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A card game about Japanese geisha by Seiji Kanai.

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A card game about Japanese geisha by Seiji Kanai.

Players take the roles of various geisha, and compete with the other players to win the legendary title of "Mai-Star". Use the characters surrounding you to increase your popularity, and earn money by attracting guests, the more demanding the better. Focusing only on increasing your popularity won’t earn you any money, yet failing to spread your name won’t make the rich or helpful guests come your way.
It’s a matter of deciding which characters (cards) will help you increase your popularity and which character cards you want to attract as guests.
Once a player runs out of cards, the round is over, and all cards remaining in your hand become minus points, thus depleting your hand of cards quickly is important. Only the one who has attracted the richest guests (earned the most money) after three festival nights (rounds) will be the one who deserves to carry the title of "Mai-Star".

This game’s setting is same as Master Merchant.

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Nombre minimum de joueurs
Nombre maximum de joueurs
Temps de jeu
15 - 30 minutes
Dépendante du langage
Utilisation intensive du texte
Un jeu de
Seiji Kanai
Combien de joueurs?
Petits groupes (2-4)
Combien de joueurs?
Grands groupes (5-6)
Illustré par
Adam Schumpert
Illustré par
Noboru Sugiura
Illustré par
Jake Murray
Illustré par
Florian Stitz
Illustré par
Illustré par
Calderon Studio
Illustré par
Jason Engle
Illustré par
Anthony Francisco
Illustré par
Aurélien Hubert
Illustré par
Greg Lambrakis
Illustré par
April Lee
Illustré par
Jorge Matar
Illustré par
Chris Seaman
Illustré par
Doug Shuler
Illustré par
Gemma Tegelaers
Type de jeu
Jeu de cartes