Jet Set: Jumbo Jets – Expansion Set 2

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Jet Set: Jumbo Jets – Expansion Set 2 is another set of five expansions for Jet Set.
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Jet Set: Jumbo Jets – Expansion Set 2 is another set of five expansions for Jet Set:

- Jumbo Jets — €10 per plane instead of €5; jumbo kicks off any planes already on link, refunding money (same player/bank split, or you must pay all of it?) to other players; do not remove jumbo when you claim flight; other players use your jumbo as their link by paying you €10
- City Bonuses — Every city starts with a bonus ring; collect them for claiming links to (and through?) those cities; spend them immediately on bonus tiles.
- Hotels — Start by drafting up to 4 Hotel cards in reverse turn order; claim hotel by discarding a Flight card; hotel starts with 1 resident + 1 per marker on the Flight card + 1 per Flight card [you still have?] depicting the hotel’s city; each resident = +€1 Income and +1 point.
- Charter Flights — Each charter plane (black or white) has a current destination; claim the destination if you can make all the hops to get from plane’s current city to the destination, which gives you a one-time payment according to the number of hops: 1: €20, 2: €35, 3: €50, 4+: €60; then discard the destination card and replace it from that plane’s deck.
- Flight Cards — Additional Long and Short flights, plus new easier and harder Final Flight cards.


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