Face 2 Face

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’Face 2 Face’ is a memory style game that consists of 32 tiles.

’Face 2 Face’ is a memory style game that consists of 32 tiles. 16 of those tiles show different animal faces. The other 16 tiles have a big hole in the middle and only show the outlines of the same animal faces.

Each set of tiles is laid face down in its own 4x4 grid. The players then take turns flipping over a single tile in each grid and then check whether they match or not. To do so, they put the tile with the hole on top of the tile without the hole. The rest is classic memory: if a matching pair is found, the player gets to keep the set and gets another turn. If a funny face appears, the tiles are put back in the grids and the next player gets a turn. The player having collected the most pairs wins the game.

In addition to this, the game offers three other variants for different age groups:
’Funny Faces’ (ages 2+) is a single player puzzle activity where a random tile of each set is chosen and paired up to make fun of the result.
’First face’ (ages 5+) is a reaction game where the tiles with a hole are laid face up in a 4x4 grid and the tiles without a hole are stacked face down. The top tile of the stack is then turned over and players try to be the first to put their finger in the hole of the matching tile.
’Peek a boo’ (ages 6+) is a multiple level memory game in which all tiles are shuffled together and randomly stacked face up in 4 different piles. The players then take turns moving the top tile of one stack to the top of a different stack. If the top tiles on two stacks show a matching pair, the player takes them and the next player takes his turn.

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Nombre maximum de joueurs
Temps de jeu
0-15 minutes
Dépendante du langage
Utilisation intensive du texte
Un jeu de
Mathieu Gielen
Un jeu de
Joke Visschedijk
Un jeu de
Els Kok
Combien de joueurs?
Pour 2
Combien de joueurs?
Petits groupes (2-4)
Illustré par
Gianpaolo Derossi