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The Harbour of Rotterdam At least 370 million tons of goods are being processed in the Rotterdam Harbour.
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The Harbour of Rotterdam
At least 370 million tons of goods are being processed in the Rotterdam Harbour. From South America all sorts of exotic fruits are delivered to the Merwehaven and are being processed to all kinds of fruit juices. The Vulcaanhaven on the edge of Vlaardingen is specially equipped for the transfer or processing of grains from North America. Petroleum comes from the Middle East in large quantities to be transferred in gasoline and chemical products in the raffinaries in the Botlek. Mega carriers transport millions of containers from Asia with all kinds of products to the European market. The infrastructure around the Eemhaven and Waalhaven guarantee a quick transport to Europe.

Harbour Tycoon
This harbour game gives you the opportunity to be an entrepreneur transporting goods from all parts of the world with ships to the main port Rotterdam. The goods are processed in the different harbours to real products. But it can be quite busy in the harbour! Will you succeed in leading your ships to the right harbours and deliver products like bread, jam, gasoline and clothing to the European market in time? Maybe you will be the new Harbour Tycoon of Rotterdam!

Family game and expansion
The board game Rotterdam is easy to understand, but has an exciting game play with all the dynamics of the harbour in it. It can be played from 8 years and up. The players will enjoy the basic elements of the harbour: loading cargo, navigating your ships, transfer goods in the harbours and process the goods to products for the European market. Masters of Trade is the expansion to Rotterdam, which brings the economy to the game, introducing factories, more control and new markets.

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