer, especially since each game you play contains a different set of bulls.

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30 - 60 minutes
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Hans van Tol
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Small groups (2-4)
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Big groups (5-6)
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