Hawken: Real-Time Card Game – Sharpshooter vs. Bruiser

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Based on the HAWKEN Online Video Game.

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Based on the HAWKEN Online Video Game. Hawken fans and giant Mech fans alike will love the dynamic play experience. Real-time, but pausable gameplay makes the action fast, furious? and fair! Play cards quickly and when ready, grab the FIRE button! Both players pause and resolve the cards in play. Last mech standing wins. Includes decks for Sharpshooter and Bruiser Mechs. Compatible with other Hawken Real-Time Card Game sets. A real-time card game for 2 players, ages 15+, with easy to learn rules, and a 30 minute playing time.

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Nombre minimum de joueurs
Nombre maximum de joueurs
Temps de jeu
15 - 30 minutes
Dépendante du langage
Utilisation intensive du texte
Un jeu de
Matt Hyra
Combien de joueurs?
Exactement pour 2
Combien de joueurs?
Pour 2
Mécanisme de jeu
Action simultanée
Type de jeu
Jeu de cartes