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What is this game about? This game is played in turns.
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What is this game about?

This game is played in turns. Each turn one player has to leave the room while the other players draw a card which shows a word. All remaining players have now to draw the word on the card on their drawing tables. They have about one minute (-> sand timer) to do it. Before they call the person who left the room, they shuffle their drawings.
This person has now one minute to guess the word from the drawings. If his/her first guess is right, he/she gets 2 points (= 2 wooden disks), otherwise only 1 point if his/her next two guesses were right. After 3 wrong guesses or after the given time elapsed, he/she gets nothing.
Afterwards the guessing person has to give one drawing that he/she thinks was best 2 points (which will go to the owner of that picture). Then he/she has to assign the drawings to the other players. For each right guess the guessing person gets another point, otherwise the person who got another but her own drawing gets one point.
You can play as long as you want. As there are two words on each card (a red one - easy, a blue one - difficult), you can play, for example, two rounds - a red one and a blue one.
The player who got the most points at the end of the game wins.


As one person leaves the room, you can play this game with up to 8 players, although there are only 7 drawing tables.

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