Star Wars Edge of the Empire Mask of the Pirate Queen

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Explore the jungles of an Outer Rim paradise. Slice into the networks of an interplanetary crime syndicate. Fight your way onto a pirate ship. Battle a seasoned pitfighter while thousands of spectators look on – all in pursuit of the nefarious, cunning, and powerful Pirate Queen. You never know what tough deals you'll make, what underground contacts you'll meet, or what illicit deeds you'll perform in this fast-paced bounty hunting adventure.
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The Pirate Queen leads an all-female criminal organization known as the Veiled Sorority that predates the Clone Wars. Non-females of any species can join the sorority, and most of the lower-ranking members are male, but only females can hold leadership positions. The Pirate Queen herself remains anonymous to all but her most intimate counselors, always wearing an ornate, high-tech mask to maintain her anonymity – which is more necessary now that the infamy of the Veiled Sorority is growing.

The trademark criminal practice of the Veiled Sorority unites benevolence with ruthlessness. Preferring to take entire vessels rather than just cargo, a band of Veiled Sorority pirates will board a ship and offer to be merciful if the crew surrenders without a fight. If anyone refuses or offers resistance, then every single person aboard the ship could be executed.

The Zann Consortium, headed by a cunning former protege of Jabba the Hutt, is behind the bounty posted for the Pirate Queen. Having recently become the Veiled Sorority’s favorite target, they have lost too many ships, cargo, and lives not to seek retribution and revenge. Operating primarily in the Outer Rim, the Zann Consortium has made a windfall feeding on the conflict between the Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire, extorting neutral planetary governments by offering military protection for their worlds. Those worlds that refuse find themselves attacked by domestic terrorists and plagued by corrupt government officials who have been bought by the Consortium.

In agreeing to hunt down the Pirate Queen, you and your companions are willingly becoming pawns in the vicious interplanetary rivalry between these criminal syndicates. Neither organization has the law on its side, and you’ll often have trouble telling the good guys from the bad. You might earn an enormous profit and gain powerful underworld contacts in this dangerous affair, but any mistake you make has the potential to get you killed.

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